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Open Letter to John Horam

An Open Letter To John Horam:
Date: 13/11/2008 18:04:24 GMT Standard Time
From: rezapardisan

November 13th, 2008.

Mr. John Horam MP
House of Commons

Mr. John Horam;
In a recent report in one of the Iranian government's news agencies, they quoted that you have urged Houssein Obama to normalise relation with the Mullahs despotic regime in Iran. This has come as no surprise to me and many Iranians.

The Iranian regime that the British government under James Callaghan and the democratic administration of the United States of America under Jimmy Carter had imposed on us in 1979, has killed too many people and has destroyed too many lives and families to be considered as the representative of our people and worthy of dialogue.

The terrorist regime of the Ayatollahs which has enjoyed Britain's continued support in the past 30 years has been responsible for the destruction of once a peaceful, progressive and promising country. Since the so-called revolution of 1979, over one million people were killed in a needless 8 year war with Iraq which only benefited the western governments in Europe and America. Over seven million Iranians from all walks of life became stateless refugees around the world. Several hundred thousands were arrested, tortured and executed amongst them women, student activists and even under aged children. Assassination of exiles, public hangings on cranes, public stoning to death, mass executions inside the Mullah's prisons, amputation of limbs, eye extractions, public flogging are the regime's only form of dialogue with it's citizens.

A recent report by the UNHCR revealed that from 1986 to 1999 more than seven thousand Iranians were killed trying to escape the despotic regime by crossing borders. With Inflation at %27, over 15 million unemployed, over 12 million addicted to drugs, Over 3 million kids homeless and the number rising. Depression and suicide amongst women and the youth, poverty and prostitution, looting of Iran's oil wealth by the Mullahs and the creation, training, support & the financing of terror organisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah are the whole mark of the regime of your favourite Ayatollahs.

Thanks to a D-Notice issued on Iran by the British government since 1979, apart from the Iranian NU-clear issue, President Meymoon Ahmaghi-nejad's occasional remarks denying the Holocaust, his recent letters to heads states including the most recent one to Houssein Obama or indeed the news of his exhaustion, none of the Mullahs human rights abuses receive coverage in your country.

Your continued hostility and animosity towards the Iranian nation proven by years of ignoring the human suffering in Iran combined with your continued unconditional support for the killer Mullahs has made Britain to be the most hated country amongst the Iranians both inside and the outside Iran.

Please let me remind you of the following facts incriminating you and your governments:

1- Your government systematically has done it's best to oppose regime change in Iran. (Please refer to the comments by the former British Foreign Office spokesman, Lord Treisman of Tottenham with the BBC Radio 4 in April of 2006). In it he said: "Britain will oppose regime change in Iran". As if the Iranians have no right of self determination.

2- The commentary by your parliamentary speaker in July of 1999, when he referred to the students mass protesters as "a group of youngster whose brains were affected by too much heat & summer sun". I wonder if a student member of the speaker's family was dragged in the middle of night out of his or her dormitories and thrown out of the 4th and 5th floor balcony half naked, he would have said the same.

3- The Shah of Iran was benevolent leader who twice pardoned his would be assassins. He was a modernizer, a peace broker and a pillar of stability in the region. In the 70's, he helped Britain's ailing economy with his generosity, yet you hated him beyond comprehension and he became the thorn in the British eyes until you destroyed him and his dynasty. Your cruel and merciless media specially the BBC continued with the lies and hostility towards him combined with the systematic character assassination of him. Your bias media never gave the opportunity to the Iranian monarchists to express their side of the argument. Had it not been for Iranian oil or the NU-clear dispute perhaps you would have deleted the word "Iran" and "the Iranians" from your dictionaries
long ago.

4- An American observer monitoring the situation in Iran and the Middle East has recently told me that George Bush was never able to pursue regime change in Iran since Tony Blair and the British government had convinced the Americans that the regime change in Iran, self determination and the gaining the control of Iran's natural resources by the Iranians is not in the long term interest of the western world. With that in mind, the Brits skilfully engaged the Americans in a costly war with Iraq for as long as George Bush was in office.

As if Britain did not do enough damage and harm to Iran, by dividing my country more than five times in the past, stealing our oil for many decades, illegally occupying our country in 1941, killing thousands by waging an un-declared and unjust war with the defenseless country which had absolutely nothing to do with your wars in 1941. Overthrowing two of Iran's greatest kings in less than 40 years and imposing your crazy slaved Ayatollahs on us in February of 1979, you now recommend Houssein Obama to normalise relation with one of the most evil and unpopular regimes in the modern time?

Britain's continued Iran-hating position proves the point raised by Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, the assassinated last Prime Minister of my country. Shortly before he was knifed to death in his home in Paris by the agents of the Islamic regime and in a meeting with the Iranian exiles in Los Angeles he said: "The Mullahs are the tools and the elements of the British government. The British use
the Mullahs when ever they want to inflict harm and pain on Iranians".

Having said all of the above, I wanted to ask you the following questions.

1- What is the underlying reason for Britain's hatred of Iran?
2- What did the Iranians do to deserve so much contempt and hatred from Britain?
3- How many more years of death, destruction and suffering before Britain pulls out their support from their crony and mercenary Ayatollahs?

We the people of Iran consider the reactionary regime in Iran as "The illegal government in Iran, By Britain, for Britain". Please see below number of clips from You Tube on the regime's brutality of the Iranian citizen. Also below are some pictures that speak thousand words. Some of the photos below are very graphic.

Reza Pardisan, London.

The overthrew of the late Shah of Iran in 1979 by Jimmy Carter & Britain was the great mistake of the 20th century. Iranians will not forget nor forgive.


Arresting A young Woman In Tehran April 2007

Public flogging & beating

Public stoning to death

Public hanging

More stoning of women

Beating & dragging Iranians in public


Brit urges Obama to change Iran policy
Sun, 09 Nov 2008 18:35:42 GMT

A top British parliamentarian has urged US president-elect Barack Obama to forgo Washington's decades-long policy of isolating Tehran. A Member of the foreign affairs committee, John Horam, said on Sunday that Obama's belief in peaceful solutions and open dialogue should pave the way for direct Iran-US talks. "The committee and I believe that America should talk to the Iranian government, which has not happened for about 20 years," said Horum. "He [Obama] has said we should talk and I am sure that is the right is good news from the foreign affairs point of view," added the British lawmaker. The election of Barack Obama has brought hope that there will be 'change' in the frozen Iran-US ties. This is while former US intelligence officials said on Friday that the Bush administration had increased misunderstandings between Washington and Tehran, to an extent that Americans still thought of Iran as they did back in 1979 - when the two countries severed all diplomatic ties. This is while Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proposed to meet the US President George W. Bush during his visit to New York in September 2007. "As I have previously announced, I am ready for direct talks with President Bush," President Ahmadinejad said on July 31. US officials, however, rejected the offer, saying the White House would only engage in direct talks after Tehran halted its enrichment program.


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