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Expel Arab squatters from the City of David

Hundreds of Arabs Rampage in Shiloach
Arab neighborhood
Are you really so woefully ignorant of history or just dishonest like other pro-Arab/Muslim propagandists? Silwan is Shiloach - the City of David (not Mohammud). Originally the Jewish Meyuchas family lived there:

"At the height of its growth, the community numbered approximately 150 families. This neighborhood was abandoned during the Arab uprising of 1936-1939. Evidence of Yemenite housing in the village can still be found in the indentations from mezuzot that remain on the doorposts of some of the homes." - City of David Virtual Tour

This Christian Zionist visited Shiloach when Jews first began their return there again, and I’ve been back many times with the Temple Mount Faithful who go to the Pool of Siloam to draw water during Sukkot.

Conflict in Jerusalem
They’ve placed barbed wire all around their “yard,” freshly tarred their roof, have an Israeli flag flying & are still clearing out all the junk the Arabs threw in there for the past 7 years. It was exciting to drive through that Palestinian village as they looked on. Earlier, being hot as usual, I started to roll down my window when they reminded me it’s better to be hot than get a stone in the face!

Silwan/Shiloach/City of David

Israel should utilize this opportunity to expel every single Arab family squatting in the City of David and make room for those who belong there - Jews!

Israel says one thing, does another

Israel says one thing, does another

From: Bernice S. Lipkin, Ph.D. []
Subject: Yeshiva Demolition

TO: PM Netanyahu, MK Yaalon, MK Begin, Defense Minister Barak,

Has it occurred to you that if you demolish the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar, the publicity you will receive in America will be all bad? All negative. And it will make it harder to ask religious people — Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists – to support Israel.

You have a POTENTIALLY large support group. But frankly, you confuse everyone.

You say you need to blockade Gaza and then you send in supplies. You give them water and electricity. Blockades are supposed to weaken the enemy, not support them.

In the flotilla, your well-trained commandos got the situation in hand before the terrorists had a chance to lynch them as in Ramallah. And what do you do? You release the terrorists, as if they weren’t criminals. (In contrast to the way you treated Jewish teen-agers who were demonstrating PEACEFULLY against government demolitions.)

You say Israel is a Jewish country. And then you say you are willing to give up Biblical Israel to a bunch of ersatz “people”. Let me tell you, Americans know that no one willingly gives up land that is his.

If someone so much as says he’s willing to consider giving up land, we know he doesn’t really believe it is his. Especially when the “Palestinians” say they won’t give up any land — not even the land that is now called Israel.

You say the Temple Mount is yours. But you let the Arabs destroy Jewish artifacts. And you keep Jews from praying there. Can you imagine the USA sharing “Constitution Hall” in Philadelphia with a tribe of Indians? Or splitting the White House into two semi-detached Houses so Mexico could govern land they say is theirs? (And they have a better claim than the Arabs to any of mandated Palestine..)

You think you are clever creating a “historical landmark” list. You are not. You will win friends when you can say with true belief and passion that Samaria and Judea and the Golan and Gaza belong to you because they are yours. By history. By devotion. By Biblical promise. By international law. By conquest.

You say Hamas’s mission is to destroy Israel, but you allow funds and material to reach them because you fear world opinion. The so-called “world opinion” will scream no matter what you do, If they scream anyways no matter how much you try to protect enemy civilians — at the cost of your own sons and daughters — you might as well do what you need to do. They can’t scream any louder. And Obama and the State Dept. will be lame ducks by November, anyways.

Why aren’t you spending your time and effort protecting Israel? If you must worry about the local Arabs having a state, suggest it be in some ISOLATED place that is part of Arab Land — after all, they do own 99.9% of the Middle East. (I wouldn’t make it Jordan because that’s too close to Israel.) That would clean out the refugee camps and the locals in Samaria, Judea and Gaza and the Israeli Arabs that are pro-Palestinian. It could be 10 times the size of Israel (with Samaria, Judea and Gaza annexed) and still not make a dent in the Arab land holdings. Now that’s a 2-state solution that would have a chance of peace. In their State, the “Palestinians” could learn to develop the infra-structure of a state. Or they could kill themselves. Either would be better than giving them land from which they can kill you. Right now, people who hear you say you are willing to have the Arabs take over some of Samaria and Judea — which means you are willing to let the Arabs control your water supply — figure you must be as irresponsible as the Arabs.

There is only one Jewish state and by being timid and figuring on how little you can live on, you are helping destroy it. You are losing support from your friends. You are perceived as a bully to the weak and weak to the bullies of this world.

I don’t know if HaShem will forgive you, but Jewish history will not.

Bernice Lipkin
Editor, Think-Israel

Excellent article clearly written from the heart, filled with grief. I’ll add that Israel continues to treat sworn enemies like friends and friends like enemies.
I love Jerusalem, Jews and Israel!

Why do blacks destroy and devour?

“I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you”

Attributed to Albert Schweitzer (I couldn't find any definite quote or source to confirm this quote, only a vehement denial by Dr Lachlan Forrow, President of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship).

Regardless of who said it, it contains too much truth for those indoctrinated in the humanist politically correct dogma to handle. Any objective review of African history proves people of white color built up those areas they colonized (as prophesied) and people of black color tore it down when left to themselves. Raped Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ruins) and beleaguered South Africa testify against their dangerous denial.

However, this quote from Abraham Lincoln is confirmed:

"I will say, then, that I AM NOT NOR HAVE EVER BEEN in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the black and white races---that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with White people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the White and black races which will ever FORBID the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the White race."

4th Lincoln-Douglas debate, September 18th, 1858; COLLECTED WORKS Vol. 3, pp. 145-146

"There goes the neighborhood..." now includes, "There goes the nation."

Fellowship with besieged white South Africans

Will we learn or is it too late?


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Rep. King: ‘I’m For Abolishing the IRS and the Federal Income Tax Code’

During a pre-tax day event on Capitol Hill, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said he supports “abolishing” the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the federal income tax code.

Telegraph Caught Recycling Gaza War Photo to Distort Today's Reality

Why does the Daily Telegraph choose to reuse an image from the 2009 Gaza conflict to inaccurately portray the present day?
Will the Media Remember Gilad Shalit?

After 4 years in Hamas captivity, make sure that the mainstream media doesn't forget the tragic plight of the kidnapped Israeli soldier.
Behind Bars: Photo Bias Breaks Out of Gaza

Are Gazan children really behind bars or does the imagery fail to give the bigger picture?

"Obama Most Radical US President ever" states prestigious Harvard Phd

Dr. Richard L. Rubinstein, Yale fellow, "Distinguished Professor of the Year", and Harvard Phd, states that president Obama's intention is to "correct the historical mistake of the creation of the state of Israel." Dr. Rubenstein states that president Obama due to his family heritage is extremely pro Muslim - to the point of "wanting to see the destruction of Israel."

David Ben-Ariel on YouTube!

Barack Obama was "definitely" not born in Hawaii

Look what they're doing now to Hawaii elections official ...
The former Honolulu elections official who alleges Barack Obama was "definitely" not born in Hawaii and that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate even exists for the president in the Aloha State now says he's the victim of a vicious smear campaign, threatening his position as an instructor at Western Kentucky University.
Read the latest now on

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Identifying Birthmarks of Israel

Searching for My Lost Tribe
It never occurred to me that it was right under my nose.

by Gavriel Horan 

The birthmarks of fulfilled biblical prophecies include, as the Jerusalem-based Brit Am Israel organization teaches:
According to the Bible ten out of the twelve tribes of Israel split away (1 Kings 12:19), formed their own kingdom of "Israel" (1 Kings 12:20) and were exiled by the Assyrians (2 Kings 17:18). They forget their identity (Hosea 1:9, 7:8; Isaiah 49:21) and became the Lost Ten Tribes. In the future they will re-unite with the Jews (Ezekiel 37; Isaiah 11:13; Jeremiah 3:18) of "Judah", but until then they have a role of their own to fulfill. They were destined to be situated at the continental extremities of the earth such as North America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (Deuteronomy 33:13; Isaiah 24:16, 26:15, 41:8-9, 49:6), to be the richest (Genesis 27:28, 49:25; Deuteronomy 33:13-16; Hosea 2:8), and most powerful (Numbers 24:8-7; Micah 5:7-9) nations on earth and to control major international strategic bases (Genesis 22:16-17, 24:60). All of these points together with numerous others show that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes can only be found amongst Western Nations, especially the English-speaking ones.

According to the rabbis, the "Lost Ten Tribes" are for all intents and purposes "Gentiles." This information constitutes further proof that the "Lost Ten Tribes" are not those diverse claimants (African, Indians, Burmese) who maintain remnants of Judaism from somebody's former conversion or contact with the religion of Judaism. New Articles - June 27, 2010

  • Searching for My Lost Tribe

    by Gavriel Horan It never occurred to me that it was right under my nose.

  • The Oil Spill

    by Rabbi Benjamin Blech A good name is more precious than all the oil in the world.

  • Remember Gilad Shalit

    by The NY Jewish Week Friday, 25 June 2010, marked 4 years of captivity for Gilad Shalit. Where is the outcry?

  • Dear Emuna: Always Late

    by Emuna Braverman's new advice column! Chronic latecomers, an over-reaching mother-in-law and naughty neighbors.

  • Emmanuel: Ethnic Prejudice?

    by Rabbi Avi Shafran It is neither ethnic nor prejudice. Here are the facts.

  • Israel's Critical Security Needs

    by The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs What are Israel's defensible borders?

  • TTYL: Talk to You Later

    by Slovie Jungreis-Wolff Connecting with spouses and children in a world gone texting.

  • The Price of Disunity

    by Rabbi Yonason Goldson A new book on Jewish history and philosophy provides insight into the destruction of the Second Temple.

  • My Student, My Teacher

    by Iris Kruler Rothman Sometimes it's the blind who lead the sighted.

  • Spiritual Ecology

    by Sherri Mandell Everything in the world has the capacity to serve a higher purpose, even mice.

  • Editor's Pick:
  • Questioning God

    by Riva Pomerantz I don't want to live in the question any more. I want to live in the answer.

The White Man and Western Civilization

 The White Man's Burden: Rudyard Kipling was Right
Replace “White Man” with “Western Civilization” and Kipling is as right today as he was in 1899
by Bill Levinson


Rudyard would be considered racist by today’s perverse standards, and so what? The English-Speaking Nations of White Israelites have civilized the Gentile world, as prophesied. I’m gladly as racist as the ethnocentric Bible (with its focus on the family of Jacob) teaches me to be and wholeheartedly support Israel in the Isles – regardless if that’s condemned by lesser peoples as “racist,” “colonialism,” “imperialistic,” etc.
God save South Africans and raped Rhodesia, Zimbabwe ruins, from the primitive Gentiles.

Why invoke that liberal Jewish-pimped fraud, that adulterer, that plagiarizer Michael Luther King as if he is something worthy to emulate? He’s a forged hero created by godless Jews like the terrorist Nelson Mandela – why aid and support their BIG LIE? That’s a politically correct form of racism.

Diversity Demands: Segregate Now!

Deuteronomy 32:8
8 When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations,
When He separated the sons of Adam [even though we're all family],
He set the boundaries of the peoples
According to the number of the children of Israel.

Acts 17:26
26 And [although] He [God] has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth [we're all human]... [yet He] has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings...

FATHER GOD KNOWS BEST, don't you agree?

Diversity Demands: Segregate Now!

Why There Needs to be a Naval Blockade on Gaza

The Family That Shows Why There Needs to  be a Naval Blockade on Gaza

Iris Twito, the mother of two sons injured by  Qassam rockets in the city of Sderot, decided to grant an exclusive  interview with Sderot Media Center, following the Gaza aid flotilla  fiasco. "The entire world hates us," says Iris, "but they don’t know  what we’ve been through."

The Twito family is a living testament for why there is a  naval blockade on Gaza. "It’s not just Sderot that is under threat  today, but the whole country," said Iris. "It is vital that we stop  these flotilla boats because we cannot allow Hamas to terrorize our Read more


The family shows why Israel needs to heed Meir Kahane's Mosaic call for Israel to expel their sworn enemies. Gaza should have been cleansed of Nazi Muslims years ago instead of Jews being removed from their homes.


Shavua Tov!

Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) urges all friends of Israel to participate in the demonstration organised by AFSI.

Details below


From: AFSI
Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010
28, NOON-2 pm, NYC - 42ND ST. & 2ND AVE.

1751 Second Ave, New York, NY 10128
Tel: 212-828-2424; Fax: 212-828-1717;;
Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director
June 25, 2010

Date/Time: MONDAY, JUNE 28, NOON-2 P.M.,

AFSI is leading a protest, Monday, June 28, noon to 2 PM, at the Israeli Consulate, Second Avenue and 42nd Street, NYC, against Israeli government plans to destroy the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar, Israel.

To dramatize the disgraceful decision on the part of the Israeli government to destroy the Yeshiva on July 4, a flat-truck and bulldozer will be driven south on Second Ave. to 42nd Street, in front of the Israeli Consulate.

The bulldozer will be moving slowly around the block and passing in front of the Consulate as often as possible, depending on traffic, etc. Signs and banners will emphasize that NEVER AGAIN must Israel take destructive action against its own Jews as it did five years ago in Gush Katif. BULL-DOZING Jewish schools to appease Israel's enemies defies reason and morality.

Participating organizations are urged to notify their members to join in the protest. Those who wish may walk along the sidewalk carrying their signs, following the bulldozer on its path and spreading the message. It is essential that the evil demolition decree be revoked.

Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Jews - the Beast and False Prophet - and Rome's Destruction
If the Jews fail to take their warnings seriously about imminent EU occupation of Jerusalem and Europe's wannabe divine emperor polluting the Third Temple, the Temple of God will be desecrated by the son of perdition, the so-called Antichrist.

Two Witnesses to Testify in Jerusalem Against Europe
Two controversial figures, referred to in the Book of Revelation as two witnesses, two olive trees, two candlesticks and two prophets, will boldly declare GOD'S JUDGMENTS and proclaim the LORD'S CONTROVERSY (Micah 3:8; 6:1-2), delivering a BLISTERING MESSAGE and a SCORCHING CONDEMNATION -- just before NUCLEAR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE RAINS DOWN upon those who've rejected GOD'S ULTIMATUM (Isaiah 41:27; 30:27).

Christ is not working backwards, but Flurry has got it backwards! Zechariah 14 clearly states international opposition against Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, leading to the European Union seizing the whole city -- "THE CITY shall be taken" -- and following that, undoubtedly trying to appease the Arabs, the European Union forcibly divides Jerusalem.

Conflict in Jerusalem
They've placed barbed wire all around their "yard," freshly tarred their roof, have an Israeli flag flying & are still clearing out all the junk the Arabs threw in there for the past 7 years. It was exciting to drive through that Palestinian village as they looked on. Earlier, being hot as usual, I started to roll down my window when they reminded me it's better to be hot than get a stone in the face!

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem
The one time The Traveller did run a political piece, it ruffled feathers with the local authorities. In 'Will Jerusalem become an international city?' by American writer David Ben-Ariel, readers were warned about a German-Vatican plot to take over Jerusalem, urged to take back the Temple Mount and dislodge 'as symbols of foreign occupation' Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Israel's rejection of their 1967 miracle will result in their loss of Jerusalem. Let Israel lower its flag and mourn and paint the country BLACK since Orange was crushed under "just following orders" soldiers doing their sworn enemies' dirty work....

Isaiah 29:1
Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt!
Carl Sandburg, an American writer warned: "If America forgets where she came from...if she listens to the deniers and mockers, then will begin the rot and dissolution." The same principle applies to our Jewish brethren in Israel.

As the United States called upon Israel to become their virtual protectorate during Operation Desert Storm, the European Union will offer Israel guarantees of peace and security. Europe, not the overextended and highly inflated United States, will take out Iran.

The Vatican has its evil eye on Jerusalem! What better place to start their siege against the Holy City than Mt. Zion? Watch for them to fortify their position and launch an all-out attack to undermine Israeli sovereignty, enlisting Jewish traitors and the international community.

The cauldron that is Jerusalem is having the heat turned up by a series of planned events, the concerted efforts of Roman wolves in sheep's clothing, orchestrated by the Vatican. The Roman Catholic Cult, the Babylonian Mystery religion, covets the Holy City and aims on wresting control of Ariel (Jerusalem's nickname) from Israeli sovereignty by any means necessary.

As Hitler clearly outlined his plans in Mein Kampf (and furiously put them into practice his first opportunity), so the United Nations passed an ominous resolution in 1947 concerning the fate of Jerusalem: UN Resolution 181 demands the Holy City submit to the status of an "international city." That's a glorified term for ENEMY OCCUPATION!

Why would a blond, "non-Jewish" American want to emmigrate to Israel? What's the connection? Especially when so few Jews in the United States are willing to make the move. What force would drive someone to travel to Israel 11 times, serve in 8 kibbutzim and even stay there during the Persian Gulf War, complete with gas mask, with his room designated as cheder atoom - "sealed room" - that other volunteers had to run to whenever the eerie sirens sounded that another Scud Missile was headed for the Promised Land?

The world will oppose the Return of the King of the Jews, Israel's King, but the Prophets foretell such vain opposition will literally melt away. Both the Bible and the "New Testament" reveal demonic international opposition will be raised against King Messiah to foolishly fight against His return to Jerusalem, liberating it from Gentile EU occupation. They will be history - in a flash!

I was born David A. Hoover on January 10, 1960 in Bowling Green, Ohio. However, I legally changed my name to David Ben-Ariel (with the help of my Jewish lawyer) during the Spring of 1989. It cost me $300.00.

Obama could face impeachment

Bill O'Reilly: Obama Could Face Impeachment If He Pardons Illegals

Weather and War

Thomas Jefferson was moved to remark: "My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!"

Ravaged by Weather and War

Pray for Jerusalem

UCG Commentary | Archives

Why Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?

A commentary by Peter Hawkins
United Church of God pastor, British Isles

Posted June 10, 2010

While most of us live generally peaceful lives, news reports bring into our personal space the tensions and troubles at home and abroad.

Tragedy in Cumbria; conflict in the Middle East

Just over a week ago my wife and I were part of a group touring around the north and central parts of the beleaguered land of Israel. Amazingly, we felt safe in both Israeli and Palestinian areas, in spite of the fact that Israel is surrounded by nations that would be glad to see it removed from the map. Still you could feel the tension of a nation continually on guard against terrorist attacks or possible invasion.

After returning home, Sonja and I expected to settle back into relatively calm Britain. Barely a week ago, however, the tranquillity of Cumbria and the Lake District was shattered by mass murder.

Known for its beauty and as home to several past authors and poets, Cumbria has also become an area of tragedy. This time Derrick Bird, a quiet taxi driver, "snapped." His day of rage left families and villagers mourning as he fatally shot 12 people and 12 more were seriously wounded. Mr. Bird also killed himself. It was a reminder that no place in this world is safe or immune to the violence plaguing human nature.

At the same time news from the Middle East told of another conflict brewing in this international flash point.

Terrifying experiences and expectations

Israeli security forces are on the alert to prevent additional weapons and jihadists from reaching its enemies. Israelis point out that this vigilance has subdued the spate of bombings that claimed the lives of both Palestinians and Jews a few years ago. Having been close to a small bomb blast in the 1970s in Johannesburg, South Africa, I know it is a terrifying experience.

Yet in many countries, not only Israel, people live their lives with violence and indiscriminate destruction all around them. It is not only a suicide bomber or an I.E.D. (improvised explosive device) that is a danger.

Missiles are also a constant threat in border regions.

While we were visiting Israel, local news reported the delivery of longer-ranged Scud missiles to Lebanon. So while diplomats talk, the next round of the Middle East conflict is ready to erupt. Residents of cities like Haifa and Tel Aviv live with the expectation of sirens that will trigger a rush to the bomb shelters.

Londoners who survived World War II would remember the V2 rockets overhead; when the engine stopped, the bomb was on its way down. Today, there is little time to warn residents of incoming missiles. It must be emotionally draining to live with that constant expectation.

There is no doubt the Israelis would be willing to strike at the nuclear facilities of Iran before nuclear bombs travel skyward toward their own cities and installations. Even if the rest of the world dithers as to how to handle the situation, Israel knows that without a preemptive strike, it would have only a few minutes to react to a nuclear attack.

Shalom? When will it come?

The common greeting in Israel is "shalom" or "peace," but the reality for inhabitants is that war is an ever-present threat.

As we see prophecy marching on towards the return of the Messiah (whom Jews believe is coming for the first time), it is good to know that God's eyes are continually on that land (Zechariah 2:8)—focused on the eventual return of the house of Israel to join with the house of Judah under the resurrected King David (Jeremiah 30:9; Hosea 3:5).

We stood in the excavated City of David in what was probably the foundations and broken walls of the palace of King David. It is a couple hundred yards from the steps leading up to the Temple Mount, where his son Solomon built the first temple. The Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant were probably in the area presently enclosed by the Dome of the Rock.

Jesus Christ, a descendant of David, traveled the countryside, villages and towns we visited. When He returns to the Mount of Olives (Acts 1:11), Jesus will come to restore peace.

We are encouraged to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which will come when the resurrected saints are there with the returned Messiah, working together to bring peace that will spread to the whole world!

"Jerusalem, what a strong and beautiful city you are! Every tribe of the Lord obeys him and comes to you to praise his name. David's royal throne is here where justice rules. Jerusalem, we pray that you will have peace, and that all will go well for those who love you" (Psalm 122:3-6, Contemporary English Version).

Gospel of the KingdomFor further details, be sure to request or download our booklet The Gospel of the Kingdom.

Related Resources

The Middle East in Bible Prophecy
You need to understand what is prophesied to happen in the Middle East. Whether you realize it or not, or understand it or not, events there are destined to affect the lives of every person on earth. In this free booklet, you will learn the story of the past, present and future of this crucial region that was laid out thousands of years ago in the Bible.

The Middle East: Ground Zero of Bible Prophecy
Only a century ago the Middle East was a relatively peaceful and tranquil area. Today it's the most volatile region of the world, with the possibility of war breaking out at any minute. You need to understand why this change happened, where Bible prophecy indicates things are headed and what it means for you and the entire world!

Jerusalem: Center of Conflict, Center of Peace
Putting aside all the claims and counterclaims about the ownership of Jerusalem, what does the Bible say about this historic city? Who is its real owner, and what is its ultimate destiny? How will the city of almost continuous conflict become a city of enduring and everlasting peace? Let's examine the intriguing biblical story—past, present and future.

Jerusalem: Focus of Biblical Prophecy
"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples...I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it"

Israel's Amazing Story: Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
As American writer Saul Bellow asked, "What is it that led the Jews to place themselves, after the greatest disaster in their history [the Holocaust], in a danger zone?" The surprising truth is that Jewish rule over Jerusalem is an essential element of end-time biblical prophecy!

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Obama defends criminals and illegals

An open letter from actor Jon Voight to President Obama:
June 22, 2010

President Obama:
You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.

You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.

With heartfelt and deep concern for America and Israel,
Jon Voight

© Copyright 2010 The Washington Times, LLC

Obama dogs America

"Where's the Birth Certificate?" dogs Obama

Obama dogs America by his proud and stubborn refusal to be transparent with his long form birth certificate, so legitimate Americans will continue to dog Obama with the legitimate question:

"Where's the Birth Certificate?" dogs Obama

Germany—Coming Military Dictatorship

Twin trends in Germany spell danger ahead.


Germany—Coming Military Dictatorship

Voices magazine on "Operation Establishing facts on the ground"

Olive Tree Wars, Olive Tree Redemption

This summer more than 50 young people will have the opportunity to participate in a working agricultural camp aimed at redeeming Jewish land in Gush Etzion. The camp will focus on farming on the Netzer Hill, and result hopefully in saving the land reserves between Alon Shvut and Elazar.
Right now Arabs, aided by international anarchists and NGO "humanitarian aid organizations for Palestinians" are working land in Central Gush Etzion without any interference. Currently Jewish Gush Etzion is only 4% of the entire region. The Arabs and anarchists are pushing with determination to increase what is already their 96% portion of the area.
This summer's teen camp, sponsored by the Yibaneh Fund of Women for Israel's Tomorrow, hopes to save the last 60 dunams of Jewish land in Netzer! Widespread support is needed to make this possible.
You know, we sit in our beautiful homes on the hills of Gush Etzion, and we look out our windows to see the other Jewish communities and green rolling hills. We don't usually think about the fact that Arabs are planting right near us in fields that don't belong to them in order to cut off our communities from one another. This is something that should bring us much concern and something that should push us to act for the sake of our land.
False "Humanitarians"
The pro-Arab "humanitarian" anarchists on the Marvi Marmara ship in last month's floatilla clearly taught the people of Israel the dangers of international anarchists. Voices had written about them long ago when we first encountered anarchists in the once-abandoned IDF Army base in Shdema. The anarchists' destruction and agitation is also witnessed almost daily in Hebron, all along Route 60 and now on Gush Etzion's hilltop of Netzer.
In Netzer, the mark of the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) is on hundreds of olive trees planted on Israeli State Land and Admot Seker (land whose ownership has not been determined). The JAI is an initiative between the East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine, launched in 2000. JAI says it engages "YWCA/YMCA, Church members, and other constituents in resistance by sponsoring olive trees and participating in other OTC activities."
The JAI is financed by donors in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, UK, Switzerland, USA, Ireland, and many others. Thus far, more than 50,000 Arab trees have been planted in Judea and Samaria as an action against Israel's "unjust Israeli military practices."
A new sign at the entrance to Netzer boasts that the Netherlands is "reclaiming 123 dunams of land". The sign notes that the Land Research Center (LRC), Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC), Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) and Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG) are working the land in Central Gush Etzion. Thus far they have not been stopped by the Civil Administration. The Palestinian Authority and the European Union view the Arab reclamation of land in Judea and Samaria as a top priority.
While the Arabs seem to have an unlimited budget for their Olive Tree war, the Jewish people have yet realized the need to invest in redeeming the land. B"H, Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) began saving Central Gush Etzion land a few months ago by planting Jewish trees on the Netzer Hill. Yibaneh Fund co-founder Nadia Matar explained that while volunteers have already "redeemed a few dunams of land, we have to increase our pace. And we have to continue in other locations in Judea and Samaria."
Nadia warned, "The Arabs are making a concerted effort to expand on to our land reserves. They are doing their best to choke us. If we don't save these lands, the Arabs will work the land up to our window sills if we let them."
"The Arabs understand that if they take all the hills around the yishuvim (Jewish towns), then this will mean the end of the settlements and the end of Judea and Samaria, G-d forbid. We are trying to save the lands and preserve the Jewish continuity between communities."
Camp Yibaneh
Over the past few months, a Galil farmer Uri Palsy (at left) has come to Gush Etzion once a week to work in Jewish Netzer groves. Uri will supervise the teenage agricultural work camp for the entire week of Sunday, July 11 to Friday, July 16.
The dozens of teens in camp will work the land, remove stones, plant, weed, build terraces, and then end each day with an inspirational guest lecture by a famous lover of Eretz Yisrael. This camp will reconnect our youth to the Land, take them away from their computers and twitter and electronics and bring them on to the hills of Gush Etzion.
Not everyone is young enough or strong enough to work in the fields of Eretz Yisrael, but everyone can participate in redeeming Jewish land by donating to the Yibaneh Fund. Every 20 people who contribute 500 nis ($150) each will enable Yibaneh to redeem one dunam of land (the price includes tractor work, tools, tubing, manpower, seedlings, maintenance, water for a year).
Camp Yibaneh's goal is to redeem 20 dunams of land this summer and then another 40 by Chanukah. If Yibaneh cannot accomplish this, then the anarchists are likely to use their international funds and connections to grab this land in Central Gush Etzion.
When the 60 dunams are successfully planted, IY"H, Yibaneh hopes to move its activities to other Jewish land in danger.
Contributions may be sent to Women for Israel's Tomorrow- Yibaneh Fund, POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072 or POB 1269, Efrat 90435.
To view a Voices video on GushTV, visit .

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UnJews prefer foes to Christian friends

S. HaLevi commented on
I love Jerusalem, Jews and Israel!
The unJews much rather allow in neo-Nazis from the former USSR, provide VIP passes to Hamas and Abbas murderers than bend a bit for a Christian friend or Jews for that matter.

Soon we all will have to face far worse because of those criminals plots.

Be well my friend.


Have you heard the Gospel?

Have you heard?

Recently I told someone that my doctor said I was definitely in "decline" (I have AIDS).

He said, "Can I preach the gospel to your unconverted family and friends at your funeral?" I said, "No" (for many reasons). I also said I wasn't going to have any funeral and plan on being cremated. I commented my family and friends already heard the gospel. I said, "Everybody in America has heard the gospel," and he said he wasn't so sure about that. His doubts notwithstanding, anybody who knows me knows how outspoken I am about my beliefs and how I've written extensively about them in many articles and within my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.

Beyond Babylon fulfills the need to proclaim the gospel and warn the world; it includes the truth about our Hebrew roots and responsibility (the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples are an important part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, the Tribe of Joseph specifically); about God's Sabbath and "Jewish" (biblical) Holy Days versus Satan's counterfeit Sunday and whitewashed pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter that God hates; about Israel's demise and Europe's rise - these are foundational truths.

Have you heard the gospel of the Kingdom of God is that we can be forgiven any sin we confess and forsake, so help us God, receiving the pardon and the power, that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has got us covered; the good news of the Kingdom of God is that God is a Kingdom-Family into which we may be born again at the resurrection - born again as literal God-Beings! The good news is that the Kingdom-Family of God will be a literal government of God-Beings that will establish justice and righteousness from Jerusalem and save the earth and mankind from complete destruction and annihilation. If you hadn't heard this GOOD NEWS before, you have now!

Additional reading:

Destruction in Bat Ayin + Action Alert

Dear Friends,

As we were preparing the below email about the protest we must
organize against the decree to destroy a synagogue in Yitzhar, we got
a phone call at 5:30 am by our friends in Bat Ayin telling us that
over a 100 police and yassam troops had arrived to destroy two houses
in Bat Ayin. We, of course, immediately drove to Bat Ayin, with our
cameras. We came too late to stop the destruction. Clearly we must
make sure to rebuild the houses. Below is our reaction to what
happened followed by an action alert to save a synagogue in Yitzhar
from being destroyed in a few days.

Our photos of what happened were posted on the Arutz 7 Hebrew site and
can be seen by clicking on


Reaction by Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) and the Judea
Action Committee to this morning's destruction of two houses in Bat
Ayin by tens of Yassam and police forces.

The murderers of policeman Yehoshua Sofer HY"D, who was murdered by
Arabs last week in the southern Hevron Hills, were not caught yet, but
that did not bother the police to allocate tens of troops to attack

This Wednesday morning at 5:30am, tens of police and yassam forces
arrived in "Mitzpe Erez", in the Jewish community of Bat Ayin, not
with paintball guns as in the terror flotilla, but rather with batons
and machine guns, and destroyed two houses that were built in the Bat
Ayin forest after and in reaction to  the murder of Erez Levanon HY"D.

In a letter that the families wrote a few days ago when they heard
that their houses were slated for destruction they say:

"Our settling in the forest is not an irresponsible picnic by young
couples who are looking to relax but rather a clear statement of
growth and expansion at a place where the life of Erez Levanon HY"D
was taken away cruelly and heinously, with the clear purpose of
scaring us and paralyzing us so we should not dare to go out and

Our settling Mitzpe Erez is the one and real answer to all those who
try to paralyze and silence us ­whether it is the external enemy or
the government, especially at a time of the "freeze" whose meaning is-
the destruction of the settlement enterprise and is very dangerous for
the future of the Jewish People".

We, members of Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) and the
Judea Action Committee, strengthen the hands of our brothers in Bat
Ayin and call upon the People of Israel to help rebuild the houses
that were destroyed. That is exactly why we founded, a few months ago,
the YIBANEH fund for building and expansion in the hills of Judea. The
Yibaneh fund will donate, already this morning 5000NIS ($1250) for the
rebuilding of Mitzpe Erez and we hope many more will join.

With love for Israel,

Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover
050-5500834         050-7161818

Dear Friends,

Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) applaud Rabbi Pessach
Lerner, executive vice President of Young Israel for protesting the
destruction orders against the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar.

We must all join!

Please read the letter below, send your protest letter to all
addresses mentioned at the bottom of the letter and forward this email
to all your lists.

Five years after the destruction of Gush katif and Northern Samaria,
we cannot, ever again,  let a yeshiva /synagogue  in Israel be

Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover

May 25, 2010

By Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Executive Vice President,
National Council of Young Israel,

Dear Fellow Jews:
We cannot let a yeshiva/shul in Israel be destroyed. Allow me to 

The following article appeared on Arutz Sheva news on Sunday, May 9, 

The IDF's Civilian Administration issued a demolition order Sunday
against the spacious building that houses Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva at
Yitzhar, in Samaria.

Local residents believe that authorities are purposely punishing the
yeshiva because of a confrontation with the IDF that took place on
Independence Day, and also because security forces hold the yeshiva's
students responsible for various attacks against Arabs in recent
months and years, including the burning of a carpet in a mosque at the
nearby village of Yassuf.

“It turns out that the authorities are making special efforts to hurt
the yeshiva in an unfair and vindictive way,” a yeshiva spokesman said
Sunday. “It should be noted that the building is an ornate permanent
structure, with an area of 1,300 square meters, which was built with
the aid of the Ministry of Housing and was approved by the various
authorities to serve as an educational institution.”

The destruction order, the residents said, cited an 11 year old
work-stoppage order ­ one that they had never heard of until now. The
building took years to build and cost over $1 million.

Dear friends, the yeshiva administration, the regional councils, etc.,
are all challenging this destructive order. Individuals within the
government are asking questions, but we have a responsibility to do
all that we can to ensure that this order gets overturned. We must
publicly urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to forcefully and
publically rescind this order. We cannot sit back and allow a yeshiva,
a beautiful center of Torah and Tefillah, to be destroyed.

Each of us must send daily emails, send daily faxes, and make daily
phone calls to the Prime Minister of Israel protesting this
inconceivable action. People need to send letters to the Israeli
Embassy in Washington, DC and to the Israeli Consulate in New York.

We must demand that our community organizations, our rabbis, our
entire community, speak out. We cannot allow this Chilul Hashem, this
desecration of G-d’s name, to take place. Please send an email, send a
fax, and make a call, now. Tell the Prime Minister to protect the
yeshiva building in Yitzhar and prevent it from being destroyed.

Contact Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu at:

Telephone -
011-972-2-670-5532 (attention: Tzvi Hauser, Cabinet Secretary of the
Israel government)

Fax (send to all three numbers) ­

011-972-2-563-2580 (attention: Tzvi Hauser, Cabinet Secretary of the
Israel government)

Email (send to all three email addresses) ­ (attention: Tzvi Hauser, Cabinet Secretary of the
Israel government) (underscore after pm)

For the contact information of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC
or the consulate office nearest to you,

To see the order to raise the Yeshiva

Click to view this email in a browser

National Council of Young Israel
111 John Street
Suite 450
New York, New York 10038

Women For Israel's Tomorrow  (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Obama administration is operating like a pure dictatorship

Obama to Lakin et al: “YOU have NO standing to ask any Questions!”
By J.B Williams, Canada Free Press

     The Story of Major General Paul Vallely, Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

    No matter the political agenda of any American citizen, one reality should send shivers down every American’s spine. The Obama administration has made it known that according to their form of “justice,” NO soldier or citizen has “legal standing” to question anything about Obama, his many corrupt friends, his anti-American policies or his full court press to destroy all things American.
    Barack Hussein Obama remains a complete mystery. His birth, college, travel, passport and entire personal history remains under lock and key unlike any president before him. His policies have proven destructive to the US economy, US sovereignty and security as well as both states and individual rights.
    The Obama administration is operating like a pure dictatorship at odds with the vast majority of American citizens and no matter what peaceful course of redress the people attempt, they have repeatedly been informed that they have “NO STANDING” to ask any questions.
Read More and Comment:

Israel and the Surrender of the West

One of the world's oldest stories is playing out before our eyes: The Jews are being scapegoated again.

The most interesting voice in all the fallout surrounding the Gaza flotilla incident is that sanctimonious and meddling voice known as "world opinion." At every turn "world opinion," like a school marm, takes offense and condemns Israel for yet another infraction of the world's moral sensibility. And this voice has achieved an international political legitimacy so that even the silliest condemnation of Israel is an opportunity for self-congratulation.

Rock bands now find moral imprimatur in canceling their summer tour stops in Israel (Elvis Costello, the Pixies, the Gorillaz, the Klaxons). A demonstrator at an anti-Israel rally in New York carries a sign depicting the skull and crossbones drawn over the word "Israel." White House correspondent Helen Thomas, in one of the ugliest incarnations of this voice, calls on Jews to move back to Poland. And of course the United Nations and other international organizations smugly pass one condemnatory resolution after another against Israel while the Obama administration either joins in or demurs with a wink.

This is something new in the world, this almost complete segregation of Israel in the community of nations. And if Helen Thomas's remarks were pathetic and ugly, didn't they also point to the end game of this isolation effort: the nullification of Israel's legitimacy as a nation? There is a chilling familiarity in all this. One of the world's oldest stories is playing out before our eyes: The Jews are being scapegoated again.

"World opinion" labors mightily to make Israel look like South Africa looked in its apartheid era—a nation beyond the moral pale. And it projects onto Israel the same sin that made apartheid South Africa so untouchable: white supremacy. Somehow "world opinion" has moved away from the old 20th century view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a complicated territorial dispute between two long-suffering peoples. Today the world puts its thumb on the scale for the Palestinians by demonizing the stronger and whiter Israel as essentially a colonial power committed to the "occupation" of a beleaguered Third World people.

This is now—figuratively in some quarters and literally in others—the moral template through which Israel is seen. It doesn't matter that much of the world may actually know better. This template has become propriety itself, a form of good manners, a political correctness. Thus it is good manners to be outraged at Israel's blockade of Gaza, and it is bad manners to be outraged at Hamas's recent attack on a school because it educated girls, or at the thousands of rockets Hamas has fired into Israeli towns—or even at the fact that Hamas is armed and funded by Iran. The world wants independent investigations of Israel, not of Hamas.

One reason for this is that the entire Western world has suffered from a deficit of moral authority for decades now. Today we in the West are reluctant to use our full military might in war lest we seem imperialistic; we hesitate to enforce our borders lest we seem racist; we are reluctant to ask for assimilation from new immigrants lest we seem xenophobic; and we are pained to give Western Civilization primacy in our educational curricula lest we seem supremacist. Today the West lives on the defensive, the very legitimacy of our modern societies requiring constant dissociation from the sins of the Western past—racism, economic exploitation, imperialism and so on.

When the Israeli commandos boarded that last boat in the flotilla and, after being attacked with metal rods, killed nine of their attackers, they were acting in a world without the moral authority to give them the benefit of the doubt. By appearances they were shock troopers from a largely white First World nation willing to slaughter even "peace activists" in order to enforce a blockade against the impoverished brown people of Gaza. Thus the irony: In the eyes of a morally compromised Western world, the Israelis looked like the Gestapo.

This, of course, is not the reality of modern Israel. Israel does not seek to oppress or occupy—and certainly not to annihilate—the Palestinians in the pursuit of some atavistic Jewish supremacy. But the merest echo of the shameful Western past is enough to chill support for Israel in the West.

The West also lacks the self-assurance to see the Palestinians accurately. Here again it is safer in the white West to see the Palestinians as they advertise themselves—as an "occupied" people denied sovereignty and simple human dignity by a white Western colonizer. The West is simply too vulnerable to the racist stigma to object to this "neo-colonial" characterization.

Our problem in the West is understandable. We don't want to lose more moral authority than we already have. So we choose not to see certain things that are right in front of us. For example, we ignore that the Palestinians—and for that matter much of the Middle East—are driven to militancy and war not by legitimate complaints against Israel or the West but by an internalized sense of inferiority. If the Palestinians got everything they want—a sovereign nation and even, let's say, a nuclear weapon—they would wake the next morning still hounded by a sense of inferiority.

For better or for worse, modernity is now the measure of man.
And the quickest cover for inferiority is hatred. The problem is not me; it is them. And in my victimization I enjoy a moral and human grandiosity—no matter how smart and modern my enemy is, I have the innocence that defines victims. I may be poor but my hands are clean. Even my backwardness and poverty only reflect a moral superiority, while my enemy's wealth proves his inhumanity.

In other words, my hatred is my self-esteem. This must have much to do with why Yasser Arafat rejected Ehud Barak's famous Camp David offer of 2000 in which Israel offered more than 90% of what the Palestinians had demanded. To have accepted that offer would have been to forgo hatred as consolation and meaning. Thus it would have plunged the Palestinians—and by implication the broader Muslim world—into a confrontation with their inferiority relative to modernity. Arafat knew that without the Jews to hate an all-defining cohesion would leave the Muslim world. So he said no to peace.

And this recalcitrance in the Muslim world, this attraction to the consolations of hatred, is one of the world's great problems today—whether in the suburbs of Paris and London, or in Kabul and Karachi, or in Queens, N.Y., and Gaza. The fervor for hatred as deliverance may not define the Muslim world, but it has become a drug that consoles elements of that world in the larger competition with the West. This is the problem we in the West have no easy solution to, and we scapegoat Israel—admonish it to behave better—so as not to feel helpless. We see our own vulnerability there.

Mr. Steele is a senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Protecting our national sovereignty

Petrash: Protecting our national sovereignty is our duty

By Larry Petrash

Sunday, May 23, 2010

On this Memorial Day we should all pause and remember our heritage. We are losing our “Greatest Generation,” the ones who grew up during the Great Depression and made many sacrifices during a great world war. Our fathers, in World War II, saved this country and saved Europe from being enslaved by tyrannical governments hell-bent on world domination and allowed us to be raised in freedom during a time of growth and great prosperity. They are, and have been, great stewards protecting our values and our freedom.

It is our generation’s duty to protect that heritage. We must ensure that the efforts of our forefathers and fathers are not at risk. We are the current stewards of our nation’s sovereignty, where free men and women are given inalienable rights, liberty, and the freedom of conscience.

Now, we find ourselves under attack, from within, from those who seek to change our very way of life. They are “hell-bent” on enslaving Americans by making them ever dependent on government. By so doing, government becomes the master and the people, its subjects. Government should be “We, the people” who work for the better good of our citizenry. What we’ve seen is a government that has denied the will of the people. The vote on health care reform “sticks in our craws.” Government is a tool to be used, with great care, by, and for, the people.

We are entering an era of protectionism. Conservatives, in both parties, and Independents are uniting in a spirit of protectionism. We must deny a radical left wing in Congress, dressed as liberals, who think this country should no longer be governed by majority rule.

Religion, separation of church and state and immigration are, again, great issues of the day. These are issues that have been debated since we became a nation, by our forefathers in the 18th century. Today, we are, again, focusing on immigration.

Theodore Roosevelt said it well: “Our principle in this matter should be absolutely simple. In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birthplace of origin. But this is predicted upon the man’s becoming in every fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. We have room for but one language here and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, and American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding house; and we have room for but one soul [sic] loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.”

Mexico, by far, sends the largest number of immigrants to this country. No one knows, for sure, how many have crossed the expansive border. Suffice it to say it’s somewhere between 10-15 million. It’s estimated that half of those are illegal immigrants. For those here illegally, taxpayers, at a minimum, fund their health care and pay for their children’s educations.

In 2005, Dr. John Fonte, Ph.D.. Senior Fellow and Director of the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., provided testimony before the House Immigration Subcommittee:

“In the 1990s, Mexico changed its strategy towards the United States (e.g., greater economic integration, support for NAFTA, etc.) and towards Mexican-Americans, seeking to build closer relations with both. Shortly before the Mexican Congress enacted its first version of the dual nationality law allowing many Mexican-American citizens to possess dual U.S.-Mexican nationality, Linda Chavez voiced concerns in her syndicated column: “Never before has the United States had to face a problem of dual loyalties among its citizens of such great magnitude and proximity. For the first time, millions of U.S. citizens could declare their allegiance to a neighboring country.”

Immigration reform is a must. But we must, first, gain control of our borders. Law-abiding immigrants who assimilate themselves to our way of life in our society, and pay taxes, just like any other American, are welcome. That said, however, I should never have to dial “1” for English.

Larry Petrash is a member of the Times Record News community editorial board.