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Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman’s ‘Jewiness’

By Jonathan Kirsch12:12

Comedian Chelsea Handler has written three memoirs. Kathy Griffin wrote one, too. And now comes More...

Antwone Fisher For Antwone Fisher, Art Imitates Life ... Cathartically

By Naomi PfeffermanArts&Entertainment Editor

Antwone Fisher burst into the public consciousness with his transcendent film, “Antwone Fisher,” More...

Persian Fallow Deer Wildlife Seek to Bring Back Animals of the Bible

By Kevin Patra

As the population of Israel grows, so do the requests for building and expansion within the small country. Unfettered growth and More...

To Nudge and to Support

By Danielle BerrinStaff Writer

Doreen Seidler-Feller is in her kitchen fetching a glass of water as her husband, in the living room, is mulling over what might be most More...

The No Amnesty Pledge

Senate revives amnesty: Here's how to stop it
Let Senate know how you feel about illegal immigration

Here's a letter from Joseph Farah to help combat those who would undermine the United States:

"The No Amnesty Pledge."

Dear Senator:

This is more than a letter of protest of efforts to provide amnesty for tens of millions of illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S. It's a promise of a vote against any senator who supports such a plan.

It's a promise of financial support to candidates opposing any senator who supports such a plan.

It's a promise to expose this betrayal of the rule of law and the will of the people to the constituents of any senator who approves such legislation.

It's a promise to use any legal means necessary to thwart the future ambitions and aspirations of any senator who chooses to reward lawbreakers and punish law-keepers.

It's a promise to fight tooth and nail, even resorting to peaceful civil disobedience if necessary, to ensure that such legislation can never be carried out.

I don't expect you to read all of the "No Amnesty Pledge" letters currently flooding into your office. All you have to do is read one – and notice the volume of duplicate letters you are receiving, all sent by different American citizens who are thinking about this issue just as I am.

Frankly, we're concerned that what is being considered by the U.S. Senate would tear this country apart, break trust between the people and government and forever change the character of our nation and our communities.

Vote no on amnesty – or else!

Riot police shield Obama from tea-party grandmas

When hundreds of tea-party protesters – including many elderly women – gathered outside a civic center where President Obama was giving a public speech Wednesday, they were surprised to be greeted by police dispatched in full riot gear. Snipers carefully scrutinized grandmothers singing "God Bless America."

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Wejew: The Shemesh Show, IDF and Muslims in Congresss

The Shemesh Show for Kids!

Click here to watch this great program for kids!

The Machon Meir Yeshiva is expanding its horizons, creatively teaching Torah concepts to the younger set through broadcast media.

The Ethical Defense by Modern Israeli Army

Click here to watch a video about the Ethical Defense by Modern Israeli Army - see how the IDF is the most ethical army in the history of the world - which demonstrates that the UN and European accusations against Israel are 100% wrong.

Shocking Video - Muslims Convert Capitol Building Into Outdoor Mosque

Click here to watch this shocking Video - Muslims Convert Capitol Building Into Outdoor Mosque - Members of the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association gather on Fridays in the U.S. Capitol for Jummah, the Muslim weekly prayer service.

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Biracial woman discriminates against Jews

Angela commented on Interracial marriage is unnatural!

Discrimination from Jews always stuns me. You'd think a people with thousands of years of playing the victim to such discrimination would have changed the way you look at other people. I am in biracial woman, and I've been involved with a Jewish man for three years. It's a beautiful; relationship and I embrace his culture and history. This sort of hatred really hurts me. Your faith suffers from blind dogma. You really should wipe the crust from your eyes.


First of all, where's the discrimination? Facts discriminate? Why do you hate the plain truth of the Bible and history? Furthermore, I'm a Christian Zionist. Why your discrimination by singling out Jews? Is Mohammad Ali a Jew? How about Napoleon Bonaparte or any of the others quoted?  Sounds like you have some serious issues with Jews by your hateful comment about Jews playing the victim. You sound confused because you say you're in a relationship with a Jew.

Your relationship blinds you to what you don't want to see: interracial marriage is unnatural and according to the Bible - both the Christian and Jewish holy books - constitutes sin. As far as your particular case goes, God knows who you should be with but generally speaking each race must naturally go with its own or they're committing adultery and causing unncessary confusion.

(I'm emailing you this response because often when I approve a comment I see it still doesn't show up.)

The Sin of Interracial Marriage

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A Road to Peace Between the Children of Abraham: Cracking the Qur'an Code by Lowell Gallin

Originally published in Blogcritics Magazine, 28 April 2010Copyright © R. Kossover, 2010
The news out of the Middle East these days is not very heartening or happy. Rumors are flying that there will be a war this summer or next. The mood here is dark and foreboding, with folks waiting for the other missile shoe to drop. There are stories like this one, detailing how Iran is getting hold of enriched uranium, or this story, detailing how the American head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff refuses to say that Americans won't shoot down IDF jets flying on a raid over Iran. With a "friend" like that, who needs enemies? The war rumors are backed up by a think tank predicting war, and previous experience has indicated that Israel is just not prepared for the kind of missile assault it suffered in 2006. In addition, there are the threats and counter-threats from Israel and Syria each warning that the other will be sent back to the Stone Age, or some other prehistoric era.

That's just on the overseas front. Domestically, we face the problem of one of the country's premier English speaking news outlets, Ha'aretz, committing espionage, hiding evidence, and harboring a fugitive from justice who has taken sensitive documents from a young woman in the IDF who stole them while serving as a soldier in the that military establishment. According to news reports, she was the product of left-wing anti-Israel professors. Then there is this story, detailing how "left wing" Israelis are working hard for the destruction of the country they call home, and how Ha'aretz is doing its damndest to defend them. And what of Ha'aretz itself? Well, according to Steven Plaut, that newspaper is partly owned by a German holding company, DuMont Schauberg, which made its money off of goods and property stolen from Jews during WWII. So now, instead of merely the "semi-official newspaper, Ha'aretz" we now have the "semi-official and Nazi-affiliated newspaper, Ha'aretz." Is this good news or bad news?

Finally, we have this nasty little tale on the real relationships between police and Arabs in these tense times, and what results when Arab terrorists are allowed to incite violence unchecked, which is pretty much the case these days in Israel.

In the face of all this, an Israeli could easily say of the Arabs, "as far as I am concerned, they can all die." That indeed was one comment I encountered recently from a friend of mine. There is much bitterness between Arabs and Jews over the conflict they have been herded into over the Land of Israel. But I assert that there is a road to peace between the Children of Abraham - and this road is definitely not the road to suicide and war pushed by the United States and its straw boss in the region, the thugdom of the ibn-Sauds. Only a very stupid or very intimidated Jew would take that path. And there are many very stupid and very many intimidated Jews in the world today, both here in Israel and overseas.

Obama Administration Defies Congressional Subpoena on Fort Hood Documents

By Craig Whitlock
Washington Post
The Obama administration said Tuesday it would provide more information to Congress about the Fort Hood shootings but continued to defy a subpoena request for witness statements and other documents. After days of negotiations, the Pentagon and Justice Department informed a Senate committee that they would not comply with congressional subpoenas to share investigative records from the Nov. 5 shootings at Fort Hood, Tex., which killed 13 people.
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How Catholic Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust

Gabriel Wilensky commented on The Real Vatican Scandal -

Pedophilia is just the latest and most visible in a long list of transgressions from the Catholic Church. These days the Vatican is facing legal action in Kentucky for child abuse cases by Catholic priests, and the ensuing cover up from the Catholic hierarchy including, allegedly, by Cardinal Ratzinger (today’s Pope Benedict).

I believe attorneys could and should widen the scope to include previous transgressions, particularly those that lead to the commitment of heinous crimes during the Holocaust. In my book “Six Million Crucifixions” I make a legal analysis of the various counts a potential indictment against the Church, the Vatican and members of the clergy might have looked like, had the Allies set up an international trial styled after Nuremberg and put any clergy guilty of crimes on the dock. In particular, an indictment might have included the following charges:

* Defamation
* Incitement
* Complicity in human rights violations
* Accessory or complicity in crimes against humanity
* Failure to warn/act
* Obstruction of Justice
* Profiting from stolen property
* Abuse of diplomatic privileges
* Crimes against humanity

I think it’s time to revisit the role of the Church in the Holocaust and its aftermath, and do it quickly as Pope Benedict is attempting to whitewash history by canonizing Pope Pius XII, while the Vatican Secret Archives covering the Nazi era remain closed and will continue to remain closed for another five years.

Gabriel Wilensky

Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust


David Ben-Ariel responds:

It would be more accurate to say "How Catholic Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust" rather than Christian, unless you want to continue the blood libel against Christianity. Furthermore, why perpetuate the big lie of "Six Million" when it's a fact that number was concocted before Hitler's War and mindlessly repeated after the war by clever propagandists and how this truth is suppressed by politically correct cultists today?

Jewish and Christian Blood Libels

Yom HaShoah: Happy Holocaust Day?

Did Jesus Call Jews the Children of the Devil?

Synagogue of Satan?

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Review of Cracking the Qur'an Code by Fazal ur Rehman Afridi

Friday, April 23, 2010

Review of Cracking the Qur'an Code by Fazal ur Rehman Afridi

Review of Cracking the Qur'an Code by Fazal ur Rehman Afridi

Cracking the Qur’an Code: God’s Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur’an and Islamic Tradition, by Lowell Gallin, is a fascinating spiritual journey through good and evil, with all the real actors, places, and situations depicted in such a manner as if the reader is part of a journey beginning with Noah, continuing from Ibrahim to Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and concluding with Muhammad.

When the reader finishes this book, he finds himself in the present day world together with Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi and Dr. Asher Eder, preaching peace and understanding between the Children of Ismail and Jacob. Cracking the Qur'an Code provides us with the great opportunity of traveling on a fascinating spiritual and historical journey through the objective prism of Qur’anic teachings.

This book is written in such a simple, sincere and mind-attracting manner that one cannot stop reading it. A history starts unfolding in front of one’s eyes. When you finish reading Cracking the Qur'an Code, it has already captured your soul. This is a masterpiece, a pioneering work which will go a long way in bringing the Muslim and Jewish religions and civilizations together, or at least helping us to understand each other; to know about our shared roots, destiny, ideology, history, struggles and values. It teaches us a very important lesson, focusing on the question, “Why not come closer to each other based on shared commonalities rather than fighting over our differences?”

In Cracking the Qur’an Code, we see a tremendous job of collecting precious pearls from different seas of knowledge, with great wisdom and a sense of purpose. I believe that without divine guidance this task would not have been accomplished.

This painstaking work really deserves admiration and applause. It is as if the author has sifted through every page, every phrase and every word of the Holy Qu'ran, Torah and Tanach.  He searched thoroughly the contemporary literature to provide us with examples from the recent history of the hate and love relationship between Arabs and Jews. He has presented truth. It is through truth and objectivity and the spreading of unbiased information that we can bring harmony and peace between different peoples, cultures, civilizations and religions, paving the way to create a better world for our future generations.

The author gave full space to the views and grand works of his teachers, Dr. Asher Eder of Jerusalem, Israel and Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi of Rome, Italy, even at the cost of repetition. He did not forget to mention the sacrifices of his friends such as Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, rendered for the support of the cause of Israel. This shows the author's respect for his teachers and love for his friends.

Ironically, most non-Arab Muslims do not know about true Qur’anic teachings as the Qu'ran is in Arabic and they have never read its translations into their mother tongues. It is difficult to comprehend the Qur'an's translation from Arabic into other languages, without translations into those languages of the classical commentaries of Qur'anic religious scholars. It is here that some misguided Wahhabi scholars take advantage of ignorance among many Muslims to teach hate, particularly to those Muslims whose language is not Arabic, such as we Pashtuns, for example.

Pashtuns do not know about original and un-tempered Islamic, Jewish  and Christian history. We are taught by these fanatic Wahhabis that Christians and Jews are infidels who deserve to be hated, tortured and murdered. The situation is further complicated when translations of the Qur’an and the teachings of Islam are manipulated by these Wahhabi pseudo-intellectuals and power mongers for political purposes.

We have been taught or have found in whatever Islamic books we read, broadcast or published by the Wahhabi dominated print and electronic media, that Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Benjamin have been Muslim Prophets who have nothing to do with Jews. Even the term Bani-Israel is used in an ambiguous manner to hide the truth from not only ordinary ignorant people but from the educated classes as well. The Wahhabi mission is to deliberately hide the truth of Islam and to highlight only differences and spread hatred.

Cracking the Qur’an Code is an excellent corrective to the distortions, ambiguities, and untruths perpetrated by the Wahhabi Islamic media. This book can un-distort, make un-ambiguous and honestly explain both the differences and commonalities of three great religions and civilizations, the Jewish, the Christian and the Muslim.
Note: The book is on sale:

Cracking the Qur'an Code: God's Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur'an and Islamic Tradition(Jerusalem: Root and Branch Association, Ltd., Print and E-Book Editions. Copyright Lowell Gallin. 2010).
Bulk order discounts. Worldwide shipping. On sale now at

New South Africa

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Dime Store Certification of Live Birth

Re: Better a Birther than a COLBer!

Originally Posted by Denny

At some point, are you going to tell us what the hell "COLBers" means?

A COLBer is one who is content like a fatted cow to chew on the cud - the dime-store Certification of Live Birth that Hawaii pitched to the masses for Obama/Soetoro/Obama - or fears to question authority unlike red-blooded Birthers who demand to see the long form birth certificate and will be satisifed with nothing less. Why should we be?

The Obama machine has scoffed at requests to see the form of the Hawaiian birth certificate that includes the specific hospital in which the delivery took place. The form released by the campaign does not include that information, leading to suspicions Obama might have been one of the foreign-born babies of the 1960s who were, nonetheless, provided birth certificates by the state of Hawaii. - IS OBAMA ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT?


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* Kathryn Lopez: Finding the Founding

* Michael Barone: Hold the VAT --- taxpayers may prefer spending cuts

* David Broder: Three-ring circus

* Dick Morris: The Silent Killer: Obama's VAT Proposal

* Jeff Jacoby: Freedom takes more than technology (STELLAR!)

* Bill O'Reilly: Jon Stewart Really Loves Fox News

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David Ben-Ariel at Masada

David Ben-Ariel at Masada

At the Northern edge of Masada with the Dead Sea in the background (1989).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Better a Birther than a COLBer!

Obama's Frightening New Attack On The Constitution
By Robert Moon
Washington Examiner
Imagine how people would have reacted if President Bush had been caught trying to sneak through legislation that would have illegally given him the power to take over and destroy any financial institution he pleased, on a whim, with zero checks and balances. That is what Democrats are quietly rushing through Congress for Obama. It's called H.R. 4173 and it is already through the House. If it is signed into law, Obama will literally gain the kind of terrifying, un-checked power usually reserved for fascists and Third World dictators
Read More


The president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, Obama/Soetoro/Obama, could be stopped in his tracks if EVERYBODY would demand their representatives demand, "Where's the Birth Certificate?"

It's better to be a smart Birther than a dumb COLBer! The treacherous creature from Kenya has already run rampant for too long, trampling the Constitution, disrespecting We The People and wrecking our Republic. Hussein Obama must be stopped!

The Lisbon Decade (EU Militarisation)

The EU should prepare a white paper on military policy and thereby accelerate the establishment of a more powerful EU intervention force. This is demanded by the authors of a voluminous strategy paper on the EU's "Security and Defense Policy" (ESDP), published by the SPD-affiliated Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with other think tanks in Spain and France. According to this report, particularly the military buildup inside the EU must be better coordinated, to enable the equipment with the most modern weaponry in spite of financial limitations. The European arms industries must be more consolidated, which with the favorable conditions created by the Lisbon Treaty coming into effect, can now be initiated with the help of a white paper. The authors, two of whom are regular employees of the Friederich Ebert Foundation, consider that over the next few years, the EU must be closely coordinated with NATO - which it will "not be able to replace" before 2020. But the EU need not be ashamed of its armies, says the paper. Its member nations maintain a force of nearly 2 million soldiers, with financing of up to 200 billion Euros per year.

Click here to continue


The Intelligence Summit Misses the Mark: the German-Jesuit Threat to World Peace
The whole world has been focusing on Islamic terrorism, as is understandable, but the greatest threat to world peace is the German-dominated European Union! The United States has foolishly been helping to create such a Frankenstein Monster that will brutally betray both the American, British and Jewish peoples.

Germany's Fourth Reich Spreads Its Wings Over the World
Those who strongly disagree with the "European Union" forging ahead, the Euro-skeptics, state sovereignty is under attack and that the EU is going backwards, descending into the darkness of fascism, not advancing democratic ideals but sacrificing them with impunity.

Germany Behind the Mask
For over 50 years, Herbert W. Armstrong warned that a German-led European combine would thresh the nations. When Germany lay in ashes after WWII, Mr. Armstrong had no doubt Germany would be back with a vengeance and he pounded this theme home through the pages of The Plain Truth magazine read by millions worldwide.


Another state considers Arizona eligibility plan
Georgia lawmaker says when Congress won't act, 'states have a duty to step up'

Posted: April 23, 2010
11:20 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Another state has begun considering a law like an Arizona plan approved by the state House there that would require presidential candidates to document their eligibility before being allowed on the election ballot.

Georgia Rep. Mark Hatfield, part of a coalition in his state supporting new election requirements, says it's really the responsibility of members of Congress to make sure a foreign-born individual or dual citizen isn't installed in the White House.

But he said without the leadership in Washington necessary to do that, it is up to states to tackle the issue. Arizona's plan is closest to adoption, awaiting only approval from the state Senate.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Oklahoma also has pending in a legislative committee a referendum that could be put before voters...

"No citizen of the United States should ever have any doubts about the qualifications of the individual who occupies the highest office in the land," Hatfield said on the Liddy show.

Click here to read more


The president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, Obama/Soetoro/Obama, has yet to bring to light his long form birth certificate. Something's amiss!

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Barcelona, July 19th – 24th 2010

By Barry Chamish

Over 2000 researchers and experts on the Middle East, coming from a large number of universities, research centers and other organizations from all over the world, will gather in Barcelona in 2010 at the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES). The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Government of Catalonia will organize the WOCMES Barcelona 2010, after the two successful previous editions held in Mainz - Germany in 2002 and in Amman - Jordan in 2006.
        It is rare when one city usurps all others as the capital of world conspiracy. To achieve such greatness we might have to go all the way back to 1785, when 3 giants met in Frankfurt, Germany. There, the head of the anti-Jewish Sabbataians, Jacob Frank, brought his circle of Frankists to town where he formed a conspiracy with the illuminati, led by one Adam Weishaupt. While Frank's goal was to punish all Jews who did not accept Shabtai Tzvi and him as the Jewish messiahs, Weishaupt's organization was founded to punish those Christians who rejected Rome as the capital of world Christianity. They met with a coin dealer with much bigger plans, one Mayer Amshel Rothschild, who realized if he could just take control of a nation's economy, he would control the country.
        But finally, we have a new world capital, still plotting against the Jews and non-Catholic Christians, the Vatican outpost of Barcelona.

Jerusalem, 26 November 1995
BACKGROUND ON BARCELONA CONFERENCE An European Union-sponsored conference for Mediterranean Basin countries is scheduled to take place 27-28.11.95, in Barcelona, Spain. Israel's delegation will be headed by Foreign Minister Ehud Barak.

Just three weeks after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, Israel agreed to surrender its sovereignty in Barcelona. Of course, Rabin had to be murdered by the new Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres to make the conference work. But he had help from French intelligence. (Read my Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin,,  for full details). In the 45 days leading to Barcelona, Rabin had told the UN and American Congress that he would never divide Jerusalem or wreck Israel for peace. That attitude could ruin Barcelona. So Peres received the go-ahead to eliminate him before the Barcelona Conference.
       In the past two years, Barcelona has become the capital of the Mediterranean Union, a group of 5 Catholic and 5 Arab nations dedicated to eliminating Israel. It will meet in mid-June to solidify its plots. But to assure a world consensus for the gangup, the Bilderberg group will meet outside Barcelona on June 3:

The Bilderberg group will conduct its annual meeting June 3-6 in Sitges, Spain (a small, exclusive resort town about 20 miles from Barcelona) behind a wall of armed guards who will seal off the resort in a futile attempt to keep the event secret.
Bilderberg’s meeting will follow that of its brother group, the Trilateral Commission, which will gather at the Four Seasons Resort in Dublin, Ireland May 6-10. Leaders of Bilderberg also attend the Trilateralists’ meeting to map their common agenda. About 300 attend Trilateral Commission meetings, which are conducted behind sealed-off, guarded floors of their hotel. About 100 will attend Bilderberg, which seals off the entire resort behind platoons of uniformed police and private security.
     Now look at the buildup to the followup Barcelona Conference on June 7:

MADRID ­ Spain called on Israel Thursday to support the nascent Mediterranean Union as well as efforts to reach peace in the Middle East during a visit to Madrid by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.
Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos asked Lieberman "for Israel's full cooperation with the Mediterranean Union, which is of maximum interest to Spain and all of its Euro-Mediterranean partners," the foreign ministry said in a statement.
Moratinos also reiterated Spain's "full support" for the efforts of the administration of US President President Barack Obama to reach peace in the Middle East, it added.
Earlier this month talks in Barcelona between Mediterranean Union members aimed at adopting a water management strategy for the region ended in failure due to a row between Israel and Arab countries over a reference to the Palestinian territories.
The stalemate was seen as a strong blow against the body, which will hold its first summit in Barcelona in June.
Spain aims to revive the Middle East peace process, working with France and Egypt in the run-up to a Mediterranean summit in Barcelona in June, the Spanish foreign minister said Saturday.
"We are talking to France and Egypt (...) to restart the peace process in the Middle East", Miguel Angel Moratinos said during a forum on the Mediterranean in Paris.
Forty-three heads of state and government will gather on June 7 for the second summit of the Union for the Mediterranean, which was formed two years ago in Paris by Egypt and France.
Israeli, Palestinian and Syrian leaders Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas and Bashar al-Assad respectively are among those expected to attend, Moratinos said.
Spain, which holds the European Union rotating presidency till June, fixed two short-term objectives: facilitate the restart of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, overseen by the US, and ensure success in Barcelona.
"We are working with France and Egypt for something important in Barcelona", Moratinos said.
He also said the summit could lead to an economic agreement being reached between the European Union and Syria, the only non-European country on the Mediterranean that has not concluded an association of this kind with the EU.
"I think the conditions are there to finalise the agreement and sign it" in Barcelona, Moratinos added.

Spain and Lebanon urge Israel to create conditions for peace
Madrid - Spain and Lebanon on Thursday urged Israel to help create the conditions for a peace process with the Palestinians, with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri warning of the danger of an "implosion" in the Middle East.
Another failure to launch a peace process would be "intolerable," Hariri said at a joint press conference with his Spanish counterpart Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero during a visit to Madrid.
The Spanish premier said the dialogue could be given a boost in June at a summit of the Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona.

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS - The statute of the Mediterranean Union secretariat has been approved. According to European sources, the decision was made at the meeting of high level officials from the 43 countries which was held yesterday in Barcelona, where the Jordanian Ahmad Masadeh will be installed as the first secretary general of the Union today. The attention has now shifted to the summit scheduled for June in the Catalan city....... Following the approval of the statute, it is predicted that ''the activities of the secretariat will soon get underway, with the designation of deputy secretaries and the drawing up of procedures, an organisation chart and budget. Among the key decisions to be made during the June summit will be that of the successor to France and Egypt at the co-presidency of the Mediterranean Union, beginning in July 2010. According to European sources, concerning the northern shores Spain is likely to take on the position, while for the southern shores an agreement has not yet been reached .......

The representatives of the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM) met Tuesday in Brussels to agree to support the appointment of a Jordanian as General Secretary, an important step to revive the forum.
The future Secretary-General will be based in Barcelona with Palestinian, Israeli, Turkish and Arab League deputies.

Hariri, who highlighted US President Barack Obama’s commitment to push the peace process forward, urged the European Union to be an active partner of the US in seeing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict come to an end.
“When President Obama took office he assigned [former] Senator George Mitchell as a special envoy to the Middle East, as a clear sign of his administration’s commitment to the peace process, and I believe that President Obama is the right person to achieve this mission,” Hariri said.
Hariri also announced that Lebanon would participate in the Union for the Mediterranean Summit, to be held in Barcelona.

What can we add but, Barcelona, here they come?


Keep watching the Barcelona plot:

Europe - not Hussein Obama - will force peace

Imposed Solution

Obama to Sacrifice Israel? : Dry Bones cartoon.
Is Obama preparing to sacrifice Israel? Is he planning to impose a "solution"? According to Joel Mowbray in the Washington Times:
"Evidence is mounting that President Obama will unveil a new Middle East peace plan in the coming months. While a desire for peace is indeed admirable, such a move should be welcomed only by the enemies of America.Not only would such an attempt inevitably fail, but it would directly harm U.S. security by shifting our national focus away from very real - and far more dangerous - threats in the region.

Nearly two weeks ago, the New York Times and The Washington Post reported on the same day about a high-level meeting two weeks beforehand in which National Security Adviser Gen. James L. Jones had lobbied Mr. Obama to craft an American peace plan. Last Monday, J-Street, a left-wing Jewish group with close ties to the White House, ran a full-page ad in the New York Times urging Mr. Obama to impose "concrete plans for a two-state solution."

Mr. Obama himself further signaled something was in the works by stating at the close of a news conference last Tuesday that resolving the Middle East conflict was "a vital national security interest of the United States." Likely at the prodding of White House officials, the New York Times ran a front-page story two days later suggesting that an Obama peace plan could be drafted over the next few months and introduced this fall."
-Dry Bones- Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973


Exclusive: EU draft on dividing Jerusalem

As Hitler clearly outlined his plans in Mein Kampf (and furiously put them into practice his first opportunity), so the United Nations passed an ominous resolution in 1947 concerning the fate of Jerusalem: UN Resolution 181 demands the Holy City submit to the status of an "international city." That's a glorified term for ENEMY OCCUPATION!

The final revival of the unholy Roman Empire is being forged in Europe today and it will wage a New Crusade under the guise of peace. Europe's New Crusade will dispatch wolves in sheep's clothing - "peacekeepers" - that will brutally betray both Arabs and Jews for their German-Jesuit masters (whose evil eye has been on Jerusalem throughout history).

Warning Jews

Pope's Evil Eye on Jerusalem!

UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where's Obama's transparency and accountability?

Groundswell of Support Growing for Anti-Obama Rally
by Hana Levi Julian (

A groundswell of support is building in anticipation of the upcoming anti-Obama demonstration set for this coming Sunday, April 25, in New York City, outside the Israel Consulate. According to organizer Beth Gilinsky, head of the Jewish Action Alliance, groups are still calling to express their support and register for the event.

Read more


The president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, Obama/Soetoro/Obama, has yet to bring to light his long form birth certificate. Something's definitely not kosher!

Arizona is a great state to visit!

Arizonan: Boycott us over immigration bill
Democrat urges retaliation if governor signs it into law

The irresponsible Grijalva should be thrown out of office for his treacherous comments against Arizona and the squawking cardinal should shut up with his baloney and go learn history.

May 1: Illegal Immigration Day Defused!
May we turn from our NATIONAL SINS of idolatry and immorality that the CURSE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION comes to its swift end (Daniel 9:11).

Race Matters
It seems evident that the resurrected Noah will head a vast project of the relocation of the races and nations, within the boundaries God has set, for their own best good, happiness and richest blessings. This will be a tremendous operation. It will require great and vast organization, reinforced with power to move whole nations and races. This time, peoples and nations will move where God has planned for them, and no defiance will be tolerated.

Death to America: Major American Cities Targeted by Terrorists?

Former Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon speaks out

The former Chief of Staff of Israel's Defense Force and presently Strategic Affairs Minister, General Moshe 'Bogie' Ya'alon was interviewed for the just celebrated Israel's 62nd independence day in the Jerusalem Post (19 April 2010)

Here follow some of the important things this true patriot said:

There is a lack of clarity about what the US is asking of Israel. What are their demands?

The US is Israel's ally. This is a deep, strategic, alliance, based on common values and interests. But between friends there are disagreements that sometimes become public. On the one hand, there are disagreements, on the other there is a continuing dialogue.

Most of us in the government have accompanied the diplomatic process over the last 17 years. We have a different view of the challenges before us, and what the priorities need to be in the Middle East.

We do not think the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the heart of the issue. I would even say that if Israel, God forbid, ceased to exist, the US and the West would need to deal with the wave of jihadist Islam. That is the main problem.

When we condense this conflict to a territorial one, either in Lebanon or in Gaza, we see that our withdrawals strengthened jihadist Islam. That is an example of differences in view that we share with the US.

The second difference, obviously, has to do with Iran. We see the Iranian issue as the most important.

If you are looking for a center for instability, it is not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; it is precisely the Iranian government. It fuels the jihadist Islamic wave.

Does the US not see in Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's refusal to accept Ehud Olmert's generous offer in 2008 as a lack of willingness on the Palestinian side to come to an agreement?

Apparently not. From the dawn of Zionism there has not been a Palestinian leadership willing to recognize Israel's right to exist as the national home of the Jewish people. This is the source of the problem, and not what is called the occupied territories since '67. The opposition to Zionism began before we liberated Judea, Samaria and Gaza; before we established a state.

In order for there to a proper prognosis, you need a proper diagnosis. We are arguing, and not only with them, but with the Israeli Left, about what is the root of the problem. Part of the issue, which influences the US and European positions, is our internal confusion.

I also used to think the solution was land for peace, until I became the head of military intelligence, saw things from up close and my thinking underwent an evolution.

We are willing to move forward in Judea and Samaria with the government of Abu Mazen [Abbas] and Salam Fayyad. But for this we don't have to return to the '67 borders or divide Jerusalem; we don't have to place ourselves in danger again.

There is a general denial - including by Fayyad - of the connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. He gave a lecture at an interfaith conference in New York two years ago about the sanctity of Jerusalem, and he talked about how it was holy for Christianity and Islam. How is it possible to deny the connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem? How?

Have you seen any improvement in this attitude recently?

No, there is no change. There is a change in tactics. They understood that terror doesn't work, especially after 9/11. It is better to characterize this as opposition to occupation, that is more convincing in the postcolonial world, because those who don't know the details here think we are colonialists, deny that this was our home dating back 3,000 years.

Those who want to continue the Oslo process, who want us to continue to give and give and give, without a Palestinian willingness to recognize our right to a national home, are cooperating with the phased plan for Israel's destruction.

Before Annapolis, which was not that long ago, Abu Mazen - the head of a government considered moderate - was asked by Olmert to agree at the end of the conference to a declaration saying 'two states for two peoples.' He was not willing.

Saeb Erekat was asked why not on Al Jazeera, and said because there is no Jewish people; that Judaism is a religion, and why should a religion get a state.

The prime minister said before the elections he was willing to accept the commitments of the previous government, among them the understanding between [George] Bush and [Ariel] Sharon, that no new settlements would be built in Judea and Samaria, and that construction in the settlements would be allowed [to enable] normal life, not exactly natural growth. That was the understanding, and construction continued through the Olmert and Sharon governments.

More than that, he [Netanyahu] said we accept our commitment regarding dismantling 23 outposts that were defined by the Sharon government as illegal. He accepted that, until it became clear that the US administration does not accept the commitments of the previous administration.

Secondly, we completely reject the argument that the settlements are the reason there is no peace. I think Arafat was willing to go to Oslo because of the settlements. When he saw the [massive Russian] aliya, and the settlements, he thought he was going to lose everything.

But if we are talking about coexistence and peace, why the insistence that the territory they receive be ethnically cleansed of Jews? Why do those areas have to be Judenrein? Don't Arabs live here, in the Negev and Galilee? Why isn't that part of our public discussion? Why doesn't that scream to the heavens?

Do you really think Jews will be allowed to live there under Israeli sovereignty in a future Palestinian entity?

In Judea and Samaria, if you are talking about peace, there is enough place for Jews and Arabs. If you are talking about war, it is more complicated. How much open space do you have in Judea and Samaria? Quite a bit. What percentage of the territory do the Jews control? Five percent. That is what everything hinges on?

In your mind there will be no need in the future to uproot any settlement?

No settlement. I don't even want to talk about territorial withdrawals in an age in which the withdrawal from Lebanon strengthened Hizbullah, and the withdrawal from Gaza strengthened Hamas to the point where we have the second Islamic republic in the Middle East - the first in Iran, and the second in Gaza: Hamastan. That is opposed to our strategic interest, and to the strategic interests of the west.

With that, we are completely isolated today, and the Palestinians can sit and wait until the Americans step in and impose something.

First, we are not completely isolated. The issue today is whether there is a partner who is willing to recognize our right to a national home here. That is the key. That is where the discussion needs to start, not about construction in the settlements or east Jerusalem.

But here there is also an issue of trust between us and them [the US]. We heard from the secretary of state after we declared the moratorium that it was unprecedented, and that the ball was now in the Palestinian court.

What have the Palestinians done since then to enter the negotiations? What have they done? For a full year they did nothing to get into the process, and all of a sudden the ball is back in our court because of the excuse of 1,600 apartments that went through a bureaucratic process in Jerusalem?

What will happen if Obama stands up in September and says this is our plan? How do you react?

There have been so many plans in the past, so many proposals, and none of them were implemented. I hope we don't get to that.

If the Arab world feels that the US has given Israel a cold shoulder, then the likelihood of an outburst of violence will increase. Therefore, we need to do continue to talk [to the Administration], share with them our thoughts, and prevent the types of situations that we have been reading about over the last few days in the papers.

But there are those who say Zion is not necessarily Isawiya or Abu Dis.

You don't have to talk to me about territorial compromise, because I was willing until Oslo.

I grew up amid the camp prepared for territorial concession.... I was ready for territorial compromise along the lines of Oslo. But then it became clear to me that there was no partner, including among those considered moderates.

How concerned are you by the argument heard increasingly in the US that we are endangering the lives of US soldiers?

That is first and foremost a manipulation, and a lie. The truth is the complete opposite. If we are seen as standing firm against the jihadists, against Hamas and Hizbullah, that serves the US interests. And if we are seen as weak, whether in Lebanon, Gaza, or in Judea and Samaria, that harms US interests.

It is clear to us that the central threat today, and the thing that needs to be the highest priority for the world, is not the Israeli-Palestinian issue, but rather the Iranian one. Even before Iran has nuclear capability, it nourishes terrorism, supports it, and pays for it. It also does this in the US's backyard, in South America. The link between Chavezism and jihadism is crawling, but has now spread to five states.

When it comes to the Iranian nuclear threat, it is clear that what is needed is steadfastness from the west. It is not Israel vs Iran, which unfortunately I see in headlines on CNN. It is America, Western civilization vs Iran.

We think the Iranian government should long ago have had to face this dilemma: the bomb or survival. That is the dilemma, and it should be created before you deploy a military option. But it has to be based on Western determination, Western unity, diplomatic isolation, economic sanctions and in the background a credible military option.

Which leaders today are the most determined regarding Iran?

We see France today demonstrating the right policies, and Britain. They understand the enormity of the challenge.

Does Obama?

Something has happened here that we haven't seen in the past. Previously the US led the aggressive line. Today, as I said, the president of France and prime minister of Britain are leading a more aggressive line than the president of the US. And then you have Germany and Italy, who join up with the American position.

I don't think there is an actor in the world who wants to see a nuclear Iran.

You don't really think that another UN round of sanctions will get Iran to stop their nuclear program. What will?

First of all, I hope this isn't the last step to place the Iranian government in the dilemma between bomb and survival. I hope the free world will continue to lead these types of steps against Iran. And as I said, a credible military option always has to be waved in the background ... Those who want to prevent using that option need to invest in diplomatic isolation and economic sanctions.

Beyond that, things are happening inside Iran. The Iranian economy is in a problematic condition. The government is already having to deal with the issue of whether to cancel subsidies, which can by itself awaken instability.

According to our understanding, most Iranians do not want a jihadist Islamic government. Therefore, from a historical perspective, this government will not survive forever. [But] the link between unconventional weapons and an unconventional regime is a poisonous and dangerous connection.

Look at the Washington [Nuclear Security] summit ... Where will the nuclear material for terrorism come from, if not from these types of regimes? This is the big concern - that a regime of this type, which is messianic-apocalyptic, and has as its strategic objective the imposition of Islam all over the globe, can use proxies with dirty bombs against the US, Europe and Israel.

You describe a situation, both concerning the Palestinians and the Iranians, in which we feel the Americans think they know better than us what our interests are, and where we are trying to educate the Americans what their interests are.

Look, we live in the Middle East. I can testify, as someone familiar with the relationship with the US over many years ... that there were many times when, yes, we needed to explain to the US what is really happening, and what is really the right way to do things. You see how many mistakes the Americans have made in the last few years.

Because they didn't listen to us?

Yes, because they didn't listen to us. In Iraq, at the beginning, they didn't come here to learn. [Also] on other questions, on the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

[Former US envoy Anthony] Zinni came here [in 2002] and said the [terrorism] problem is because of the roadblocks.... We live here [and experience] the fundamental problems. If you don't live it, if you come to the area on a visit, then you say, 'Oh, the problem is the roadblocks. Take them down and there will be no more terror." But before 2000, there were no roadblocks from Jenin to Hebron, only on the perimeter ... So nobody can come and tell me the terrorism is because of the roadblocks. The roadblocks are because of the terrorism. Were there no terror, there would be no roadblocks.

But people like Olmert and Sharon strengthened the impression that we could just set the borders unilaterally. The American reaction now is partly a result of the policy of previous governments.

There is not one person in the septet who thinks it is possible to reach a permanent agreement according to this formula in the foreseeable future. Not one person.

This conversation has been a bit depressing. Where is the ray of light?

If there is something we need to strengthen on the 62nd Yom Ha'atzmaut it is the spirit. That has been eroded, at a time when the physical dimensions are so strong.

Unfortunately we hear statements - we heard them from the previous government - that time is not on our side. We hear this even today. My reply is that the fathers of Zionism used to say that time is on the side of those who take advantage of it. Just as we took advantage of it in the past, so too must we take advantage of it in the future: to build, to grow, to develop in all spheres. I am convinced we can do it, the fact is that we have done it successfully in the past. We just need to continue.

International Christian Zionist Center
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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