Monday, April 26, 2010


* Mark Steyn:  Tea Party the new front in 'war on terror'

* Argus Hamilton skewers politics and contemporary "culture"

* Mitch Albom: Youth Kicks Today: Beating Each Other Senseless for
Internet Notoriety

* Paul Greenberg: Recalled to Life (GREAT!)

* Jack Kelly: Thin-skinned libs smear critics

* Debra J. Saunders: My Last Goodwin Liu Column --- I Really Hope

* Arnold Ahlert: Son of Amnesty

* Byron York: Will Dems 'go for it' on immigration reform?

* Cheri Jacobus: For animals' sake, or yours

* Kathleen Parker: Congress should quickly counter court's animal abuse

* Kathryn Lopez: Finding the Founding

* Michael Barone: Hold the VAT --- taxpayers may prefer spending cuts

* David Broder: Three-ring circus

* Dick Morris: The Silent Killer: Obama's VAT Proposal

* Jeff Jacoby: Freedom takes more than technology (STELLAR!)

* Bill O'Reilly: Jon Stewart Really Loves Fox News

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