Saturday, April 3, 2010

Germany has nuclear weapons

Anybody who foolishly thinks that Germany does not have nuclear weapons (besides those the United States has on German soil) seriously needs to THINK AGAIN and beware the historic German element of surprise and blitzkrieg. Germany has nuclear weapons and undoubtedly has possessed nuclear weapons since Franz Josef Strauss.

"During the 1970s, US codebreakers found dramatic evidence that West German companies were selling the Sarin [nerve gas] secret to several Arab nations...

No one has ever examined the role of West German intelligence as a merchant of death for GRU clients such as Libya and Iraq. The greatest scandal may involve the German bankers...

Even more alarming are reports that West Germany is behind the secret proliferation of nuclear weapons. According to a former Argentine diplomat, a secret nuclear protocol was attached to a West German-Argentine Trade Treaty during the 1960s. The rationale was that West Germany was afraid that some day the Americans would pull out of NATO or withdraw their nuclear shield. Because of Soviet antipathy to German possession of the atomic bomb, it was decided to develop the nuclear weapons secretly by utilizing the large emigre communities of German scientists in Argentina and South Africa."

Unholy Trinity by Aarons & Loftus, pg. 273

Expect GERMANY to restore law and order to Europe and the world, even if it demands they wage world war to do it!

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