Sunday, April 4, 2010

US has Bosnian blood on its hands

US gave birth to Muslim state in heart of Europe

By Ted Belman

The Ottawa Citizen reports - Former general speaks out about the war he can’t forget

Maj.-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie is once again making headlines in Sarajevo, where, 18 years ago, he led a United Nations peacekeeping operation that attempted to keep Bosnian Muslims and Serbs from killing each other.

While MacKenzie blamed Muslims for killing Muslims he also considered Serbian shelling of Sarajevo a war crime. But his condemnation was mostly directed at the US:

“There’s more than enough blame to go around for all sides,” he said, adding that if he was called to testify in the Karadzic case, he would not hesitate to lay blame at the former Bosnian leader’s feet. “Of the most serious accusations against Karadzic, I do consider the use of heavy artillery against civilian targets in Sarajevo … to strike fear into the heart of the population to be a war crime.”

But MacKenzie suggested that if fault lies anywhere for sparking Bosnia’s descent into civil war, it lies with the United States.

In 1992, under the auspices of the European Community, the Bosnian Muslims, Serbs and Croats signed a peace agreement, the Lisbon Agreement, in which Bosnia would be carved into ethnic cantons. But according to some accounts, former U.S. ambassador Warren Zimmermann met the Bosnian Muslim president Alija Izetbegovic and told him that if he withdrew from the agreement and unilaterally declared independence, the United States would support him. In effect, Izetbegovic was encouraged to think he would be establishing the first Muslim nation in the heart of Europe.

However, as far as the Bosnian Serbs were concerned, they weren’t going to be ruled by Muslims, who, the Serbs believed, were intent on creating an Islamic fundamentalist state. War was the only alternative once the Bosnian Muslims withdrew from the Lisbon Agreement.

The problem for the Muslims was that the Serbs had the stronger military, and unless they...
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I believe that most Germans are merely naive or ordinary citizens (like this country), but that the powers that be behind the scenes, the real rulers of Germany, are intent on misleading and manipulating the German army and people again to form their final and Fourth Reich, just as Bible prophecy warns.

Growing evidence of this troubling trend was clearly manifest in the Balkans, where Germany led the assault against our faithful WWII allies, the Serbs, and raped and destroyed Yugoslavia and slaughtered the Orthodox, all as groundwork for their unholy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

How did Germany do this when the German constitution forbids it? The United States were useful idiots for Germany and the bloody Vatican under our shameful president, Bill Clinton, and helped to do their dirty work for them in lockstep with NATO (the same NATO/UN/EU forces about to be used and abused in the Middle East, wolves in sheep's clothing, "peacekeepers" with their evil eye on Jerusalem, especially the Temple Mount).

By foolishly aiding and abetting German hegemony throughout Europe, we are actually helping to create the Frankenstein Monster that will destroy us! Margaret Thatcher couldn't have been more right: "You have not anchored Germany to Europe; you have anchored Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my friends, you’ll find it will not work" (The Downing Street Years). - Is Germany in Danger of Backsliding?

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