Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Road to Peace Between the Children of Abraham: Cracking the Qur'an Code by Lowell Gallin

Originally published in Blogcritics Magazine, 28 April 2010Copyright © R. Kossover, 2010
The news out of the Middle East these days is not very heartening or happy. Rumors are flying that there will be a war this summer or next. The mood here is dark and foreboding, with folks waiting for the other missile shoe to drop. There are stories like this one, detailing how Iran is getting hold of enriched uranium, or this story, detailing how the American head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff refuses to say that Americans won't shoot down IDF jets flying on a raid over Iran. With a "friend" like that, who needs enemies? The war rumors are backed up by a think tank predicting war, and previous experience has indicated that Israel is just not prepared for the kind of missile assault it suffered in 2006. In addition, there are the threats and counter-threats from Israel and Syria each warning that the other will be sent back to the Stone Age, or some other prehistoric era.

That's just on the overseas front. Domestically, we face the problem of one of the country's premier English speaking news outlets, Ha'aretz, committing espionage, hiding evidence, and harboring a fugitive from justice who has taken sensitive documents from a young woman in the IDF who stole them while serving as a soldier in the that military establishment. According to news reports, she was the product of left-wing anti-Israel professors. Then there is this story, detailing how "left wing" Israelis are working hard for the destruction of the country they call home, and how Ha'aretz is doing its damndest to defend them. And what of Ha'aretz itself? Well, according to Steven Plaut, that newspaper is partly owned by a German holding company, DuMont Schauberg, which made its money off of goods and property stolen from Jews during WWII. So now, instead of merely the "semi-official newspaper, Ha'aretz" we now have the "semi-official and Nazi-affiliated newspaper, Ha'aretz." Is this good news or bad news?

Finally, we have this nasty little tale on the real relationships between police and Arabs in these tense times, and what results when Arab terrorists are allowed to incite violence unchecked, which is pretty much the case these days in Israel.

In the face of all this, an Israeli could easily say of the Arabs, "as far as I am concerned, they can all die." That indeed was one comment I encountered recently from a friend of mine. There is much bitterness between Arabs and Jews over the conflict they have been herded into over the Land of Israel. But I assert that there is a road to peace between the Children of Abraham - and this road is definitely not the road to suicide and war pushed by the United States and its straw boss in the region, the thugdom of the ibn-Sauds. Only a very stupid or very intimidated Jew would take that path. And there are many very stupid and very many intimidated Jews in the world today, both here in Israel and overseas.

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