Sunday, April 11, 2010

Arab Quarries wounding the land

Where Are the Civil Administration and the Greens When We Need Them?
The Quarries are Wounding the Hills
by Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover

As part of the weekly activity at Netzer organized by Women in Green, the Netzer Group, and the Judea Action Committees, to intensify the awareness of the seizure and theft of lands by the Arabs, this past Friday, a tour was conducted in southeastern Gush Etzion, close to the community of Pnei Kedem, alongside the tremendous quarries that have been built by the Arabs in a patently illegal manner, on state lands and on the lands of Gush Etzion. These quarries irreversibly harm the landscape of our land,

Each of the participants in the tour was actually in physical pain at the sight of the Judean hills cut to a depth of 100 meters, in order to remove the stone blocks for sale to Germany, Saudia Arabia, Jordan, and Petah Tikvah.

A national and ecological crime is being committed, quietly, behind the main roads. No "green" is alarmed by the sight of the unbridled behavior of the Arabs as they dig stones from our hills, unrestrained, with no control or supervision.

The debris from the stones, that is ground up with water, is used to build ramps that presumably "prove" ownership of the land. And so a double and redoubled crime is being committed.

There is no law in Judea and Samaria! It's a jungle! The powerlessness of the law enforcement bodies definitely raises the question, and the suspicion, whether former members of the security forces and the Civil
Administration, who know the laws of the jungle, have become partners with the Arabs for the sake of money, and "to hell" with the colossal damage to the mountainous landscape! This question needs to be
investigated by a daring journalist.

A Jewish community that would link Tekoa-Nokdim with Pnei Kedem was supposed to be established in the place where the quarries are situated now. All of the permits were ready.The dust that covers the area day and night because of the quarrying has blinded all those in charge of enforcing the law. If only this blindness were not selective.

The Regavim movement is fighting the quarries in court. We must support this struggle with a struggle on the ground.

We intend to shine a spotlight on the theft of lands by Arabs throughout Israel. Since there is no fitting governmental treatment of the problem, we must take up the reins.

Every Friday a tour leaves Netzer at 10:00 a.m. (after the lecture on the subject of the tour) in order to demonstrate a presence and ownership of the land.

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