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Obama to "destroy" America

By Jeff Gold

Obama to “destroy” America

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A few observations on Obama’s Dreams from My Father, based on Gregory’s work.
1) Not a kind or good word about America. The country is not his homeland, Kenya is. [same as Wright]
2) American culture is White, and not “mainstream” or “:universal.” I.e. Mozart is just “White.” Shakespeare is just “White.” [same as Wright]
3) Like Wright, Obama polarizes America and the World, into Races. Colors everything, relentlessly divides America into “us” and “them”. Blacks cannot have White role-models, thats cultural submissions. White’s cannot have black role-models, that’s paternalistic voyeurism…[same as Wright]

4) Obama declares his life in America on par with Third World Countries, his story is that of the Colonized, not of the Colonizer. White Tourists in Africa, are just neo-colonists. Racists. Obama is with the natives.[same as Wright]
5) Obsessed with Race and his personal Racial alleigence. His Black “community” without which he cannot feel “human.” [same as Wright]
6) In his pursuit of his Blackness, not one conversation with a White, about Race, about Identity. Whites don’t exist, don’t count. No discussion, no conversation. Non-negotiable. [same as Wright]
7) The book is clearly, I mean 100% clearly, the story of a man born white and guilty and confused, who gets to know Black life, becomes Black, and finally finds himself a human, thanks to Kenya being Black. Period. No comment.
8) No mention of Harvard, of Sidney Austin, Minard law firm. No mention of Harvard Law Review.
9) Full of lies and inaccuracies. The lies about Racism in his childhood, the lies about his poverty, and the countless lies no one can verify because Obama is still unknown. How many crucial omissions does this book have? We will not know for years.
10) Obama’s Racial hypersensitivity is unrelenting. Blue-Contact lenses for a Black friend = Black self-hate. English man talking about Africa = Obama angry. Mark Obama, Obama’s Stanford brother, who loves Western Culture = horrible man. Black Gangbangers = victims of White Racism. The list could go on for pages. [same as Wright]
11) No mention of Israel and positive mention of Jews. Only mentions “poor Palestinians” and the suffering in the “West Bank”. One Jewish character, presented in largely negative light.[ close to Wright]
12) The book reveals a clear moderate Black Nationalism, a clear Chauvinism and Ethnocentrism. [same as Wright]
Overall impression: unconvincing book, profoundly dishonest. I can’t believe it is genuine. Obama didn’t write this all on his own? Story reveals a highly problematic individual, suffering from severe forms of delusion and grandeur, self-obsessed, and of very limited mental means. Obama is as shallow, and flat, as they get. The book should be called “Nightmares about My-Self.” Its an awful book, and downright frightening that its putative “author” is being forced on us as the Democratic Presidential nominee.
Reading Gregory’s compilation of quotes from Dreams/Nightmares, made me wince. As I stated previously, Obama does not love America the same way the average voter expects of his/her President. Judging from Obama’s own work, he either hates, or simply does not identify with what most of us in this country believe ourselves to be.

Obama does not share our experiences, our values, our aspirations or our expectations for and of America.

Obama has ideals, that’s for sure. Ideals which all Americans understand, but which, according to his own biography, are even better understood in Kenya and the Third World! Central to these ideals, is that of Racial Equality.

In Obama’s world, there was no “Good America” prior to 1960, because it was All a Racist country. This Insulting, Libelous, and Historical inaccuracy and ignorance, reveals everything voters need to know about Obama.

It explains the narrow frame with which Obama efficiently addresses his supporters: the hyped-up Ideal of Equality.

Obama can’t talk to supporters about “Work,” about “Middle Class,” or about “American Ideals” , he can only talk of the “Promise of Racial Equality.” He uses the euphemism “Civil Rights” to make his message appear “Post-Racial” - while all his references to American history are mostly limited to just two Presidents: Lincoln, and Kennedy - a clear Racial reference.

During the ABC debate, Obama was asked why he loved America, his reason was twofold: one- America is the country where he can run for President, and two- America has an Ideal of Equality.

When Obama speaks or writes about “Reclaiming the American Dream,” the only identifiable “reclamation” applies to the 1960s, and nothing (except Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation) before that! Its not about reclaiming the forties, or the dynamism of the Gilded age, or even the Reagan or Clinton eras. No, its about the sixties - period. The reason is unambiguous-
based on his books, and his own speeches, it is ABSOLUTELY CLEAR Obama lives within a very parochial and Radical Black concept of American History. It is ABSOLUTELY CLEAR Obama seems himself as Black and America’s Mainstream culture as “White” and hence neither universal nor inclusive of himself. Obama’s Promises of Unity, of Reconciliation, are in fact promises to Destroy (or as he calls it “Change”) America as a Euro-Centric “White” culture.
Some readers do not like the comparison of Obama with Hitler, but I agree with Juanita- Obama’s book is a kind of “My Struggle.” Like Hitler’s book, it provides plenty of clues about the Tyrant, but as with all Populists and Demagogues, Obama’s followers prefer not to read the clues, and be blissfully ignorant of Obama’s Destructive mindset!

It is hard to imagine how Obama’s Promise of “Change,” differs from Wright’s Biblical call to “Damn America.” By “Reclaiming” Obama is referring strictly to the 60’s obsession with destroying everything “middle-class” and “American” and using the pretext of Civil Rights to riot, to Hate, and to attack our civilization.

Surely Obama’s “Changing,” means achieving the goals of the 60s, which Obama judges - and notice that Obama doesn’t use anyone else’s judgment, juts his own and those who agree with him (J. Wright) - as not yet having been achieved.

Of course the 60s did a lot of good for America. They were a crucial part of the necessary progression of our culture towards more openness and tolerance. But I credit their achievement to the constructive efforts of King and Lyndon B. Johnson, not the destructive Idol worshiping pot-heads and the self-obsessed types who were the 60s precursors of our current “Generation Me.” Unfortunately, the message coming out of the Obama camp, has little to do with differentiating one from the other, and being heavily prejudiced in favor of the 60s mix of Black Nationalism and Weathermen rage.

To his coterie of terrorist and America/White Hating preachers and radical supporters, Obama’s passion for Malcolm X is no secret. Obama is clearly not about Lyndon B. Johnson, let alone Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson. He never mentions the America’s founders, and he has absolutely no personal affiliation with Lexington and Concord. Obama’s geographic knowledge of America is limited to Selma, and other places where protests and marches were staged in the sixties.
From his autobiography and judging by his love for Kenya, Obama’s desire to “Change” America is driven by Third World Solidarity, and a contempt for our history, past, and as the media make painfully clear, contempt for White America and its non-White accomplices (Asians, Hispanics, and everyone else who just wants to become Middle Class and stop whining) . Hence we get Obama’s “typical whites” the “grandma a typical racist” the “bitter” remarks, the brushing of shoulders, the middle fingers, the Rappers, the Michelle Obama “first time proud,” and countless other moments the media cover-up or deliberately ignore.
So far, the moments inscribed in voter’s memories, are few and rare, veneered by a message of “Change” and a mythopoetic symbolism of “Civil Rights” and “Reclaiming the Dream” relying on our inability to discriminate substance from spin when Obama plays to our Ideals of Equality, because all Americans share Obama’s sentiment of Solidarity with the “Oppressed” and Dreams of Equality, with which we are victimized by Obama’s campaign on a 24/7 basis!

I too feel Sympathy for the World’s poor and want my country more involved in their embetterment; unlike Obama and his supporters, however, I don’t need to hate-myself and my past, nor my country and its people, to prove my sympathies and to act on them. In fact, unlike Obama’s supporters - who by any measure are pubescent in their world view- I believe the World and its Poor are best served by a strong America, united, assertive, and believing in its capacity to do good. Not one driven by shame, self-hate, self-doubt, and by the cultural separatism of Black Nationalists and Self-Loathing Whites.

Because Obama relies on only two kinds of supporters: infuriated or simply hoodwinked ethnocentric Blacks, and self-Loathing Whites. It is enough to read Obama’s autobiography, to understand how everything Obama is, reflects this dichotomy, of Chauvinist/Assertive Blacks, and ashamed and hating-America, Whites.

Among Obama’s White Supporters, one sees an intense sense of White Guilt and Shame, perpetually expressing itself as giddy enthusiasm for the man who can wash away their White sins just by mumbling the Presidential Oath. Its a White Shame/Guilt that has given Obama victory after victory in assorted Primaries.
Most of Obama’s White fans are not willing to admit their shame, or be forthcoming about their guilt. In fact, most of them will go to great lengths to deny it outright - initially by talking about communities, professors, charisma, judgment and eloquence, i.e. everything they have been told to think by Mr. Axelrod. When such “talking points” fail (as they inevitably must) , their sense of White Shame/Guilt gives them the unique ability to label any of their opponents as “Racists.”

No doubt such tactics are especially easy when their opponents are White, in which case their Shame/Guilt becomes an exercise of Self-Loathing and Racism against other Whites, but this “Racist” tactic is applied with equal zests to non-Whites, who are complicit in “White” Racism by unashamedly pursuing Middle Classness.

It’s almost comical, what kind of Power the ability to call someone “Racist” bestows on these Self-Loathing Whites.

The labeling of Obama skeptics as “Racist,” is by no means a practice exclusive to Whites. Blacks have expressed an even greater propensity call anyone doubtful of Obama a “Racist,” and are especially vicious with Blacks, to a degree which Whites do not permit themselves with other Whites. Of course the Black tendency to label others as “Racist” is not driven by Shame or Guilt, but by a heightened sense of Black Racism and Chauvinism, but its the peculiar form of calling your own “Racists” practiced by both Whites and Blacks, which makes 2008 a uniquely divisive and unattractive Democratic contest. Even when Obama supporter’s opponents are Latino, Asian, or Jewish they are as questioned about their Anti-Black Racism, and even in these communities, one finds the “Racist” label applied more by ones own, than by outsiders! It’s simply phenomenal - Racism is gradually becoming a label applied internally to one’s own, to demean your own People, based on your own Racist assumptions! The exception being Blacks, who still retain more outward Racism than Internal.

Black Racism, is a traditional Black antipathy and prejudice against Whites and non-Black Minorities, which our elites willfully and debilitatingly ignore, while their media cheerfully and willfully cultivate and defend it; in the case of Wright, which with the exception of Fox liberals are whitewashing or simply legitimizing, we are seeing the outright promoting Black Racism against Whites. The Liberal media is , without exaggerating, spreading Hate. But this is not news.

This dangerous and stupid intellectual game which allows, tolerates, and promotes Black Racism, originates in a White Apathy towards the material plight of Blacks, predominant in our Intellectual and Cultural elites. These elites, don’t give a damn about Black material and ghetto life, but give a great deal about their own White conscience. Sipping lattes between Yoga and Pilates, these bobos in their perpetual crusade for SELF embetterment, obtain valuable moral karma whenever they find a suitable target for their frivolous usage of the word “Racism” and “Racist;” it gives them a sense of responsibility vis a vis the poor and unprivileged, and allows them to feel less guilt when buying the latest gadget or splurging after work.

It takes fantastic superficiality to believe that simply calling someone a “Racist” will help Blacks make it out of their dire straights. A superficiality only possible when denying an obvious sense of Shame/Guilt forced to coexist with an ingrained Apathy for Black material embetterment. Remember, Bobos, hate consumerism, consumption, and the middle-class — the Bobo vision for America’s Blacks, is a contradiction in terms, leaving little room for anything more than Guilt and Shame.

Contrary to what all these Shamefull White individuals believe about their Obama Vote, their sense of Guilt reveals neither heightened Altruism or special Interest in Blacks, but precisely the opposite!

Whites enthusiasm for the Obama’s and apologetics and appeasement of the Wrights, is an expression of a PERVERSE and exaggerated sense of self-importance. It is the psychology of a group of people, completely ignorant of the historical realities of mankind, with idealized images of third world “savages,” and the “savages” in their own backyard, possible only in the absurdity of their own Self-Importance. It is a Shame/Guilt of a Generation Me; with all its energy pills and Viagras, the only obstacle to Bobo nirvana remains the Shame associated with pale skin color.
What a combination, these two unhappy groups, Black Chauvinists and White Self-Loathers. Thank God there are so many of us, of all colors and origins, who are not amongst its members.

Based on Gregory’s excerpts from Dreams — which comprise a good 40 % of the entire book (get that, 40% of the book strictly racial) Obama has neither the capacity, nor shared heritage to represent all Americans as our President.

Obama may talk to the Self-Loathing teenagers and college students, and even their young families, and he may succeed with America’s Blacks, but ultimately, he is not talking to the rest of America.

Curiously, there is a feature Obama’s Black and White supporters share - they are both obsessed with themselves. Like his Whites, Obama’s Blacks are specifically those Blacks (too many for my liking), who are obsessed with being Black. Blacks who are comfortable being who they are, simply vote for Clinton, and McCain!

How pathetic, that these two strains of obsession, the White and Black, are best summed up in the very character of Obama himself; a man obsessed with himself, with his Race, with his ability to Rule America, and hence the World.

Coming from a parochial, chauvinist, inexperienced, arrogant and presumptuous Racialist, it’s a character flaw which represents a direct threat to this country. Obama’s love for Kenya, it seems, is bound to Change America, into Kenya’s image. The backwardness and tribalism, has already begun.

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