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Why I Voted for John McCain

From Naomi Ragen:

For Americans voting from Israel, the elections are over. Early polling suggests 75% of the 200,000 Americans eligible to vote here did so for John McCain. I was one of them. Below I tell you why.

As I and my family anxiously await the election returns from America here in Jerusalem, we will be wondering not only if Barack Hussein Obama will be elected, but if this will be the last free elections ever held in the U.S.

With massive voter fraud by Obama's protégé, ACORN, which is not a voter registration organization, but a pack-the-voting-rolls-with-Democrats-for-Obama organization; with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ready to pass the "Media Fairness Doctrine" that would outlaw any fairness in the media (even the little there is now), the ban on secret ballots in unions, and Obama's documented disdain for the "mistakes" of the Constitution that he is planning to 'correct' while he 'spreads the wealth,' we may not be having this conversation again, if ever.

With every blessing, and still some hope,
Naomi Ragen

Why I Voted for John McCain
By Naomi Ragen

The first election I remember clearly was that of John F. Kennedy. I was a little girl at the time, but the handsome candidate won my heart, and the election. For decades the differences between Democrats and Republicans inAmerica have been slight, with one candidate a little more articulate or photogenic than the other, but certainly both were capable, patriotic, and experienced.This election - probably one of the most important in the history of America- changes all that. Faced with hostile forces which threaten all of us in the free and civilized world, Americans experienced just how dangerous their position is on 9/11, when their safe, protected world came crashing down on their surprised and unsuspecting heads. In this election, Americans either choose to continue fighting those forces by voting for John McCain - a staunch patriot and war hero, or to give in and give up by choosing Barack Hussein Obama, a virtual unknown who wants to slash America's defenses, lose her war in Iraq, and start unconditional talks with homicidal maniacs that threaten us all with atomic war.

I trust John McCain on security. He is the son and grandson of four star navy admirals. He has a son serving in Iraq. He was tortured in a Vietnamese prison for five and a half years, and wouldn't let his father -supreme commander of all U.S. forces in that war- use pull (protekzia, as we say in Israel) to get him out before others. He understands the importance of winning the war in Iraq to Israel's security. As he said: "We are engaged in a basic struggle between humanity and inhumanity; between builders and destroyers. If fighting these people is not intrinsic to the national security and most cherished values of the United States, I don't know what is."

Barack Hussein Obama, on the other hand, is the son of a white woman from Kansas and a Black Muslim from Kenya. He has never served in the military. His spiritual mentor is Rev. Wright, a Black racist and anti-Semite who preaches 'God damn America' from the pulpit. Obama calls himself a "citizen of the world," and is popular with European-haters of America. He has other close friends who hate America, including domestic terrorist Bill Ayers who blew up buildings in the sixties, and planned to blow up the Pentagon. Obama is also friends with Israel-hating Rashid Khalidi who had close ties with the PLO, and indicted Syrian-American slumlord Tony Rezko. He has lied about these connections. But about this he has told the truth: if elected, one of his first acts as president will be to remove U.S. troops from Iraq and to hold unconditional talks with terrorists like Ahmadinejad.

The Democrats have run a very, very expensive campaign, financed by million of dollars of foreign donations (which are illegal), including money from Arabs in Gaza, to hide these facts. They have succeeded in convincing Jews to believe what they are told, not what they should be able to see with their own eyes. It is estimated seventy-five percent of Jews in the U.S. will vote for Obama- the opposite of the Jews in Israel. They will vote for him to feel that they are 'enlightened', overcoming any prejudice against a Muslim and a Black man. They will vote for him because they have been told he will be better for the economy (he won't. He'll destroy the U.S. economy with new taxes, ) They will vote for him because instead of G-d, they believe in abortion rights, they don't really care what is best for Israel, and because they want to feel like liberal Americans who read the New York Times, not ethnic outsiders.

People like me are harder to convince. That tends to happen to you when you are in the same building with a Hamas terrorist who has just blown himself up in the hope he can take you and your family with him. I voted for John McCain, and so did every other American in Israel I know, Jew and gentile, religious and secular.
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