Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A new inFOCUS: Obama's First Year

Richard Baehr - The Obama Effect in the Muslim World

Laura Grossman - Missed Opportunities to Pressure Iran

Sebastian Gorka - U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan: The Lessons of History

Jonathan S. Tobin - Obama's Journey to Nowhere in the Middle East

Interview with Lee Smith - Middle East Scorecard

Matthew RJ Brodsky - Hope Over Experience With Syria

Hayri Abaza - Waiting for Reform: Arab Citizens and Obama

Alyssa A. Lappen - America's Domestic Security Nightmare

Barak M. Seener and Anya Hossain - American-European Relations

Patrick X. Coyle - The Left's War Against the Military on Campus

David Jenkins - Measuring Obama's Environmental Record

Mustafa Abul Mahasen - How to Lose Friends and Influence Nobody




President usurper Obama/Soetoro/Obama, regardless of his proud and stubborn refusal to be transparent (as promised - no change there), paying expensive lawyers hush money (at American taxpayers' expense) to keep his revealing documents in the dark, is not a natural born citizen of two American parents and is therefore not eligible to be POTUS according to the Constitution.

It's past time the fraud and foreigner is brought to justice! Emperor Obama has got to go! And let him take his illegal alien aunt with him who has stolen from the American people.

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