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Think-Israel January-February 2010 Issue

This is what's in the January-February 2010 issue. You can access any article from the home page of by scrolling down to its introduction. This has the advantage of providing context for the article. Or you can go directly to the article by clicking its highlighted area in this email. We begin with some diagnostics: how to tell how far a country has been infiltrated by Islamism and how to identity a terrorist.
The Long March Of Islam: Chapter 3 by R.K. Ohri How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules Of War by Raymond Ibrahim Radical Islamism: An Introductory Primer by Barry Rubin Is A Nice Muslim A Good Muslim? by Bill Warner A God Who Hates by Fern Sidman False Progressives In The Muslim World by Seth J. Frantzman The Islamic Roots Of Abdulmutallab's Suicidal Odyssey by Jamie Glazov Made In America Muslim Terrorists by Lori Averick Defeating Jihadi Terrorism by Dr. Babu Suseelan A Confluence Of Folly by D.L. Adams
SECTION 2: CROSSROADS IN EUROPE: DEMOCRACY OR ISLAM The Trial In Holland Of A Member Of Its Parliament
Galileo And Geert Wilders by Fjordman America, The Last Man Standing by Geert Wilders Western Civilization On Trial by NRO Symposium
Europe: Muslim Immigration And Rising Anti--Semitism.
Salma Yaqoob Of The British Respect Party by Paul Austin Murphy The Secret Plot To Destroy Britain's Identity by Melanie Phillips Britain As A Focus For Hamas' Political, Propaganda And Legal Activities In Europe by Reuven Erlich While Europe Sneered by Bruce Bawer Review Of Christopher Caldwell's Reflections On The Revolution In Europe by Fjordman
Three Chanukah Miracles; My Stones... Which Were Never Mine by Moshe and Rachel Saperstein Gush Katif Remembered Through Art by Gil Ronen and Yoni Kempinski A 'National Heroes' Law by David Wilder
Diddling In Iran
Empowering Iranians To Dislodge The Mullahs by Amil Imani The Soft Power Solution In Iran by James K. Glassman and Michael Doran U.S. Acting In Iran's Interest, Opposition Leader Says by Kenneth Timmerman
Israeli Problems And How Some Of Them Began
Historical Errors And Consequences by Alex Rose The Deadly Price Of Pursuing Peace by Evelyn Gordon Charlie Mccarthyism by Lee Kaplan Israel, State And Nation by Daniel Greenfield The New Israel Fund And The Next War by Caroline Glick
The Palestinian People — Part Of The Arab Ummah
Soviet Russia, The Creators Of The Plo And The Palestinian People by Wallace Edward Brand History Lesson For Arab Spokesmen by Assaf Wohl The Two Faces And Zero Authority Of Mahmoud Abbas by Hana Levi Julian Palestinian Authority: Still Stealing "Hundreds Of Millions." Hamas Taking Over by Khaled Abu Toameh
The United Nations And Unrwa - Keeping The Arab Refugee Problem Alive
When In Rome, Do As The Visigoths Do by Mark Steyn How To Solve The Arab Refugee Problem by Yoav Sorek The Palestinian Arab's Right Of Return — To Their Homeland, Arabia by Mark Delmar
Civilization Versus Barbarism by Nonie Darwish Wahhabism And The First Amendment by Michael W. Schwartz Hasbara: Telling The Israel Story To The Many Who Just Don't Know by Avrum I. Ashery In The Idf Medical Corps Delegation To Haiti Which Is Housed In Tents.... by an IDF Soldier The Aftonbladet Organ-Trafficking Accusations Against Israel: A Case Study by Mikael Tossavainen Assessing Foxman Of The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) by Susan L. Rosenbluth Perhaps We Need A Replacement For Adl by Charles Jacobs Israel In Your Hands — U.S. Voters Have A Say On What Happens In The Holy Land by Lou Marano
The History Section
The Great Liberation by Victor Janice Sharpe The Crusades: When Christendom Pushed Back by Selwyn Duke The Big Lie About Deir Yassin Revealed by Maurice Ostroff
And, finally, the Readers' Blog-Ed page. The monthly Blog-Ed page is updated every few days. You can click on the Blog-Eds List (middle item, top Blue Banner), find any author/title posted, click and go directly to that blog-ed. And we provide direct links to websites that supply accurate background information and news relating to Israel. Do look at the web site. And please, if you have a blog-ed piece or a comment or commentary, contact the website. Write to Pieces for THINK-ISRAEL should be informative and accurate. Fortunately, those of us who are pro-Israel can show our love of Israel without distorting the truth. We don't need to play by the rules laid down by the Arab-favoring media, which distort the news and omit important items of information.

Bernice Lipkin Editor, Think-Israel

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