Friday, May 8, 2009

Howard Grief

Howard Grief
Howard Grief served as a legal advisor to Professor Yuval Ne'eman at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure in matters of international law pertaining to the Land of Israel and Jewish rights thereto. A Jerusalem-based attorney and notary, as well as a specialist in Israeli constitutional law, Howard Grief is the author of the "Petition to Annul the Interim Agreement" which was presented to Israel's Supreme Court. (The Court, calling the Petition "a political position" extricated itself from dealing with the matter.) The Petition was published as ACPR's Policy Paper No. 77 and describes the illegal nature of the Israel-PLO Agreements under Israeli law and their non-applicability under international law. Several feature articles of his have appeared in the pages of Nativ.

Why Military Limitations on a “Palestinian” State Will Fail: A Legal Assessment (In the book Israel and a Palestinian State: Zero Sum Game?), 2001

Policy Paper No. 52
A Petition to Annul the Interim Agreement, 1999

Policy Paper No. 77
The Illegality of the Sharm e-Sheikh Memorandum Under Israeli Law, 1999

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