Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pat Buchanan is wrong, Meir Kahane is right!

Bibi and Israel at A Dead End
By Patrick J. Buchanan
If there are no peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians for an independent Palestinian state, war next year is inevitable. So King Abdullah II of Jordan has told the London Times. Whether the king's timetable is correct, endless cold war, erupting into hot wars, seems the fate of Israel if "Bibi" Netanyahu holds to his pledge never to allow a Palestinian state on the West Bank.


Pat Buchanan is dead wrong: Israel isn't at a dead end but at a crossroads. Israel can continue the lying peace process, enable the war of attrition to continue, dismember more of the Jewish Homeland for Nazi Muslim beasts (who will never be satisfied with nothing less than all of it) or acknowledge Meir Kahane was right.

America has a history of being Bible-believers when it comes to recognizing that it's the Holy Land of Israel, not some accursed "Palestine" - it's the Promised Land of Israel, not Ishmael!

Who are these vain fools to suggest a "two state solution" when our Great Creator God reveals His one state solution of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates? When will these mortal men learn to submit to the Word and Will of God? What chutzpah for Arab countries to threaten Israel when they've lost every war they foolishly started?

Meir Kahane was right: Israel must expel their sworn enemies and immediately annex the liberated biblical territories! If some Nazi Muslim kamikazes choose to die for their moon god, so be it. It's past time Israel win their war against terrorism and enforce peace through strength.

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