Friday, May 8, 2009

Sderot Media Center

SMC Brings Sderot to Norway: Noam Bedein returns for second visit
SMC director, Noam Bedein visited Norway during the first week of May to meet with the Norwegian Christian communities, the Israeli Embassy in Oslo and MPs. In light of the Gaza war, Bedein aimed to raise awareness to the rocket reality still threatening Sderot and close to 1 million Israelis in the south.

Bedein held his second press conference in Norway at the Israeli Embassy in Oslo and also met with local press, young politicians Norwegian MPs. Bedein updated his audiences with the latest information on Palestinian rocket terror from the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (IICC) and brought with him material produced by Sderot Media Center during the war. Read more

199 Missiles Fired at Israel Since Operation Cast Lead
The weekly Jewish Sabbath intended for rest and rejuvenation was nothing of the sort this Friday and Saturday as more rockets and mortars struck southern Israel. One qassam and two mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel prompting the Israeli Air Force to target 5 smuggling tunnels between Egypt and the Hamas controlled territory. The Israeli Defense Forces said that this targeting of tunnels was a clear message that there would be a response to every rocket fire.

In the 105 days since the end of the 21 day Operation Cast Lead on January 18th there has been 199 missiles fired at Israeli civilians. More specifically there have been 128 qassam rockets, 66 mortar shells, and 5 grad missiles. These most recent attacks only add to the well over 10,000 missiles that have been fired at Israeli civilians since January 2001. Read more

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