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THE conPROMISED LAND by Barry Chamish

Isn't it time that I published a new book? Have a look at it.

Printed: 359 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink

"Barry Chamish is an Israeli author you must read if you really want to understand Zionism." - Alan Stang, "Israel's most famous investigative reporter Barry Chamish gives readers the real inside story of the betrayal of Israelis by their own government." - Joel Skousen, "Chamish walks us through the (crimes) step by step, and shows us how the official story just doesn't add up." - Tamar Yonah. Barry Chamish wants to believe in the sentimental and uplifting Israeli message. This, however, can't be done unless the siege of Israel by immoral and secretive powers is permanently lifted. THE conPROMISED LAND does lift the veil on the worldwide crime syndicate that compromises not just Israel, but the future viability of the Jews as a people. THE conPROMISED LAND offers a detailed history of the compromise of Judaism by Labor Zionism leading to the quick dismembering of Israel taking place today. It is an accurate, disturbing but ultimately liberating history told by no one else.

To tell you the truth, I initially didn't believe I had enough left in me worth reading anymore. But as I gathered my work, much sent out to my readers, much brand new, I saw that my message was as relevant as ever. That is because nothing was ever done to remedy the ills I has reported from the beginning. My first American book, Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land (Hearthstone Publishers), exposed all the issues tearing Israel apart today. So, going full circle, 12 years later I called the latest book THE conPROMISED LAND, in due deference to the impending victory of all of Israel's foes. (Barring the arrival of his Messiah or mine, but I don't touch the spiritual side in any of my works...deliberately).

Here are a few of the issues in THE conPROMISED LAND that I was the first to reveal way back in 1994.

In my political writing infancy in 1994, I reported that Yossi Beilin has begun negotiations with the Russians to grant them sovereign ruling status in selected parts of Jerusalem. Well, this month the Israeli government turned some 20% of its capital's downtown over to Russian national control. And just like in '94, no one cares. Imagine turning 20% of Washington over to Russia. You can't do it, can you? Of course not. Only Israel creates a Russian Vatican in the heart of its national capital.

Jerusalemites chafe as Russians resume control of Sergei Courtyard
By Nir Hasson Haaretz Last update - 05:37 26/02/2009

After more than 100 years, the Russians have returned to Sergei Courtyard.
Senior members of the Russian parliament and Eastern Orthodox Church have
begun arriving at the site to begin renovation work as the structure
reverts from Israeli to Russian control.

Back in '94, I reported that Shimon Peres had offered the Vatican sovereign control of all of East Jerusalem, including the holy sites of the situated religions and their branches. Now the pope is due to arrive in Jerusalem in May and Peres will be his official "escort." And with the Russian precedent in hand, The Vatican can legally demand the handover of "their" real estate and properties.

Escort Peres may take the Holy See to the finest cafes, entertainment and for all we know, the classiest bordellos, but he won't be taking him to the Holocaust museum in Yad VaShem:

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Pope Benedict XVI will not visit Israel's Holocaust museum when he makes his first trip to the region as pope in May, though he will visit an adjacent memorial, his ambassador to Israel said Tuesday.

That is because the Pope volunteered for the Wermacht and, no matter how they spin it, was a loyal Nazi soldier. If the Nazis had won, he'd be conducting mass for the SS today. Still, things didn't turn out so well, so he's biding his time trying to beatify Pope Pius XVI, the very monseigneur who oversaw the Holocaust, and postwar, saved as many of Europe's Nazis as possible in his monasteries before shipping them out worldwide. And Peres and Israel are welcoming the Nazi to the Jewish state as if there is no moral dilemma.
In 1994, I interviewed the Israeli negotiator of the Jordan-Israel Water Treaty. He tearfully explained that Israel is going to offer so much of its water for "peace" that the country would desiccate itself with twenty years. Turning back in bitter frustration, the whole story is included in THE conPROMISED LAND.

Should Israel keep giving water to neighbors?

Despite drought and impending water crisis, Jewish state continues to uphold agreements according to which it must provide 85 million cubic meters of water to Jordan, West Bank, Gaza, and has even supplied more than required...Israel is required to provide the Palestinians with 28.6 million cubic meters of water per year, with 5 million of them going to the Gaza Strip. In practice however, Israel has given the Palestinians, through direct supply and drilling permits in new wells, over 65 million cubic meters of water – over double the required amount. Israel is required to supply its neighbors with a total of 85 million cubic meters of water per year, but in reality actually transfers some 120 million cubic meters each year. According to the Israel Water Authority, the State will be 80 million cubic meters short of water, even after a number of water-saving steps are taken.


To my personal readers, let's celebrate the new book with a treat. I supply very alternative articles to a special list. I charge what each reader can afford. Look out. Today, you will be receiving a sample of other people's writing, which I don't necessarily agree with, for your edification. Let me know if you'd like to join this special list.

Finally, I have a long article on the Rabin murder coverup in a book called, They're Still Lying To Us. It is a very useful and entertaining volume.

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