Thursday, March 12, 2009

Israel Today

Shocker: Hamas condemns Gaza rocket fire
But not because it targets innocent civilians; rather, it may hurt chances of holding elections, which Hamas will win more»

Australia to join boycott of 'Durban II' conference
Canada, Israel and US have already dropped out of openly hostile anti-Israel event; most European powers threaten to follow suit more»

Freeman won't be top US intel boss, takes final swipe at Israel
Obama choice to head National Intelligence Council says hostile 'Israel Lobby' made it impossible for him to accept position more»

Pope regrets reinstating Holocaust-denying bishop
Pope admits that failure to investigate anti-Semitic background of bishop before reinstatement was mistake more»

Rockets hit south, Jerusalem stabbing attack foiled
Rocket damages southern kibbutz; two young Arabs caught with big knife, terrorist intentions in Jerusalem neighborhood more»

Palestinians reject US position, prefer Hamas over Abbas
Throwing off 'moderate' label, average Palestinians say they want blood-soaked terror group to rule them more»

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