Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Germany seeks to become world power

The debate about NATO's future intervention strategy is gaining intensity just a few weeks before the war alliance celebrates its 60th Anniversary at its Summit in the beginning of April, where, in light of tensions developing between the principal western powers, a new "strategic concept" is to be initiated. The Secretary General of NATO insists that this concept stipulate when NATO states will intervene in alliance and when they can intervene independently. The relationship to Russia should also be more precisely defined. These demands are particularly directed at Germany, which, over the years, has been seeking to enhance its independence from the USA, to also become a world power. This is the objective behind its cooperating with Moscow. Transatlantic forces in Germany are warning that one should not base ones future on a declining power and plead for Berlin rapprochement with Washington. A northern expansion of NATO is included in their proposals. In light of the rivalry over natural resource deposits at the North Pole, the war alliance should reinforce its position in the Arctic - against Russia. [emphasis mine] ...more

Strategic Concepts (I) (NATO Summit)

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