Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Irish Hotel Worthy of Your Business!

From Naomi Ragen:


We are quick to send letters of condemnation. Let's take a moment and say thanks to an Irish hotel which incurred the loss of revenue and sparked controversy by bravely canceling the performance of an anti-Semitic libel against Israel and her people. Thanks may be sent to



Lord Kingsale Hotel, County Cork, Ireland, cancels performance of 'Seven Jewish Children'

After the managers of this 250-year-old hotel in a yachting and gourmet centre, Kinsale, County Cork , on the South coast of Ireland, were alerted to the truth about this play (which demonises Israeli parents, has Anti-Semitic content, and has been performed elsewhere, includng in UK ) they immediately cancelled the performances which were scheduled to be held in the hotel. This brave decision has meant a loss of revenue and has brought them some criticism.

Cork is beautiful and the Irish are lovely. Please consider taking a vacation at the hotel and recommending it to your friends by forwarding this email.

The email address for information (and to thank them) is info@lordkingsale. com

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