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1984 Meir Kahane speech before American audience

"They hated him in the gates he who rebukes and they abhorred he who speaks the truth" a verse from the book of Amos.

In 1938 Ze'ev Jabotisnky visited Vilna and the leftist in Vilna particularly the Socialist Bundt, put out a leaflet, which they handed out to the Jews of Vilna. I want to read it to you. Ze'ev Jabotisnky of course was the greatest of the Zionist leaders of his time and in 1938 he was appealing to the Jews of Poland and Europe to escape, to run, to leave before tragedy struck them. And the Bundt issued the following leaflet, which has been translated from Yiddish into English, "To the Jewish workers and the Jewish masses of Vilna, the spiritual father of Jewish fascism, the paper general Jabotisnky is coming to Vilna. Of late this adventurer and charlatan has become very popular with the Jewish workers and Jewish masses of Vilna; show your contempt for the Purim general and give him this command: Get out! Evacuate yourself along with your friends from Poland. Down with Fascism, down with Jabotisnky."

When I read this particular leaflet, it reminded me of the truth that nothing ever changes. Nothing ever changes! The Jewish people learns nothing from History, repeats the same tragedies. I cannot begin to tell you, the hate, the sheer psychopathic hate, which is raging today in the state of Israel. Not against Arafat and not against the PLO, and not against Syria but against Jews!

They have created a new label in Israel called "Kahanism", and I want you to know what Kahanism is, Kahanism is a label and an outlet for vicious hatred against Judaism. And those who march against Kahanism tomorrow will march to trample on Judaism.

In Givatayim, a suburb of Tel Aviv 10,000 leftists came from all over the country. Bused in from the Kibbutzim, they cam e with iron bars, they came with stones, they attacked Jews, they beat Jews. The Mayor of Givatayim, a member of the Marach, stood and shouted "laarog otam kaasher hem ktanim!" - kill them while they are still small! This is the face of the left in Israel. And as I watched that crowd, the twisted faces, the obscenities, the curses, I said to myself, now I understand what happened in Israel 40 years ago, at the time of the "HaSidon" - The Season. And everyone must know what happened in those days. It is those that don't know what happened in the past that will live to see it happen again in the present and in the future. In the 1940's these same Kibbutznikim, HaShomer HaTzair, Mapai, Mapam, the same ones that today speak about democracy, and love of all the people, they speak about ethics, and morality... they kidnapped soldiers of the Irgun and the Sternists, and they turned them over to the British, knowing that to be a member of the Irgun was a capital punishment, a death sentence.

They were the ones who in 1948 fired upon the Irgun ship, the Altalena and murdered in cold blood 17 Jews because Menahem Begin was on the ship and they wanted to liquidate Begin. And know who the commander of the operation was, his name was Yitzhak Rabin. He gave the order to fire and to murder 17 Jews; And know that the next day in the Knesset, the Prime Minister at that time, Ben Gurion rose and in the minutes, he said, "blessed be the holy canon", blessed be the holy canon that murdered 17 Jews!

They speak to us about Democracy and about love? They were the ones who murdered in cold blood in the 1920's one of the leaders of Agudat Israel, Dahan, because he was an anti-Zionist. So you can oppose and anti-Zionist, but to murder a Jew in cold blood? And know who gave the orders: Yitzhak Ben Zvi, the second President of the State of Israel. They speak about Fascism? About hooligans? They turn now to the Sephardic Jews and tell them to watch out for Kahane! They turn to Sephardic Jews? the leftists? I remember what they did, how they destroyed whole communities of Jews from Morocco, and Algeria and Libya, and Tunisia and Egypt, and Syria and Iraq and Yemen! In the 1940's as the State came into being, hundreds of thousands of Jews poured in from Arab countries. Every one of those Jews was a Zionist, a real Zionist, not the Herzl type of Zionist! They were Zionists for 2000 years, "ve techezena enenu leTzion" - may our eyes behold the return to Zion. That was real Zionism.

They were warm Jews, religious Jews, and what happened to them! The leftists from Mapai and Mapam stood and watched as 800,000 Jews poured into the country, and they asked themselves the only question that had any meaning to them, the only thing that bothered them, the thing that meant more to them than the State, than the Jewish people, the question was: "For whom will they vote?" They saw they were all religious Jews, "they will not vote for us" they thought, so they went about purposely in cold blood, to spiritually destroy an entire people.

Jews were put into "mabarot," transit camps, and if there was a job, they asked you "in what school have you registered your child?" and if it was a religious school, there was no job! And they would say, take this paper and take it to the Histadrut school, register your child in a Histadrut school; the Principal will then stamp the paper and you will bring it to the Labor Exchange office and you will get a job. If you wanted a job they would ask, "where is your red book of the Histadrut? You are not a member? No job!" Fascism? I know who the Fascists were and who the Fascists are!

The pitty is, that we waited 37 years to put someone in the Knesset to give to them, just as they gave to us! I have arrived!!

They speak of "kfiat dati" - religious coercion; let me speak to you about religious coercion. In 1948 10,000 Yemenite boys, children, came to Israel without their parents under the auspices of Youth Aliyah. Every Yemenite boy that came to Israel, came with his Shabbat, with his Kashrut, and with his "Simanim", that's what they called the "peyott" - the ear-locks that every Yemenite boy had. The Simanim, the sign of the Jew. For 2000 years they had the Simanim, for 2000 years they had the Shabbat, for 2000 years they suffered but remained Jewish, they came to the Holy Land to places as 'holy' as the Kibbutzim of the Shomer HaTzair. They ripped from them their Simanim, their Judaism, their Jewishness, children ages 7, 8 and 9.
Shimon Peres speaks today about the tragedy that there is crime in Israel. Crime in Israel? "Boker Tov" - good morning! If there is crime in Israel, who created it? If there are gangs in Israel, who created them? And if there is a breakdown in every thing that is Jewish in Israel, who created that? If not Shimon Peres and his gangsters!

They ripped from Jews the only values they had, their Judaism, and left them naked to pick up the values of Dizenghoff Street, and now they complain about hoodlums and gangsters. I sat in prison in Israel; I saw the Yemenites, the Iraqis, and the Moroccans, who never knew what crime was when they lived in Morocco and Yemen and Iraq. They never tasted it, they came to Israel and were destroyed spirituality by people who cynically cared only about "for whom will they vote?"

So when I say these things in the 'Kikar' - in the town square, of course the people listen and of course people clap, and of course people cheer because finally someone is coming and saying the truth, he is saying what they have always thought all these years. You think it's an accident that so many people are shouting 'Kahane'? It's not an accident. I touched upon the things that bother them, that trouble them, the things that no one else is saying to them. I want a Jewish State; I don't want a Hebrew speaking copy of Time Square!

I want to give those people, the Sephardic Jews that came to Israel with 'Kavod' - honor, self respect, the respect for the family, respect for their father, their mother, they came with respect and honor; and it was taken from them, and they were told, your father is a 'primitivi' - a primitive; and your mother is a 'primitivit' - she is primitive, she is backwards. Backwards? They who raised their children with honor and pride, to work and not to steal, they were primitive? It is the European, the Hellenism, this Western Hellenized culture, which first destroyed the Jews of the West and now they use it to wipe out the Jews from Arab countries. That will not be. I don't want a Hellenist State, I want a Jewish State and that is why they hate me so.

I want to save the Jewish soul and the Jewish body, and I want to tell you that the Jewish body is in danger every day in Israel. If I mention the name Motty Swuissa I don't know if 10 people here know the name. But Motty Swissa just two weeks ago was murdered. He was murdered in Israel, not in Lebanon and not in the 'Occupied Territories' of Yossi Sarid. He was murdered near Beit Shemesh, 20 kilometers from Yerushalayim he and his fiancé were murdered in cold blood by Arabs. The same day another Jew was murdered in the north, in Migdal HaEmek. This is a pattern now; they are killing Jews in Israel every single week. Who cares? What is the answer? We came to Israel to die? We came to Israel to live. Today for the first time Jews in Israel are frightened, Jews are afraid in Israel. It's becoming Brooklyn.

A Jewish woman comes to me in Kiriyat Atta, a suburb of Haifa, and tells me "I'm afraid to let my child play in the streets." This is the dream of Zion? For this we waited 2000 years? Soldiers are afraid. Shaltiel Akiva, there aren't five people here who remember that name. A 21 year-old soldier from the Yemenite town of Rosh Ayin, who spent eight months in Lebanon without a scratch, he came back safely. The night he returned he was murdered. And the father told me the story after the funeral the next day; he said the previous evening his son Shaltiel, phoned and said, I'm at the 'trempiada' - the hitch-hikers' stop; five kilometers away from Rosh Ayin. For those that don't know, Rosh Ayin is near Petach Tikvah in the heart of Israel. "I am five kilometers away from home please prepare supper for me" so they prepared supper for him and they waited 15 minutes and half-an-hour, and an hour, they waited all night and he never arrived. The next day they brought his body. Shaltiel had been murdered by Arabs inside the State of Israel hitching a ride!

Moshe Tamam, that name virtually nobody remembers; was a 19 year-old soldier hitching a ride near Natanya. Arabs picked him up and gave him a ride. They found his body four days later. And know what they did to him so you know whom we are dealing with. They gouged out his eyes, and they cut off his sexual organs; and that is what we are dealing with. And of such people our Rabbis told us already and the Humash, told us already, "Ishmael will be a wild man, his hand will be against everybody and everybody's hand will be against him." That's with whom we're dealing! This is the enemy. This is Ishmael.

My son came home from the army, he came from Miluim - reserve duty; and he showed me a letter, which was given to every soldier; a letter from the Israeli Defense Forces. "Let me see the letter, let me see pride I told him." Do you know what the letter said? It said, "Hayal - soldier, be careful when hitching rides". Soldier of Israel be careful on the roads of Israel, you might be killed by Arabs in Israel! What a tragedy, what a disgrace, what a Hilul HaShem! (desecration of God's name). But the enemy is Kahanism? (sic).

All of this doesn't bother the enemies of Kahanism, but it bothers me. That Jews who came after 2000 years in the exile, are assimilating inside Israel. When you visit Israel you are tourists, you don't see anything. You see the Wall, you see Masada, and the Plaza Hotel; you don't see the tragedy that occurs not far from the Plaza and on every town and every city. The Arabs that come into the towns, to meet Jewish girls. In the morning the Arab wakes up in his village and he is Ibrahim, he comes to Jerusalem or Natanya and suddenly his name is Avi, "hello, my name is Avi." There are over 3500 Jewish women married to Arabs and over 10,000 Jewish women living with Arabs in Israel. In Beit Shemesh I'll never forget the Jew that came over to me, a man in his 50's and said to me, "Rav Kahane," he said, "I have two daughters and they are both married to Arabs. One lives in the Arab village of Taiba." and then he said, "When I lived in Morocco did I ever dream in my blackest nightmare, that my daughter would ever go out with an Arab? In Morocco? Never heard of such a thing! We came to the Holy Land and my daughters married Arabs!" That doesn't bother anybody?

The President of Israel "hometz ben yain" - vinegar the son of wine, the son of the chief Rabbi, this Helenist goes to visit Nevey Shalom, a settlement founded by a Jew who converted to Christianity and is now a monk; a settlement where Jews and Arabs live together, and he says "ze keren or" - this is a ray of light. This is our President? this is our president!

On the beaches of Israel in the summer time, you see cars parked most with license plates from Shechem, Jenin, Tulkarm, Hevron, Aza, what are they looking for? sun and water? There is sun and water in Aza too. They are looking for Jewish women! The prostitutes in Israel are all Jewish, the pimps are mostly Arabs and we, we bare the shame, because this is not new, this has been going on for 30 years. When did you last hear, the religious parties in Israel, let alone the other parties, speak up about this? The irony, it would laughable, it would be a joke out of Chelm if it weren't so tragic. The religious head of the Druze, Sheik Taari, appealed to the chief Rabbi of Haifa to come out and oppose intermarriage of Druze men with Jewish women. So when you saw in the paper that the chief Rabbi of Haifa came out... no! After 20 years he came out because the Druze asked him too.

In Haifa they have, a center called Beit HaGefen. It is funded by the city of Haifa with public funds. It is a center for assimilation, intermarriage and the destruction of Jewish values. Jewish women and Arab men, and it is always Jewish women because an Arab woman is not allowed to go out of her village, let alone to go out with a Jew. The Arab goes into Haifa and there's no problem, he isn't afraid; but let an Israeli Jew go into an Arab village any evening to look for an Arab woman, they'll slice him into little pieces. Who speaks of these things? Who talks of this? This tragedy taking place today in Israel?
And above all, the tragedy of the gradual and not so gradual birth rate of the Arabs in Israel. Because we are such foolish people and unwise, we pay them for each baby, each month a check from 'bituach leumi' - National Insurance. For one baby, one check, two babies, two checks; ten babies? Here, take a book of checks! Every month! You want a tourist site? I'll give you a tourist site no tour guide would ever take you to: On the twentieth of every month go to the main post office, in every major city and watch the hundreds of Arabs in line waiting to cash their checks. And count how many checks each one of them has. 10 checks, 15 checks, 18 checks, why not? The Galilee today has a majority of Arabs. Today! Not in twenty years, but today!
Jews are afraid at night to drive through Arab villages in the Galilee, so they are building access roads to go around so God forbid we shouldn't have to drive through them. Entire cities in Israel are becoming Arab. Jaffa is becoming Arab, Ramle is becoming Arab, Lod, Nazareth Ilit built by the Israeli government to meet the Arab Nazareth is today 25% Arab. Why? Arabs come with dollars, in cash and they offer twice the price for the apartment. And where does this money come from? It is PLO money and comes across Jordan. And it comes across freely and the government knows about it. They are quiet about it and they say, "It doesn't hurt anyone, the important thing is they are quiet, and after all it's a Democracy" (sic). They are buying Jewish land and we are committing suicide. But I am not ready to commit suicide in the name of Democracy. For 40 years we have been 'frayerim' - fools, but I am not a fool, I will not sit quietly.

I don't hate Arabs, I love Jews! And I hate the enemies of the Jews, not because they are Arabs but because they are enemies! You think there is a single Arab living in Israel in a place that is called the Jewish State? Liberals have immense contempt for the Arabs; they believe that they can buy them. "We'll raise their living standards and then they'll be good Arabs" Good Arabs? What contempt! They think that a good Arab is one that will agree to the Jews living in what he considers to be his Palestine. You think there is one Arab who enjoys living in a State where there is a law of return that applies to Jews and not to non-Jews? You think there is one Arab who enjoys living in a State, which has a National Anthem: Hatikvah with words that say, 'nefesh yehudi omia' - the soul of the Jew yearns? You can imagine how that sits with them. You think there is one Arab who enjoys living in a State, whose Independence Day celebrates his defeat? You can't buy a person by giving him an indoor toilet. "You see, you had no toilet, now you have one." You can't come and say as the UJA says: "What do you want? We came and we turned the dessert into a garden" Let me tell you what the Arab says: "Yes it's true, but it was my dessert and now it's your garden." I respect the Arab, and that is why he has to go!

Because I know you can't buy him, you can't buy his national pride, know that he hates the Jews and that if we allowed them they would do to us what Arabs do to other Arabs today in Lebanon. They would do to us what they did to us yesterday. Do you know what Arabs did to us in the 1920's and 1930's? Do you know what they did to us? When there was no Kahane, no Begin and no other 'fascists'? Do you know what they did to us when there was no State of Israel? What they did in Hevron and in Jaffa, and Yerushalaym? How they murdered over 500 Jews! They would do that to us if we let them, but I am not going to let them!

I want an exchange of populations. Beginning in 1948 we took in 800,000 Jews from Arab countries. That was phase one, now I want phase two: we took Jews from Arab countries? Well now we'll give them Arabs from the Jewish country!

I am ready to offer the Arabs that want to leave voluntarily compensation for his properties, which is more that what they did for the Jews they expelled from Morocco, from Egypt, from Iraq. Do you know how much money was left behind by Jews in those countries? Billions of dollars, and we were never compensated for it. And when we signed the treaty with Egypt we didn't even have the decency, the self-respect to demand compensation for the properties seized by Gamal Abdel Nasser from the Jews in Egypt. I am better than they; I will give compensation to the Arabs that are willing to leave. And those that are not willing to leave, I will throw out without monetary compensation!

This is racism? My God, this is saving ourselves, this is self-preservation, I don't hate the Arabs, I wish them well, elsewhere! I wish them the very best in any of their 22 countries. I have only one, it is mine and I am not going to lose it to either Bush or Begin.

We can't continue in this way. We can not continue as the country rapidly becomes more Arab, not in 40 years, not in 30, in 10 the Arabs will help the leftists be a majority in the Knesset, a coalition of Yossi Sarid, Shimon Peres, Mr. Shemtov and the Arabs, that will be the coalition if we don't do anything about this.

I am appalled by Jews who say, "This is what the Germans did to the Jews." Did the Jews of Germany ever say, "Germany is our country and the Germans stole it from us? And when we become the majority we will take it back and call it Israel" (sic). That is not what they said. The Jews of Germany wanted nothing more than to be the best Germans that ever lived. The Arabs don't want to be Israelis.

Let everyone know that when we came out to oppose the Camp David Accords and peace treaty with Egypt, they said "Kahane doesn't want peace", I want peace, but I knew what kind of peace we would have with Egypt. Peace? Any country with a modicum of self-respect would have recalled their ambassador from Egypt, if Egypt would have done to them what they did to us: murdered in cold blood seven Jews. I don't know if any of you know what the real story is, I am sure that it came here to you as one crazy Arab shoots... and every time an Arab shoots he's crazy. So the story came as 'one crazy Arab soldier shot Jews and also wounded his own soldiers', well that's a lie! another Egyptian lie; a typical Arab lie. He wasn't crazy, he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and other soldiers stood by and watched him shoot, and three of our seven soldiers did not die right away, they laid there bleeding, and the Egyptians refused to allow medical aid. And those three soldiers bled to death. And Mubarak said, "Why should a little incident upset our relationship?" A little incident? If I would have been Prime Minister I would have given him a little incident!

I am tired. I'm tired of going to funerals, I didn't come to Israel to go to funerals; I came to Israel for 'smachot' - happy occasions, joy, and happiness. There is a growing fear in Israel and you can tell by the hysteria, the hysterical obsession with Kahanism. President Herzog is obsessed with Kahane, he goes to bed every night with 'Kahane'. Shimon Peres says Kahane is the greatest danger to Israel, I would have imagined that Syria would be, but no. The army radio station Galey Tzahal, devoted last week 18 hours, an entire day to Kahane, to attacks on Kahane; the army radio station! An army that is supposed to be above politics, being crudely used by politicians and do you know why? Because they are terrified, because they know that as much as they are against Kahane, in the streets, the people of Israel are for Kahane!

It's not an accident that the Sephardic Jews in Israel are for Kahane, why? Because they did not learn about Arabs in a seminar at Hebrew University, they learned about Arabs because they lived under Arabs. So naturally when Kahane says what he says, they say "kol hakavod" - with all the honor, (meaning -you're absolutely right), because I say what they think. And the young people they are with us and that's what terrifies the Labor and the Likud. Yes the Likud. Pains me more than anything to have to tell you that the Likud has joined actively with the leftists in physically breaking up rallies of the Kach movement. It's not to be believed, people who once had this thing done to them, and I remember how Menahem Begin in 1952 was prevented from speaking to the people in Afula. His rallies were broken up by leftist hoodlums, and now they do the same? Do you know why? They are afraid of losing votes. They know that the people say that the Likud of today is not the Likud of yesterday. The Likud of Begin is not what it once was.
And we have to stop being idol worshipers. We do not worship idols. The Likud should be backed if it does for the people, if it doesn't we don't back it. With God's help in the next elections the latest poll in Israel shows 12 seats for us in the Knesset. And I tell you that is not true, not true! For everyone who is openly and willing to admit that he will vote Kach, there is another one who will do so quietly. I am not interested in Seats, I'm going for the whole ballgame!

I want a government of Kahane, Ariel Sharon and Raful and then you will see what we will do. Finally for those who ask: "how can you do it? How can you throw a million and a half Arabs?" I'll tell you how. Three years ago I served in the army, I was stationed near Ramallah, in Samaria, the West Bank. And the Arabs rioted in Ramallah so they sent me to put down the riots. I want to tell you, not more than five minutes passed, and the whole town heard "Kahane is here!" there was absolute silence in that town, the riots stopped. It is imperative you understand what the name Kahane means to the Arabs. For them it is a monster, it is terror, they hear Kahane and they are terrified! And that is good because that is the only language they understand.

So how will we move out the Arabs? Think for a moment. Three years from now the Arab wakes up in the morning, turns on the radio and hears in the news that Kahane is the new Prime Minister of the State of Israel. Can you imagine what he will feel? How will I move them out? There will be no need. Half will leave by themselves, the other half, will beg me, "let us go" and because I'm big about it, I'll let them go.

My friends, Israel is at a crossroads right now. The All-Mighty gave us with His kindness, His Hessed - mercy, He gave us a Jewish State after 2000 years, but He is not going to give us a Jewish State without us working and suffering; if we're not going to make the kind of State that He wants. I want Democracy for Jews but I don't want Democracy for Arabs because otherwise there won't be a Jewish State! And for those people that say "that is not nice" you answer this question: If you are such Democrats, are you willing to allow the Arabs, peacefully, quietly, democratically to sit every night and make love not war and allow them to be the majority, quietly and peacefully? You would be shocked and amazed to know how many Jews in Israel would answer 'yes' in Israel. We have to create in Israel a Jewish State not a State for Jews, I am sick and tired to hear the 'sabras' - (Jews born in Israel) come and say to me "I am not a Jew, I am an Israeli", I don't want to hear that again ever! I want a Jewish State and I want the public schools of Israel to teach Judaism, I want Jewish youngsters to know what is tefillin and what is a holyday, maybe they won't want to keep it but at the very least, give them the choice of knowing what it is being and not being Jewish.

On Wednesday I presented a motion of 'no confidence' in the Knesset because of the policy of the Ministry of Education. And enforced curriculum of meetings between Arab students and Jewish students. Mixed summer camps, Jewish children staying in Arab villages for the weekend and Arab children in Jewish towns for the weekend. I presented a vote of 'no confidence' to the other Ministers and asked them, will you vote for a Jewish education and a Jewish State or will you vote for the coalition and for your seats and the money? You know how they voted... they voted for the coalition. That is the tragedy. I can understand a secular and leftist party but I cannot understand a religious party sitting by and watching our youngsters being destroyed, for whatever narrow reasons they may have.

There will be an election and when Peres returns from his Washington trip he will be on a coalition course with the Likud. Peres is ready to make far reaching concessions to Jordan. When he praised King Hussein as a man who wants peace, one can only recall when we liberated the Old City and found out what they had done to every synagogue. They destroyed every synagogue. And what they had done in Har HaZeitim - Mount of Olives, to the tombstones; they used them to pave roads and as latrine seats. He wants peace... he wants many, many pieces of Israel.

The government is going to fall. Shimon Peres has worked hard this past year, he's got the strength and the Likud has fallen badly, there is going to be an election and they will try to stop us from running, with God's help that won't be because we have many answers to their intentions, we will be running.

And I want to finish here by saying I am overjoyed to see this crowd and the crowd outside. I don't want you to come here, because you want to hear me speak, or to cheer me, I don't need your applause. We need your money, we are running for an election, it costs a fortune, they get money from the treasury, for each member of the Knesset they get three thousand dollars a month, do you know what that means? That's one of the laws we are going to change, robbing the treasury! They get over $120,000 dollars a month, we get three thousands dollars a month. We need the money, and for what will you be saving your money if tragedy strikes God forbid? I'm not trying to make an appeal here, but when this is over, write out a check, give me a check, and I can only tell you that if you give to a Yeshiva in Israel, or schools, or institutions in Israel, know that what I'm trying to do is to save Israel, with all the schools and all the institutions. And if I fail there might not be any institutions for you to support.

Just as I told the people in Israel the choice in the next elections is between Kahane and Arafat; that is what the next elections will be all about. Kach or the PLO that's the choice there is no other choice! I appeal to you, save Israel, save your brothers and sisters and save yourselves, because God forbid, I would not want to be in your shoes if there is no more Israel. I said I would end here but there is one more thing I want to tell you because it is vital. I believe that the State of Israel has to be the State for all the Jewish people and has to be the trustee of all the Jewish people. And I don't believe that there are boundaries that Israel cannot cross, when Jews are in trouble. And I want to tell you, that as anti-Semitism in this country (USA) grows, there will be a need for an Israel that will do things that you are not ready to do. And I want to tell you, that with God's help when I am Prime Minister, the State of Israel will never say that there are Israelis that are in trouble, we will always say that if there are Jews in trouble anywhere, our hand will reach out everywhere against those who hate Jews.

I will take your questions now.
With Love of Israel Rabbi Meir Kahane

Speech given in front of an American Audience a short while after receiving one seat in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) in 1984.
Of blessed memory, may HaShem avenge his blood.

Rav Kahane was murdered November 1st, 1999 by an Arab informant infiltrated in a group not too well know at that time: Al-Quaida. Rabbi Kahane's prediction that the following elections were between Kahane or Arafat became true, thus Oslo was born and the subsequent deaths of thousands of innocent Jews.

Do you have any doubt whatsoever that Kahane was right?
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