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Euroskeptics with Reason

A CD of a speech by RODNEY ATKINSON at a public meeting held at the House of Commons in February 2008 chaired by Philip Davies MP
"The facts you outline about different personalities who stood behind the European integration process are not much known and I think they should be...." President Vaclav Klaus, The Czech Republic
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ISBN 09525110 4 5 - by Rodney Atkinson.
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Also published in Serbo Croat as Nova Diktatura Evrope by DOSIJE, Bul. kralja Aleksandra 67, Belgrade, Serbia, available from this site - see order form.


Following the success of his two previous best-selling books attacking the European Union for underminingthe British constitution (Treason at Maastricht) and for recreating the structures and aims of European Fascism of the 1930s (Europe's Full Circle) Atkinson has produced a comprehensively researched and extensively indexed book which describes the rise of a new European Fascism.


The book describes, inter alia:


  • six techniques used to undermine and destroy the free nations of Europe,
  • the pressure exerted on Eastern European countries to give up their hard won constitutional nationhood if they wished to trade with the EU,
  • the EU's corporatist steps to fascism and fascist elements in Britain today,
  • the European Commission's persecution of whistle blowers
  • the true meaning of the Euro as the final step in imperialist expansion,
  • the propaganda machine of the European Union,
  • the Euro disaster for Germans (but not the German political class)
  • the return of German Europe, Der Drang nach Osten, Charlemagne,
  • the German role in the break up of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia,
  • the European Crisis and the threat to the United States,
  • the people as Sovereigns and a Declaration of Sovereignty,
  • European Union Propaganda in British Schools,
  • The anti-democratic nature of Blair's Regional Constitutional Conventions
  • A list of Eurofederalist parliamentarians, corporations and organisations in the UK


Hitler destroyed Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and created petty nationalist states in Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. German Europe has today broken up Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, Slovakia driving out its gypsies, Croatia its Serbs and Albanian Kosovo its gypsies, Jews and Serbs.


During the 1930s and 1940s, as today, there were few terms with which European Fascism was more happy than The New World Order, reflecting as it does notions of power, global ambition, order (i.e. control) and contempt for democratic nationhood.


The Commission should not get carried away with the idea of transparency - it is necessary to learn to conceal aspects of information which give rise to bad interpretation. European Commission internal memorandum.




Thank you for your inspiring book.


Vaclav Klaus, President, The Czech Republic


"In Fascist Europe Rising Rodney Atkinson again leads the liberal arguments against Brussels' European Super State in the making into areas where few other liberals dare to tread. Inevitably Atkinson will be accused of xenophobia and militant anti-German views. That however is hard to equate with his years spent teaching in Germany at school and as a lecturer at Mainz University. His quarrel is not with Germans but with the corporatist and expansionist German State which has survived the 20th century and is now at home in the European Union. This book makes ever more strongly the case that the European Union is merely a stop (or is it a railway station?) on the line from the pre-war and wartime Nazi ambitions to a Euro-State dominated by Germany.


The question Atkinson asks is whether Britain, which has resisted so many past attempts to create a Euro-State or Empire by force, has the vision and will to avoid being sucked into the new Euro-State by the naivety and deceit of its modern leaders. Not, I think without a fight from Atkinson!


Rt Hon The Lord Tebbit CH, PC


To write a very critical book which reveals the extreme dangers of an official international consensus requires historic awareness, detailed analysis and intellectual sophistication - Rodney Atkinson's Fascist Europe Rising exhibits these characteristics.


While selling European integration as a source of stability in Western Europe German activities have de-stabilised Central and Eastern Europe. The resulting ethnic cleansing, murder and persecution of gypsies, Jews and Serbs had not been seen in Europe for 60 years. The European Union is now the veil behind which Germany claims land and businesses in Poland and the Czech Republic where the German ownership of press and media dominates public opinion. Rodney Atkinson has revealed these truths and warns a wider audience of its dangerous consequences.


Dr Miroslav Polreich
Former Czech Ambassador to OSCE
Czechoslovak permanent mission to UN 1964 - 1969


"Well founded facts, masterly written. A valuable contribution to the literature on the European Union. Atkinson shows erudition in economic, legal, historical analysis and in the philosophy of history." The South Slav Journal


By now Rodney Atkinson is almost a veteran eurosceptic. Over the years he has enlightened us with his immense knowledge of European law, economics and history. His real concern is a resurgent Germany. He is a German speaker with a great affection for the country's scientific, artistic and cultural traditions but he has a real fear of her political ambitions.


Professor Norman Barry, University of Buckingham


"In this successor to previous books demonstrating the German imperialist/European fascist origins of the EU Atkinson produces not only further conclusive evidence of this fact but a devastating exposure of the dirty tricks and contempt for democracy by which an arrogant self appointed elite have set out to rob the nations of Europe." The Morning Star


"Rodney Atkinson is usually 90% right" Brian Denny, Foreign Editor, The Morning Star


"Fascist Europe Rising is an indisuptably excellent book, a true depiction of European reality and a warning to the whole world." Pavel Polacek CSc, Prague, President the Foundation of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.


"I was pleased to learn that Mr. Atkinson reads the South Slav Journal. I find his
writing inspiring". Dr Tahir Mahmutefendic



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PARADOXES OF POWERBy Sir Alfred ShermanA Brilliant analysis of British politics in the Thatcher era and its lessons for today. Erudite, lucid prose, clear insights from an intellectual and journalist steeped in the widest studies of European and British politics.ORDER HERETHE MYTH OF EU MEMBERSHIPBased on Walter Bagehot's The English Constitutionand A.V. Dicey's Introduction to the Study of the law of the ConstitutionClick here for the Order Form :: Return to top





by Rodney Atkinson.


3rd revised and expanded edition: ISBN 0 9525110 3 7 1998
Price £10.00 Paperback


Also published in Serbo Croat by Svetovi, Novi Sad, Serbia available from this site - see order form


First published in October 1996 (third edition December 1998) the book exposes the individuals and groups behind the secret plans for a European Superstate and the abolition of national democracies. As the Left has moved right and the Right has moved left they have met in economic corporatism. Corporatist Europe has built its "Union" on the Nazis 1942 plans. These plans were inspired by the anti-democratic politics of the fascist 1930s and supported then as now by Establishment figures and corporatist elites in Britain, Europe, and the USA. Identical methods used by Hitler to rule Germany have been used to impose European Union rule on Britain and other nations. Nazi influence after 1945. 1930s appeasers and 1990s Eurofascists compared. Modern parallels in German Government behaviour. The treasonous behaviour of Arnold Toynbee and Samuel Hoare. British industry attacks UK sovereignty. The secretive Bilderberg Group, its founders and influence. Censorship in British newspapers and appeasement by the BBC.


  • "Records in convincing, sombre and well researched detail the destruction of the nation state. All who cherish our heritage should buy this book."
    Sir Louis Le Bailly, former Director General, Defence Intelligence Staff.
  • "It is to Rodney Atkinson, a brilliant pro-nation activist, that we owe the decisive insight on the delegation of general powers which is at the root of Britain's malaise"
    International Currency Review.
  • "Atkinson's thorough research and full documentation of the Euro-Elites fine meshed power network. If one wants to experience the special fighting spirit and fearlessness which distinguish the historically conscious British opponents of the European Union, Atkinson's books are a must"
    Det ny Notat, Copenhagen.
  • "In this 160 page work there is so much that has not before been made public that it is a monument to past stealth"
    Norris McWhirter CBE.
  • "I congratulate you on putting together such a readable account of the way in which a "new" fascism is creeping through Europe powered by corporatist elites through the European Union - their chosen instrument for attaining aims which we believed had been defeated in 1945."
    Lord Stoddart of Swindon. (Lab)
  • "A real tour de force."
    Andrew Roberts, author "Eminent Churchillions".
  • "Atkinson's awareness of the current dangers of the entire Maastricht project is timely and well developed………An enlightening study"
    The Morning Star
  • "I like Europe's Full Circle a lot and will certainly talk about the book widely"
    Sir James Goldsmith
  • "Congratulations on the sheer intellectual quality on the content, the depth of research and the most enjoyable style of writing."
    Sir James McKinnon
  • "Thanks for Europe's Full Circle. You are making a point that needs making. The only downside to the military defeat of fascism was that the people thought its ideas had gone away. I stand corrected on "private enterprise"- "Corporatist capitalism" shall be part of my lexicon henceforth."
    P.J. O'Rourke
  • "Atkinson's book brilliantly illustrates the mortal danger of the EU ethos which reduces politics to managerial efficiency at the expense of democracy".
    Ian Milne, Eurofacts
  • "The author has done a superb job in seeking to alert literate people to the colossal and dangerous impudence of corporate power which has already emasculated elected national legislatures".
    Fourth World Review
  • "Absolutely first class"
    Sir Julian Hodge
  • "I have just finished reading (for the third time) Europe's Full Circle and I cannot see what Messrs Christopher Booker and Bill Jamieson found so unacceptable - to the point of saying that if you were elected to lead the UK Independence Party they would not be able to support the Party. It does not seem to make sense"
    David Hallett
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by Rodney Atkinson and Norris McWhirter


4th Edition 2000 ISBN 0 9509353 9 5
Price £10.00 Paperback


The first book to expose in detail the destructive effect of the Maastricht Treaty on European Economic and Monetary Union (signed on behalf of the UK by Douglas Hurd MP and Francis Maud MP) on the 800-year-old British constitution. Describes the treason cases taken by the authors against Hurd in the British courts and the response of the Crown prosecution Service. The essence of allegiance and treason. The violation of the Queen's Coronation Oath. The overturning of inter alia Magna Carta, the Act of Settlement, the Union with Scotland Act, the 1795 Treason act and significant case law from 1820 and 1932. Churchill's view of Europe. How British European Commissioners violate their oath of allegiance to the Queen. Germany's invalid ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. A detailed comparison with the constitution of the USA and the cause of the American civil war. The Nazi origins of the European Union. Federalism and Conservative MEPs.


  • "Powerful stuff"
    Bill Jamieson, Sunday Telegraph.
  • "In our fight for freedom your book was a cruise missile which I hope is still finding targets."
    Vice Admiral Sir Louis Le Bailly, former Director General, Defence Intelligence Staff.
  • "British Commissioners in Brussels should bear allegiance to one or other but not both sovereigns."
    A former Lord of Appeal in Ordinary.
  • "Two latter day St. George's slashing to pieces the myths and lies woven around Europe."
    This England Magazine.
  • "I agree and have bought more copies to circulate among other judges"
    High Court Judge.
  • "Many Australians, not only the ex British citizens, would find this book extremely enlightening…. A damning indictment of the Maastricht Treaty…exposing the Constitutional outrage which has already been committed"
    UK Settlers Association, Australia.
  • "There is going to have to be shenanigans in high places to get out of this"
    Roger Evans (barrister) Chairman of the Prayer Book Society, Former Conservative MP for Monmouth and Minister in the Major Government, on the treason charges in 1993.
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State Authority and Individual Freedom

by Rodney Atkinson 1988


ISBN 0 9509353 2 8 -
Price £10.00 Hardback


The author rejects the traditional conflict between Right / Capitalism and Left / Socialism and contrasts instead Emancipated and Dependent Societies. The former are based on individual freedom, competition, overt social signals and continuous "social challenge" to authority. The latter are based on collectivism, State control, covert agreements and subservience to authority. Left / Right "horizontal politics" is rejected in favour of the Authoritarian /Libertarian "vertical axis" of political choice. No one, says the author, not even government "can be permitted to decide the terms according to which they will be deemed successful."


State power leads to static definitions of justice, wealth, etc., while the more directly democratic public choice can more justly accommodate change. The book provides a wealth of new concepts to characterize the relationship between the State and the individual: the wrong consensus, just process, taxploitation, the dialectic of freedom, deviant energy, captive logic, circles of responsibility, social challenge and the critical distinction between emancipated and dependent societies.


  • "A powerful argument that is economically literate, historically erudite and philosophically cogent. Its central distinction between emancipated and dependent societies ought to acquire a much more central role in political thought and discourse"
    Dr John Gray, Jesus College, Oxford.
  • "An illuminating beam of light and thought over the present confused landscape of political ideas."
    Rt. Hon David Howell. MP.
  • "A brilliant polemic. Atkinson's celebration of the virtues of free exchange and spontaneous process has shattered many collectivist illusions."
    Professor Norman Barry, University of Buckingham.
  • "A refreshing and unique defence of liberty. Some first rate new approaches to property rights his case studies of government failures are fascinating."
    Laissez Faire Books, New York.
  • "An argument for the moral superiority of the free market taken further and deeper than I have heard it developed before. An analysis of a high order of clarity and rigor: a powerful contribution."
    Crossbow. Journal of the Conservative Bow Group.
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Essays on the Democratic Costs of Government

by Rodney Atkinson 1989


ISBN 0 9509353 3 6 -
Price £7.50 Paperback


The author shows that, under all political parties, politics has become increasingly irrelevant to Democracy. "The real burden on Society is not this Government but government per se." Occasional political elections, claims Atkinson, serve only to change the political horses while "the unresponsive carriage of the State continues on its way."


In a series of case studies the author shows that Conservative Governments approve of Socialism and State power - so long as they and not Socialists are manipulating the levers of State control. "Corporatism is the Conservative's vice"


Atkinson warns that Corporatism, a combination of corporate power, interest group influence and State manipulation was a cause of both the 1929 and 1987 stock market crashes and that another crash is probable unless institutional power is checked and individual responsibility increased. He warns of a slide into the kind of corporatism which "characterized Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy," and claims that because the universal power of the State has grown Democracy is not so much secured as threatened by political elections, for "it is through the ballot box that the individual's freedom of action is converted into the State's universal control."


  • "Rodney Atkinson's latest box of intellectual fireworks offers repeated and persuasive evidence for his central verdict that the real burden on society is not this government but government per se."
    Lord Harris of High Cross, Institute of Economic Affairs.
  • "As politicians on the right step back to admire their handiwork Rodney Atkinson protests that their task has hardly begun. Closely and cleverly reasoned."
    Matthew Parris of The Times.
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ISBN 0 95095353 1 X -
Price £7.00 Hardback



The book demonstrates the failure of the State and questions the very definition of Democratic Government. Part I describes the political process behind Government inspired inflation and describes the technical and moral case for monetarism. Part II shows how Governments, having wasted time in illegitimate intervention have then failed to provide the "public goods" which even market liberals agree are legitimate roles for the State. "The all powerful State soon earns the contempt of those it set out to protect and the friendship of those it set out to control"


  • "Excellent - a devastating catalogue of the depredations of Government against the People."
    George Gilder, author of Wealth and Poverty.
  • "Original and provocative insights excessive government expertly diagnosed."
    Professor Norman Barry, University of Buckingham.
  • "Excellent, fascinating"
    Dr Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate
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Your Country - Your Democracy -
The Threat From The "European" Unionby Rodney Atkinson 1992


ISBN 0 9509353 5 2 -
Price £4.50 Pamphlet


First published in 1990 to warn in detail how parliament was about to destroy even more of its constitutional powers. Reprinted and expanded in 1992. Contains summary of most of the catastrophic parts of the Maastricht Treaty. Brief, easily read short sections on inter alia Sovereignty = Self-government, The European Exchange Mechanism, Britons as nomadic Guest Workers, The Labour Turkey votes for Christmas, The Petty Tyranny of the Grand Designers, EC Controls - German exceptions, Another Heath Euro disaster, Europe destroys British jobs, Eurofederalism and Euro-fascism, Is Westminster becoming redundant?, Europe and Anti-Americanism.


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The following information leaflets (each consisting of about 2000 words of detailed analysis) are available only in batches of 100. Details on Order Form.


We set out below BRIEF EXTRACTS from these leaflets.


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The major eurofederalist politicians, companies and organisations in Britain.


We list here the individuals and organisations that have given political or financial support to those who have planned the constitutional destruction of the United Kingdom in favour of a European Superstate, the 'country called Europe' as the (unelected) European Commission calls it.


This list will help you to expose the eurofederalist organisations, to boycott the companies and deselect or vote against the politicians who have proved to be the enemies of the sovereignty of the British people - and have undermined the democratic powers of our parliament.


Those who have betrayed the sovereignty of the people and the self-government of our nation must learn that, no matter how easily they have bypassed and manipulated the democratic institutions of the United Kingdom, they will pay in their public credibility, in their corporate profits or with their political careers for what they have done.


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After the publication and distribution to schools of the "Partners in Europe" pack of pro European Union propaganda and the (eventual) trashing of the European Commission's disgraceful "Strawberry Ice cream War" (targeted at schoolchildren and described by the left as racist and the right as an attack on democratic nations) we now have yet another "information" brochure from the European Union - "EUROQUEST".


Like the other pro European Union propaganda publications Euroquest is a glossy brochure distributed to schools.


The Department for education itself has stated in the past that in the 1996 Education Act (as in previous versions):


"Section 406 of the Act requires school governing bodies, headteachers and local authorities to forbid the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in schools.
....Section 407 requires them to take all reasonable practical steps to ensure that where political or controversial issues are brought to pupils attention they are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views."


But such rules apparently do not apply to the European Commission in its various guises: the UK Representation of the European Commission, the UK Office of the European Parliament, Relay Europe Ltd, the Charlemagne Group of Companies, the European Movement, European Resource centres for Schools and Colleges (organized in British Regions), the Directorate for European Operations at the Open University, Regional "Euro-Forums" (run by the British Government giving "information" about the EURO).


"Euroquest" is their latest venture into the "education" of our children about the obvious(!) advantages of sacrificing our nation, parliament and democracy on the altar of the European Union.


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An organisation financed by big business and the European Commission dedicated to ending the democratic self government of the free nations of Europe in favour of a European Superstate.


The European Movement and its European Youth Movement were founded and financed to the tune of millions of Pounds by the American CIA in order to form a united defence of Europe against Soviet communism. But just as Nazis on trial at Nuremberg tried to convince their American interrogators that all Hitler was doing was fighting communism so the European Movement hid its true ambitions behind the fight against the Soviet Union.


Today, long after the threat from East European Communism has faded, the European Movement still receives massive support from multinational corporations, the European Union and some governments - except that now the Movements enemies are the self governing nations of Western Europe.


The chief architect of the European Movement was Joseph Retinger who had been expelled from allied countries during the first world war "as a result of political and social intrigues", and always refused to carry a national passport because the nation states conflicted with his aim of a European Superstate - an aim which he described to the Prime Minister of Italy:


"You and I were both subjects of good old Emperor Franz Josef. Come let us join forces and conspire together."


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They will be replaced by:











Age has not wearied the free British nation, nor have the years condemned. But Britain is being dismembered by its traditional enemies in continental Europe and betrayed by politicians at home.


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How certain powers in Europe used the European Union and NATO to achieve their historical aims in Yugoslavia.


"We were escorted by a woman from the US Embassy as we flew towards Tusla. She pointed at all the destroyed villages and exclaimed excitedly "Look at what the criminal Serbs have done". In fact they were Bosnian Croat villages ethnically cleansed by the Muslims. ... Later (we) visited Mostar where the Croats had virtually destroyed the Muslim sector. The US official cried: "Well at least this was done by the criminal Serbs." The woman burst into tears when it was pointed out that the Croats had been to blame." General Sir Michael Rose, Former UN Military Commander in Bosnia, The Times 10th November 1998.


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