Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hemispheres (Germany, Russia and Eurasia)

Newsletter 2009/11/09 - Hemispheres

BERLIN/MOSCOW (Own report) - The EU should turn away from the USA and "convert to the East" in alliance with Russia. This is being demanded by a publicist in one of Germany's leading newspapers. Europe "is wrong, to think that it is part of the western world," explains the author basing himself on old ideologues of German "geopolitics." In fact, Germany belongs to the "Eurasian energy realm" and must realize that the cooperation with the United States is based on a "false orientation." Germany, "a country in mid-western Eurasia," is "not a galley on the "Transatlantic Ocean" says the article published over the weekend in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. The journal itself is anchored in the western oriented spectrum of the German establishment, but evidently finds that the time has come to use hard anti-American invectives in public debate. This was caused by long term transformations in German economic expansion, which, to a growing degree, are oriented eastward and aimed particularly at Russian energy resources. The "Eurasian" debate is drawing formerly tabooed rightwing extremist ideologues into the focus of public discussion.


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