Friday, November 27, 2009

Naomi Ragen Rejoicing!

Naomi Ragen shares:

Dear Friends,
Just as I share all that is troubling with you, I'd like now to share my great happiness.
On Wednesday, November 25, at ten to seven in the morning, two days after my 40th wedding anniversary, a day after my dear husband's birthday, my son and daughter-in-law, Asher and Anat Ragen, welcomed a new baby boy into their lovely family, the first brother for his three beautiful sisters.
Our happiness knows no bounds.
With the birth of this little sabra, the ratio between our grandsons and granddaughters grows closer: six girls, and five boys.
I am writing this not only to share this blessed event, but to publicly and with heartfelt joy, thank God for all His most wonderful blessings to me and mine. Ever since we made aliyah, following God's commandment to "leave your father's house and your birthplace" to live in the land of Israel, we have been showered with blessings that only God can give. Thank you, Hashem.
May all your people enjoy your endless bounty and kindness, and may the people and land of Israel know only joy through their closeness to You.


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