Monday, August 23, 2010



If history is any indication, the Arabs’ gain has always come about through force… Egypt’s surprise attack ended with the surrender of the entire Sinai, even the last of Israel’s holdings, Yamit… the first intifada gained them the Oslo Agreement, the safe ensconcing of Arafat in the West Bank… and the withdrawal of Israel from major West Bank cities and most of Gaza… the repeated violence of Hizbollah brought about Israel’s hasty withdrawal from Lebanon… and it was the bloody and painful terrorist attack on a bus in Jerusalem that motivated Amram Mitzna,the then head of the Labor Party, to declare he is prepared to withdraw unilaterally from the Gaza Strip… everything they have gained, and Israel’s capitulation, have always come about after intense terrorist violence… bolstering the Palestinians in their determination… The shortsighted Jewish [appeasement 'for peace'] are playing into the...
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Read and weep for the Israeli Jews of Gush Katif/Gaza, on whose behalf I wrote this article in July 2005 before their illegal expulsion by the bribed Ariel Sharon and criminal company working for foreign interests. Many of them remain homeless, depressed and basically abandoned by their lying government -- their former homes history, stripped bare and destroyed by marauding Arab enemies who are now fighting among themselves, one terrorist group (Hamas) against another terrorist group (Fatah).

General Sharon could have enforced peace through strength, securing Israel a hard-earned victory, rather than rewarding terrorism and undermining Israeli security, breaching Jerusalem's sovereignty, permitting Roman wolves in sheep's clothing, "peacekeepers," to pollute the Holy Land of Israel.

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