Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jewish People’s Declaration of Independence

Never Again is Now!
While Iran’s radical leader openly calls for the eradication of Israel, his country may be only moments away from obtaining nuclear weapons capability. Meanwhile, President Obama sits idly by, allowing the totally ineffective UN to speak for him, while he continues to express his willingness to negotiate directly with this megalomaniacal sponsor of state terrorism, without pre-conditions. President Obama's unwillingness to directly address this threat is imposing a self-destructive policy upon the nation of Israel.

In a time of crisis, when the threat to your life is imminent and every second counts, either you act to defend yourself, or you perish. When faced with the lethal combination of religious fascism and the nuclear bomb, is implementing watered-down U.N. sanctions the strategy that will end the existential threat to Israel?

At what point will the Jewish people say, "Enough is enough!"? Must we linger passively until the time comes when the world again reacts to another holocaust?

The appearance of a nuclear Iran on Israel’s horizon trumpets the call for Israel’s final exodus from the dialogues of treachery and deceit that have brought the angel of death to her front door. Israel
 can no longer afford to be sabotaged by fraudulent proposals cloaked in the name of peace and ever hope to survive. 

will never know when Iran will obtain the nuclear bomb - today, tomorrow, the next day? Now, as with America's Founding Fathers, Israel must declare her independence from those whose current policies bound her to tyranny's diabolical edicts. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must not be given the opportunity to accomplish his unequivocally-announced and pursued goal.

Announce to the World, "Never Again Will the Jewish People Go Silently into the Night." 

Please click on "Sign Here" and SIGN the Jewish People's Declaration of Independence.

4206 David Ben-Ariel USA/Menashe
I've signed this to show solidarity with its ideals, but the declaration is failing to face the reality that it is the ISRAELI GOVERNMENT who must be addressed and held accountable.

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