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Think-Israel May-June 2010 Issue

THINK-ISRAEL features essays, analyses and commentaries that provide context for current events in Israel. We try to make sense of what's going on. The war Islamists are waging against Israel and the West is a top priority. 

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This is what's in the May-June 2010 issue. You can access any article from the home page of by scrolling down to its introduction. This has the advantage of providing context for the article. Or you can go directly to the article by clicking its highlighted area in this email. 

"In-Your-Face" Activism
Get The Hell Out Of...My Face by Sarke
Israel Publishes Gaza Travel Guidebook For Pro-Hamas Freedom Flotilla by Omri Ceren
No Israeli Good Deed Goes Unpunished by Spengler
Starter Groups For Islamism: The Tablighi Jamaat; Asma's Iman Rauf And The Mosque At Ground Zero by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
A Revealing Sketch Of Imam Rauf: Founded Ground Zero Mosque Project Helped Fund The Gaza Flotilla by AllahPundit
The Two Faces Of The Ground Zero Mosque by Raymond Ibrahim
Intellectual Double Standards On Islamists by Steven Emerson
The Muslim Brotherhood's Flotilla by Thomas Joscelyn
Global Jihad
The Third Wave by Wallace Edward Brand
The Long March Of Islam: Chapter 5 by R. K. Ohri
How To Wipe Out Islamic Terror: The Moment Of Truth Has Arrived by Subramanian Swamy
Ridding Pakistan Of Its Jihadi Terrorists by Babu Suseelan
Afghan War Becoming A Bloody Farce by Tony Blankley
Iran Targets Azerbaijan by Alexander Murinson
The Return Of The Ottomans by Lee Smith
The Fantasy Of Hizbullah Moderation by Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira
The Loose Ends Of Middle East LINKAGE by Lee Smith
Anti-Israel Institutions Based In USA
The Membership Of Several United Nations Committees by Eye on the UN
The U.N. Is Terminally Ill by Joshua Muravchik
The U.S. Presbyterian Church's Renewed Attack On Israel by Dexter Van Zile
The Presbyterian Church Has Attitude Towards Israel An Interview with Will Spotts by Bernice Lipkin
Flotilla Rallies Terror Cheer Squad by David Burchell
Israel's Daunting Task
The Noose Around Israel's Neck by Daniel Greenfield
Israel's Daunting Task by Caroline B. Glick
Calling The Pa Bluff by Boaz Haetzni
Haircut And History; Birthday And The Bible; In The Beginning by Rachel Saperstein
Making Israel's Case by Caroline B. Glick
Language and the Media
The Uk's The New Statesman Defends Sharia Law by Paul Austin Murphy
What Did You Say About Muhammad?! by Raymond Ibrahim
The Art Of Misleading by Yvette Alt Miller
Sharia In High Places In Government And In The Universities
Sharia Law For Non-Muslims by Bill Warner
Facing Hatred On Campus: You Can't Fight Fire With Flowers by Roz Rothstein and Roberta R. Seid
Self-Inflicted Defeat by Janet Levy and Nidra Poller
History Section
Jerusalem, Capital Of The Jews: The Jewish Identity Of Jerusalem In Greek And Roman Sources by Rivkah Fishman-Duker
Two Notable Events Recalled Through The Prism Of HISTORY by Alex Rose
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And please, if you have a blog-ed piece or a comment or commentary, contact the website. Write to Pieces for THINK-ISRAEL should be informative and accurate. Fortunately, those of us who are pro-Israel can show our love of Israel without distorting the truth. We don't need to play by the rules laid down by the Arab-favoring media, which distort the news and omit important items of information. 

Bernice Lipkin
Editor, Think-Israel

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