Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Holy Temple Defiled

The G-d of Israel chose Jerusalem as the place where His presence would dwell, and commanded Israel to build there a Holy Temple. Building an architectural replica of the Holy Temple anywhere else on earth is a deliberate perversion of G-d's will, and using that replica to worship anything other than the G-d of Israel is an affront to the G-d of Israel and a usurpation of what is His.

The Third Temple is the concern of all nations, as it will be called a House of Prayer for ALL Nations – not just Jews or British-Israelites. If some professing Christians choose to waste their money on a counterfeit temple, it’s as much their business as those foolish Jews who call their places of worship “temples.” I encourage all to send their money to Jerusalem and spend it wisely, offering it to the Temple Mount Faithful and the Temple Institute.

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