Monday, September 21, 2009 New Articles - September 21, 2009

The Crime I Didn’t Commit
by Sara Yoheved Rigler
Change for the New Year starts here.

Hitler's Children
by Maya Productions
A powerful dialogue between children of perpetrators of the Holocaust and children of survivors.

by Rivka Zahava
In the non-kosher deli section, my father taught me that "If it feels good, do it" is a lie.

...For the Sin of Sexual Immorality
by Bracha Goetz
Silence may be golden, but not when abuse is involved.

Teshuva and My iPodby Yocheved Goykadosh If you did something wrong, how can it be truly deleted?

The Real Catchby Dov Moshe Lipman How would you react if your child did this to you?

Aspergers and You
by Nathan Weissler
An open letter to the Jewish community from a 16-year-old who has Aspergers.

5 Ways to Keep Your Rosh Hashana Resolutions
by Dina Coopersmith
How to stick to your resolutions and reach true growth.

The Allure of Kol Nidrei
by Rabbi Avi Shafran
Getting to the essence of who we really are.

Yom Kippur Menus
by Sara Finkel Easy to make pre- and post-fast meals.

Goldstone's Deceptive Report
by Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel's analysis and comments on the Gaza Fact-Finding Report. Editors Pick

by Staff It's not just a game. Editors Pick

Getting Unstuck on Yom Kippur
by Azriel Hirsh Friedman God wants to help. Just ask Him.

This weeks Torah reading: Ha'azinu

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