Thursday, September 17, 2009

"May we be like the head"- Greetings for the new Year

To our dear friends and partners in the determined struggle for Eretz Israel,

On the night of Rosh HaShana, we spread our tables with an assortment of foods and make special blessings over them for the new year. Many of these blessings are preoccupied with defeating our enemies. One of them suggests how to do so:

She'nehiye la'rosh v'lo la'zanav.
May we be like the head and not the tail.

May we be leaders and not the victims of local and foreign leaders. May we set the direction for our people and not be swept along by the foolish and dangerous designs of others.

Isn't it astounding? There's genocide in Sudan, brutal repression in Iran, mass starvation in North Korea, the acquisition of nuclear weapons by both those demonic regimes, but the world can't be bothered. Instead, its attention and indignation is focused on the Jewish People's continued settlement of its homeland.

The outposts and settlements of Judea and Samaria in Israel's Biblical Heartland, are the "rosh," the spearhead of the Jewish return to Zion, and that is why they are at the center of international attention.

We, in Women in Green, have been, for the past 16 years, at the "rosh," the head, of the public struggle for our Biblical Land of Israel.

"Eretz Yisrael L'Am Yisrael" ("The Land of Israel for the People of Israel") has been our motto ever since the founding of our movement. We constantly arouse public activism so as to safeguard our land. Over the years we have become an outspoken voice of conscience in Israel.

Since the expulsion from Gush Katif, the people's fighting spirit has been weakened. We understood that we must step up our activities, in order to rekindle that spirit and prepare the public for the struggle to save Judea and Samaria, which is, of course, the struggle for the survival of the entire country.

For the past year and a half Women in Green has acted together with the Committee for a Jewish Shdema, combining activities on the ground, directed to strengthening our actual possession of Eretz Israel, with hasbara and educational activities, teaching and reminding the public of the centrality of the Land of Israel, our exclusive right to settle and expand in it, and our obligation to struggle for it. Women in Green and the committee for a Jewish Shdema are broadcasting a message of Jewish strength, determination, and activism. If not for our activities and for those of a few other organizations, the arena of the struggle would have been abandoned.

Any and all of our activities are not congenial to the leftist elite that dominates the State Attorney's Office. For example, for four years the state has been conducting a trial against me (Nadia Matar) for "insulting a public servant", because of a protest letter that I sent to Yonatan Bassi, the head of the expulsion authority.

In addition, we just received notice by the State Attorney, of their intent to prosecute me and another Woman in Green, for holding a vigil, two years ago (!) in front of the Prime Minister's residence, during Condolleezza Rice's visit. At the end of the peaceful vigil, when most activists had already gone home and I was getting ready to go to my car, I was surrounded by policemen and brutally arrested. Women around me, who asked the policemen why they were doing so, were beaten to the ground. One was arrested as well. We spent the night in jail. We were released the next day, erev Yom Kippur, after they forced us to give a sample of our DNA. Now they intend to prosecute us!

This legal persecution by the left proves to us that what we are doing is very important and strengthens us in our determination to continue our activities.

You readers who receive our emails know of the great number and variety of our activities. All of them have been made possible thanks to your aid. We are reaching the tipping point in this struggle, and feel strongly that a little more effort, or pressure, or presence, can make all the difference. We're eager to do more and go further, but we're limited by our budget.

Strong forces are ranged against us: the leftists organizations in Israel are funded with millions of dollars by the European Union and other anti-Israeli organizations. We have only you, lovers of Eretz Israel. We know and believe that you want our activity to continue.

Be a partner in the struggle for the Land of Israel!

Please help us to act on your behalf and on our behalf by providing us with your financial support.

With G-d's help we will do and succeed!

A happy and healthy new year to all of you, your families and to all of Am Yisrael! May we be like the head and not the tail!

With the blessing of "Aloh Naaleh Veyarashnu Ota"- "Let us by all means go up, and we shall gain possession of it",

Nadia Matar, Women in Green
Yehudit Katzover, the Committee for a Jewish Shdema

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