Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy New Year from Naomi Ragen!

May the coming year bring you a good resolution to all difficulties, conflicts and pain.

May all those whom you love return your love in beautiful ways.

May your parents, children, grandchildren, and friends be blessed with health, happiness, and good fortune.

May your dreams for yourself come to fruition in good ways.

May your fears be unfounded.

May every plague, every unkindness, every crime, every act of selfishness or
cruelty fly over your doorposts.

May you give love, and receive love.

May God look upon your deeds as good deeds.

May you decide not to act upon any endeavor that arises from jealousy, fear, prejudice, or low self esteem

May this year be the beginning of your best years, and the best years for the land and people of Israel, our beloved.

Happy New Year and many thanks to all of you who have read my e-mails, and felt more love for the land and people of Israel. My blessings to you all, and my gratitude.

Naomi Ragen

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