Sunday, October 12, 2008

Costly, Complex and Counterproductive: The Case Against a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base
The EU’s latest tax power grab will reduce the GDP of the fragile UK economy by £73 billion over the next 10 years, equal to each UK inhabitant paying £1,200 each or the equivalent of British taxpayers having to pay an extra 1.5p in the basic rate of income tax for each of those years

Bruges Group Blog
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Are the British a Servile People? Idealism and the EUThe rejection of national sovereignty has led to the British people submitting to authority which comes dressed as virtue. At the heart of the matter is the idealism that disdains pride in Britain and British culture

20th Anniversary of the Bruges Speech
Saturday, 20th September 2008 was the twentieth anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's seminal Bruges Speech. There she outlined an alternative vision for Britain and Europe which is as relevant today as it was twenty years ago

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