Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Jewish Magazine (November 2008)

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Issue Number 127

Album of the Damned
By Paul Garson
Unusual and Rare Snapshots from the Third Reich

Looking Back on the Holidays
By Nachum Mohl
Going into the Winter with Succoth, Shavuot, and Passover

By Jerry Klinger
The Failed Jewish Farming Experiment in America

Choni HaMa'agal - Legends from the Talmud
By Larry Fine
The Famous Story of the Circle on the Ground

Wooden Tombstones
By Tomek Wisniewski
Wooden Tombstones from Old Jewish Cemeteries in Eastern Europe

Letting Go
By Edith Brown
It was time to let go and let God’s will be done

My Trusted Teacher, Mr. Fischer
By Renate G. Justin
True Personal Experience from the Holocaust

The Riegner Telegram
By Elayne LeTraunik
Could a Certain Telegram Stopped the Holocaust?

Frozen in Time - the young men and women of Rokiskis
By Arlene Weiss
Going Back to my Father's Shtetl, Rokiskis

The Tears of Yefimovich
By Tovli Simiryan
Living Through Stalin's Communist Paradise, a True Story

Annihilatory Politics
By Richard L. Cravatts
How to Get the World To Hate Israel

Waiting for the Messiah
By Shoshana Jacobs
The Messianic era is likened to a Woman in the throes of Childbirth

The Kings of the Jews
By Norman Gelb
More than 50 men and women sat on the throne of the Jews in ancient times

Baseball in Israel
By Michael J. Leitner
The Value of the Israel Baseball League to Israel and to World Jewry

It's Time to Plant Again
By Simcha Meir
A Time to Make Up for what is Lacking in Israel

An Unbelievable Tour of Israeli Artifacts
By Jay Levinson
Visiting the Blue and White Exhibition at the Israeli Museum

An American Soldier in Israel's War of Independence
By Ralph Lowenstein
Enemy bullets whirred overhead, and I imagined the next one speeding through the open top of the halftrack...

What Goes Around Comes Around
By Gutman Locks
What a joy it is to bless, and to be blessed.

Humor Page
edited by Chanoch Bleier
A Bit of Jewish Humor Helps the Day

The Weekly Torah Portion
by Michael Chessen
A Penetrating Glimpse into the Weekly Torah reading

The Weekly Israel News Digest
by Jmag Staff and Our Roving Reporters

Tribute to a giant of Revisionist Zionism
By Fern Sidman
Moshe Arens praises the memory of Ze’ev Jabotinsky

Bircza, Poland
By Marnin Michaels
Jewish Roots, Visiting the Place were they Ran From

The Hand of Divine Justice
By Therese Dvir
Days follow days, seasons and years turn like a demented carousel, bringing with them their portion of misery and happiness...

Jewish Questions: Responsa on Sephardic Life in the Early Modern Period
By Jay Levinson
A Fascinating Collection of Sephardic Responsa written during the period 1492-1750

What is a Name?
By William Rabinowitz
Names are important in Boynton Beach

The Greed
By Keith Bloomfield
a New Jewish Story about an Old Problem

Nathan the Prophet
By James Vasquez
A Poem about Nathan the Prophet and King David

Israel, God and a Dream Returned
By Michael Druck
Three Poems

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