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October 22, 2008:

Mark Anderson (Webmaster, No Anthrax Vaccine)
Congress is trying to stimulate us into poverty and death.
Stimulating us to death.....literally

David Ben-Ariel (Author, David Ben-Ariel)
How I wish to God it was merely a misconception on my part that children of [White] color are being discriminated against by the Sphinx Organization's exclusive programs for Black and Latinos! Why do I remain unconvinced? Consider the following, review the evidence, and come to your own conclusions and act accordingly.
Sphinx Organization isn't Racist?

Michael J. Gaynor
To the list of Obama's "A" problems (Alinsky, Ayers, ACORN), add Anita.

Marie Jon' (Founder, Drawing Close)
The disaster an Obama presidency would bring. It's not about race -- it's about the survival of our Constitutional Republic.
America Will Weep

Jim Kouri, CPP (Editor,
Law Enforcement Supports California Proposition 4 Regarding Abortion

Timothy Rollins (Editor and Publisher, The American Partisan)
You have to hand it to Brigham Young University's PR Machine. When BYU trips themselves up, they do so spectacularly.
Hypocrisy, BYU Style

J. D. Longstreet
If you support redistribution of income (socialism), then you'll love what Barack Obama has in store for you.
Redistribution of the Wealth

Dick Morris (
While his fund raising makes a mockery of McCain's paltry $100 million in taxpayer funded campaign money, the funding advantage of Obama is not likely to be decisive.
Obama's Money Won't Be Key Factor
The record (and questionable) funding of Barack Obama's campaign cannot buy him the presidency

Guest Author
The mainstream media are not fulfilling their duty to conduct fair-minded investigative reporting. Instead, they have become little more than a mammoth propaganda machine running interference for Barack Obama.
Media Refuses To Scrutinize Obama's Background And Socialist Agenda
By Carol Devine-Molin

October 21, 2008:

Michael Ashbury
Voting depends upon an informed public. When our media deliberately and consistently hide truth and promote deception, our nation is in peril.
America Faced with a Great CON

David Ben-Ariel (Author, David Ben-Ariel)
I saw the Messiah today (if you believe Nation of Islam cult leader Louis Farrakhan) at the Maumee Bay State Park.
Obama in the flesh

Thomas E. Brewton (
Liberal-progressives' conception of social justice always requires the political state forcibly to impose some form of equality.
Mandating a Perfect World

Joseph D'Aleo (Executive Director, ICECAP)
Natural forces bring climate warming ... and climate cooling. The warm phase PDO ended in 1998 bringing an end to the natural climate warming of the last few decades of the 20th century. Post 1998 global cooling brought by the cold phase PDO is now in full force.
Pacific Decadal Oscillations (PDOs) Closely Tied to ENSO

Michael J. Gaynor
Obama is ACORN's man, a fellow who avoided military and Peace Corps service and instead became a community organizer, an associate attorney with Miner, Barnhill & Galland (three years), a lecturer of constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School (eleven years) and an Illinois state senator (eight years) before being elected to the United States Senate in 2004.
Biden Rightly Warns of Crisis if Obama Wins

Per capita income and living standard.
The direct causes of per capita income and living standard increases are technologies, new and old.

Sher Zieve
Biden Promises World Crisis Immediately after Obama Elected

Dick Morris (
Obama's tax plans and spending programs have emerged as the key point of difference between the campaigns. And the Democrat's comment to Joe that he saw his tax policy as a "way to spread the wealth around" underscores the motive behind his program: to redistribute income.A Whole New Game: Plumber's Gift to McCain

Guest Author
A full 77 percent of American adults oppose granting driver's licenses to people who are in the United States illegally. When he served as a member of the Illinois state Senate, Obama voted to train, insure, and license illegals to operate motor vehicles in order to "protect public safety."
Obama Backs Driver's Licenses for Illegals
ACORN + Obama = Massive "Motor Voter" Fraud

October 20, 2008:

Bob Webster (Editor, Publisher, WEBCommentary)
Several timely lawsuits seek to determine Obama's eligibility to be President of the United States. Democrats and Obama are actively seeking to block the release of documents that could confirm his eligibility. Why? And where is the media outcry?
Is Barack Obama Eligible to be President of the United States?
Revised and updated version of yesterday's column

Tom Barrett (Publisher, Editor, Conservative Truth)
Obama bin Lyin’

Alan Caruba (National Anxiety Center)
Let’s Go Nuclear

Jayme Evans (Creator,
There have been prosecutions, guilty pleas, convictions, consent decrees and FBI raids, yet ACORN still denies all wrongdoing, blaming it instead on a handful of dishonest employees and efforts by Republicans to suppress votes.
The ACORN Never Falls Far From The Tree

Michael J. Gaynor
It's time for a whistleblower to blow the whistle on ACORN and Obama.
Does NYT Know MORE About Obama/ACORN?

Jim Kouri, CPP (Editor,
Colombian FARC Terrorists Extradited to US on Terrorism and Drug Charges

Nicholas Stix (
Is Deletionpedia a remainder bin for the ultra-trivial, or a bulwark against political censorship at Wikipedia?
Deletionpedia Provides Partial Counterweight to Wikipedia Censors

Marsha West (Founder, Editor, Email Brigade News Report)
I have a sign in my office that asks the question: If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to prove it?

“I am a Christian” Barack Obama proclaims. But is there enough evidence to prove it?
Barbaric Obama, God's Choice?

Sher Zieve
An Incurious Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Guest Author
Obama used 2006 'fact-finding' trip to criticize sitting Kenyan president.
Kenyan insiders say Obama was part of takeover strategy
By Jerome R. Corsi for WorldNetDaily

October 19, 2008:
Bob Webster (Editor, Publisher, WEBCommentary)
Candidate Obama preaches "change" and "open government" to his audiences. Yet Obama doesn't practice what he preaches. If elected, would we be saddled with four years of "business as usual partisan politics" with characteristic half-truths and a lack of forthrightness with the people?
Is Barack Hussein Obama Qualified to be President of the United States?
A lawsuit in Philadelphia seeks to determine the answer to this question.

Thomas E. Brewton (
Liberal-progressivism's preoccupation with self-indulgent hedonism, evidenced glaringly in abortion advocacy, is literally death, the abnegation of social cohesion through abandonment of personal responsibility and morality.
Murder by Abortion Leads to Societal Death

Michael J. Gaynor
Voters need to scrutinize instead of to swallow all those Obama lies.
Voters: Scrutinize Instead of Swallow Obama Lies.

Jim Kouri, CPP (Editor,
Leader of Colombian Drug Cartel Pleads Guilty to Racketeering Charges

Kamala I do to meet Jesus, Budhha, Shiva, Muhammad?
I am a good woman! I do not have to be afraid of anything.

October 18, 2008:
Michael J. Gaynor
Obama's statement--"My only involvement I've had with ACORN was I represented them alongside the U.S. Justice Department in making Illinois implement a motor voter law that helped people get registered at DMVs."--is a lie, not a fact.
Time for October Surprise To Expose Obama Lies

Jim Kouri, CPP (Editor,
FBI Releases 2007 Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

Frederick Meekins (
With the breakup of the Soviet Union and the alleged demise of Communism, it was assumed that the Olympic games would no longer be as much of an arena for showcasing the competing ideologies of individual liberty and nearly total social control. And even though East German woman with mustaches no longer quite raise eyebrows and hushed chuckles the way they once did, the Olympics are as much a battle for the minds of men as they have always been
Price Of Olympic Gold Growing Too High

Kamala Honoring Rabindranath Tagore
I was walking in the streets with Bengali poets in Dhaka, paying tribute to Rabindranath Tagore.
Sher Zieve Obama Campaign Begins Systematic Destruction of Joe the Plumber

October 17, 2008:
Mark Anderson (Webmaster, No Anthrax Vaccine)
Unfortunately, he is putting his spell on the entire country
Ben Bernanke's voodoo

Jim Camp
In a negotiation, your job is not to be liked. It is to be respected and effective. In a political debate, your job is to be both liked and respected. That changes the dynamics of negotiation as it should be practiced and the third debate between the presidential candidates was an excellent opportunity to assess their ability to negotiate.

Michael J. Gaynor
Maintaining "communication" with Senators Obama and Kerry is acceptable. But making Senator Obama an honored guest at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner was a public scandal.
Obama Used New York Archdiocese, Archdiocese Let Him

Jim Kouri, CPP (Editor,
Obama, ACORN and Joe the Plumber

J. D. Longstreet
Should Obama win the election here in America next month, the doors and windows to Israel will slam shut for members of the Obama Administration.
Israel and the Obama Administration. Forget About It!

October 16, 2008:

Christopher G. Adamo (
A “predatory lender” in the free market only stands to destroy his livelihood if he makes loans to people who cannot qualify for them and are thus likely to be unable to pay them off. The only reason to make such an imprudent agreement is if one expects some alternative means of reaping a profit from the transaction. And that is where the insidious connection between the financial markets of New York and the bureaucratic monstrosity of Washington D.C. becomes profoundly relevant.
Exploding The Myths of “Predatory Lending”

Mark Anderson (Webmaster, No Anthrax Vaccine)
Food shortages on the horizon
The next bubble: Grocery stores
Food shortages coming

Michael M. Bates (
It looks as though John McCain is respectfully campaigning himself into the footnotes of history. Polls with Barack Obama winning by double digits are an indicator. So are predictions of a Democratic landslide by longtime GOP operatives such as Ed Rollins. McCain backers stand up at rallies to voice their exasperation that he's not doing enough to win. Obama presents a clear, though hackneyed, message; McCain appears tentative and inconsistent.
Another Great Depression?

Michael J. Gaynor
If you believe Obama's protestations of ignorance about Ayers' terrorist background, you've been brainwashed. The Obamas are not oblivious.
The Rise and Fall of the Obama Campaign

Wesley McCants
I don't think there is much left to say about truth philosophically. I do believe that Obama is part of a scheme, by the aristocracy, to bring racism under control once and for all. This move on their part, I think they believe, will provide them with more freedom to continue to build bridges between those who have, and those who don't. Obama is a product of political nurturing with a purpose. One I know for sure for poor people does not have an answer. To them, the poor that is, he is an illusion. One that may be able to reflect light through the dark and frustrating economic tunnel, with his campaign promises, but in the end as we ride through it on his steam engine, it may run out of steam, if he winds up conducting America's affairs.
Will we ever face facts about Barack Obama?

Steven J. Milloy (
A squabble about “clean coal” has broken among the presidential candidates. Neither side has leveled with voters.
Candidates Don't Come Clean on Coal

Sher Zieve
Pro-Obama Ohio Secretary of State Refuses to Stop Voter Fraud

J. D. Longstreet
"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." (From the Bible, Matthew 12:25)
A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

Dick Morris (
The short term impact of the third debate will be to help Barack Obama. But the long term implications may give John McCain a needed boost. Obama looked good, but McCain opened the tax-and-spend issue in a way that might prevail.
Mac's Shot At A Late-Game Win


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