Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Interview with Producer of Obsession

Interview with Producer of Obsession
by IsraelNN Staff

( Wayne Kopping, the producer of "Obsession," explains why he made the film about radical Muslim ideology and then distributed it as an insert to American newspapers. A follow-up film, "The Third Jihad," will expose the infiltration of jihadists into Western culture.

Can't see player? Click here for interview with Producer of Obsession


Toledo, Ohio received "Obsession" and our biased for Obama/Blacks/Muslims newspaper (The Blade) printed knee-jerk letters from Arabs and Muslims and their useful idiots (dhimmis/dummies) decrying it, especially bothered by the Islam-Nazism comparison even though Nazi-Muslim collaboration is clearly documented. Won't these people let the truth set them free?

Ohio Mosque Promotes Murder!

Toledo, Islam, and Terrorists

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