Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gerald Flurry gone mad

Gerald Flurry, cultic pastor general of the Philadelphia Church of God, is exposed in this disturbing excerpt from his sermon transcript of November 3, 2007 (that he complained to have removed from this site) where he vainly attempts to justify his massive spending in Edmond, Oklahoma - squandering millions in his own backyard - by pretending his music hall is God's House, the temple of God!

It’s all about family and looking to the Father and the Son and having them right in your front yard (chuckle) and your backyard right there where you do your work from headquarters and it-He’s right there in spirit. That’s something to get excited about. How much is that house going to impact you brethren and me? It’s gonna to build our faith and I tell you I believe we could see already I didn’t get to talk with Mr. Locher about this but I think I can already see a growth in websites, income after that fabulous Feast of Tabernacles and all the wonderful offerings we got there.

And, if you see, we have a challenge like that and we have our minds on God’s house where He’s gonna live right here with us, it surely has to help our faith to grow. It means we’re going to have more growth, more healings, more blessings, there just gonna to be everywhere, for us to see and hopefully a lot of people in the world. And that building will be like the crown...of all of our buildings. But think about this brethren: God, the God from that third heaven is gonna come down here and He’s gonna live here in spirit. And He’s gonna get our minds focused more on Him and what is coming, and I mean coming oh so fast...

It-ooooooh we could think about human beings to come here and live, but what about have God the Father and Jesus Christ here. How much does that physical-is that physical house going to affect our spiritual house?

...God gives us NEW REVELATION ALL THE TIME!!! HE’S SPEAKING TO HIS CHURCH!! THAT’S GOD DOING THAT. GOD IS SPEAKING TO US GIVING US HIS MESSAGE AND NOW WE’RE GONNA HAVE THE HONOR TO BUILD A HOUSE for God to dwell in on this campus. And I tell ya brethren, that certainly bodes well for the future of this great work of God and let’s all realize and thank God for the honor of being a part of it.
(emphasis mine)

You don't need any "special revelation" to read and believe the Bible that clearly shows God's House on Earth has always been in Jerusalem - not elsewhere like Mormons and others mislead.

Gerald Flurry foolishly attempts to spiritualize everything away when it comes to the holy temple of God that will be built in Jerusalem. The least he could do is encourage the Jews to fulfill their responsibility to build God's House - the Embassy of the Eternal - in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount and stop equating Edmond with Jerusalem! What chutzpah! What madness!

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