Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jewish World Review


John Yoo: An ironic victory for Obama
The Village Idiot by Jim Mullen: Think about direction, wonder why …
Paul Greenberg: It's Still a Wonderful Life
Jeff Jacoby: Not all tidings are of great joy
Arnold Ahlert: A Very Harry Christmas
Cokie and Steve Roberts: Food stamps for thought
John Stossel: Dump the Audience?
Robert Tracinski: Letter to a Sincere Leftist: Let's Smash the State Power of the Corporations
Jack Kelly: Clueless in Copenhagen
Nat Hentoff: Will Obama send flowers to ObamaCare victims?
Tony Blankley: ‘Yet, Freedom!’
Jonah Goldberg: Obama Has Failed His Words
Michelle Malkin: Beltway Christmas: Cash for Corruptocrats
Dick Morris: Day One: How ObamaCare will alienate Americans
Walter Williams: Black Education

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