Monday, December 21, 2009

Jewish World Review

Mark Steyn: It's settled; climate circus was a fairy tale

Jackie Mason & Raul Felder: Business as Usual (on Tiger Woods)

Dave Barry: Waging Germ Warfare

Arnold Ahlert: My Opinon

Kathryn Lopez: Rubio rising

Carl P. Leubsdorf: Next election already affects this Congress

Kathleen Parker: Overreaching leaves Obama with few friends

Jack Kelly: Obama helps the fat cats

David Broder: The president, abandoned by his party

Paul Greenberg: The Latest Incoherence

Michael Barone: When Lib Dreams Collide With Public Opinion

Dick Morris: How Obamacare Will Hurt Young People

George Will: Disconnected, and disconnecting

Bill O': Partying with the President

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