Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fraternity Brothers: Questionable Polish Borders (German Minister of Transportation's student fraternity has ties to right extremist circles)

Newsletter 2010/01/19 - Fraternity Brothers: Questionable Polish Borders

BERLIN/WARSAW (Own report) - The German Minister of Transportation, Peter Ramsauer (CSU) is member of a student fraternity that has ties to circles of the right extremist National Democratic Party of Germany - NPD. The umbrella fraternity "Deutsche Burschenschaft," (DB) not only has Minister Ramsauer as a member, but also two NPD members of regional parliaments. The alleged historical merits of Nazi criminals Hess and Hitler are debated in the DB's newspaper. The fraternity, in which Ramsauer is referred to as a "fraternity brother", places Poland's territorial integrity into question. In the next few weeks, Transportation Minister Ramsauer is due to reach a decision concerning Nazi victims in Poland, who are demanding reparations from his ministry for damages incurred during Nazi deportation carried out with the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" (German state railroad in WW II). Cabinet member Ramsauer is not alone. Hans-Peter Uhl is also a member of a fraternity with NPD ties. Uhl is the spokesperson for domestic affairs of the conservative CDU/CSU parliamentary caucus in the German Parliament (Bundestag). Legislation concerning the surveillance of the country's right-wing extremists is among Uhl's functions.


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