Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red flags flapping furiously in Europe

Re: Roger Helmer MEP: EU lies and Lib Dem spin
By Roger Helmer MEP


The so-called Yellow Card, and the so-called Orange Card, mocked by Roger Helmer, sounds as inane as the color-coded terrorism threat advisory scale "Homeland Security" toyed with for awhile.

Isn't the Lisbon Treaty deviously designed to alter, without the consent or vote of the people, anything, at any time, the elitists elect among their closeted selves in Brussels, Berlin and Rome?

Doesn't the Lisbon Treaty empower a virtual dictator and sidekick in Europe's theater, ready to storm the world stage in a new crusade to enforce peace through strength, Pax Romana, obedient to the oracles of their Pontifex Maximus?

There may be no red card, but the red flags are flapping furiously in these fascist winds of change.

Watch for closer public collaboration between the Catholic Church and European State.

The Lisbon Treaty forges an empire, an emperor and an anvil for war!

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