Sunday, September 21, 2008

Israel's Betrayal of the Jews

After reading "Germany's Betrayal of the Jews" by Wolf Biermann at FrontPageMag, I felt blah, blah, blah. Didn't Hitler warn the European Jews? Didn't Jabotinsky warn the European Jews? The Jews today are in a position to determine their life or death, blessings or curses and needn't blame others for all their ills. There are problems and there are biblical solutions, as Meir Kahane courageously taught (Malachi 4:4).

What's a Jew still living in Germany for? Has he learned nothing from the Holocaust? Why not repent of the godless Communism (disproportionately Jewish, grieved to say) and become a religious Zionist and follow Judaism to the Jewish Homeland where Jews belong according to Moses and the Ramban?

As for "the 'stumbling blocks' [hand-sized brass plates set into the pavement in front of houses that are engraved with the name, date of birth and date of deportation of individuals who lived at the sites] that are mostly there to remember murdered Jews but there are a few for Sinti and Roma, communists, social-democrats and homosexuals," perpetuates the big lie the liberals preach that portrays homosexuals as "victims" when The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party proves otherwise. I heard co-author Kevin Abrams lecture about it in Jerusalem sponsored by the Root and Branch Association.

Israel's betrayal of the Jews would be a more appropriate speech for Wolf Biermann or some other brave soul. Where else but in Israel could thousands of Jews be forcibly removed from their homes and their property and businesses looted by Nazi-Muslims with covert world approval? Where else but in Israel could Jewish holy sites be utterly vandalized, destroyed and occupied by Nazi-Muslims like Joseph's Tomb? Where else but in Israel would Jews be violently forbidden to pray or read the Bible at a holy site, even Judaism's most holy site - the Temple Mount - with successive governments rewarding terrorist threats and punishing innocent Jews against both secular and religious law? Why the woeful neglect and abominable apathy of Jews and Israelis that enables such deplorable conditions to continue?

Meir Kahane, rabbi and former Israeli parliament member, used to say instead of decrying what the Gentiles didn't do to save the Jews, we should focus on what THE JEWS didn't do to save themselves! He highlighted the miserable failure of the American Jews especially. Ah, but it's easier to blame others, isn't it?

When will the Israelis clean house? Israelis voted for the defeatist Kadima - the same Kadima that didn't let them win the war in Lebanon. The same accursed Kadima that threatens to expel more Jews and continues to reward terrorism and pretends Israel has "peace partners" and that one group of terrorists is more "moderate" than the other when both despise Israel and seek its destruction and their murderous hatred is documented!

When will Israelis reopen the Rabin murder file and expose what is increasingly apparent to many: the Israeli oligarchy, undoubtedly under German-Jesuit orders, ordered the Shabak hit on Yitzhak Rabin? It's a known fact that Yigal Amir worked for Shabak, that Avishai Raviv, "Champagne," was a government agent provocateur and that Yitzhak Rabin entered his limousine unharmed.... Truly, Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body.

Yes, let Jews and Israelis examine Israel's betrayal of the Jews before it's too late and Jerusalem suffers under EU occupation.

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