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Is Nazism Still Alive?

Brad MacdonaldColumnist
September 11, 2008 | From
History shows Nazism went underground after World War II. How long will it be until it reemerges to torment the world again?

“One day we shall come back. Until then, à bientôt.”

Those ominous words—à bientôt, “bye for now”—were spoken by an anonymous German military spokesman on Nazi radio on Sept. 1, 1944. By that time, defeat was knocking on Hitler’s door. But that didn’t deter one of his cocksure officers from going on radio to forecast the future resurrection of the Nazi death machine. Think about that: The slaughter-fest that was World War ii wasn’t even over, and the Nazis were declaring their return!

The most frightening thing about that man’s sinister prophecy is that he was not alone: At the end of World War II, tens of thousands of Germans believed and hoped Nazism would one day return to haunt the Earth.

In fact, documented history proves that as World War II came to a close, Nazi leaders actually began to make elaborate preparations for the future resurrection of Hitler’s Nazi death machine!

That might sound absurd to the Western ear.

That’s because most people today believe Nazi Germany was utterly defeated by the Allied powers. That’s understandable. Photos of postwar German cities and countryside show a razed nation. The German nation was well and truly thrashed by the Allied powers.

What too few understand today is that Nazi ideology and the Nazi movement—which caused World War II—were never eradicated!

Since the Second World War ended, a steady stream of evidence has surfaced proving that the Nazis—even as early as 1943—concocted and enacted a strategy to perpetuate Nazism after the war ended. This history is not being discussed in classrooms or written about by modern (revisionist) historians, or used as context in observing current trends in Germany. We can bury the truth through neglect, but we can never negate it.

The truth: The Nazi movement that caused the Second World War became a thriving underground movement.

Herbert W. Armstrong, editor in chief of the Plain Truth magazine, was among the first to report on the Nazis’ efforts to burrow underground. One of his strongest warnings occurred after the war on the night of May 9, 1945, while he was attending the landmark United Nations conference in San Francisco. Mr. Armstrong told listeners of his World Tomorrow radio program that night that while the battle against Nazism was over, the war against Nazism was not (emphasis mine throughout).

We don’t understand German thoroughness. From the very start of World War II, they have considered the possibility of losing this second round, as they did the first—and they have carefully, methodically planned, in such eventuality, the third round—World War III! Hitler has lost. This round of war, in Europe, is over. And the Nazis have now gone UNDERGROUND. In France and Norway they learned how effectively an organized UNDERGROUND can hamper occupation and control of a country. Paris was liberated by the French UNDERGROUND—and Allied armies. Now a Nazi underground is methodically planned. They plan to COME BACK and to win on the third try. …

This Nazi underground will introduce a new kind of internal warfare and sabotage, to divide and conquer! It will stir race hatred, class prejudice, strife among ourselves, religious bigotry while professing to champion religious tolerance especially toward the religion of the coming United States of Europe.

What bold, sweeping statements!

Some today disregard those statements because they believe they were only based on Bible prophecy, which, as Mr. Armstrong taught for decades, speaks of a coming resurrection of Nazi Germany. Those critics ought to study history. Bible prophecy definitely underpinned Mr. Armstrong’s powerful statements, but those statements were and are powerfully substantiated by a widening stream of documented evidence.

Herbert Armstrong was not alone in warning that the Nazis had gone underground.

In 1945, the British Ministry of Economic Warfare estimated that the Nazis looted nearly $27 billion from the European nations they had conquered. As the war came to a close, most of that loot was stashed away by the Nazi Party for the financing of international underground activities for the years to come. In 1945, in a book titled The Plot Against the Peace, Michael Sayers and Albert E. Khan exposed the vast preparations by the Nazis during World War II to take their movement underground:

Since 1943, Nazi money, jewels and other valuables have been streaming across the Reich frontiers and finding their way by clandestine channels into Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and North and South America. … With these vast hidden sums at their disposal, the Nazis have already reconstituted and reorganized their wartime international fifth columns and set up new propaganda agencies and terrorist leagues for the postwar period.

Get that: The German General Staff, which historically has been a blend of industrialists, Junkers, and political and military leaders, was making plans to perpetuate Nazism underground after the war as early as two years before World War II ended!

“The German General Staff,” wrote Sayers and Khan, “has always regarded military defeat as merely a temporary phase of the war. The war goes on. Battle strategy becomes underground conspiracy; artillery is replaced by propaganda, wartime espionage becomes postwar political intrigue, terror, assassination and secret preparation for new military attack.” Study German history. You’ll see that is precisely what occurred during the 20-year hiatus between World Wars I and II.

World War I never ended in the minds of many of the German General Staff. The guns stopped blasting and the soldiers limped home, but the war never stopped. War preparations merely went underground, and for a season artillery and rifles were replaced by propaganda, politics and economics. “Even the final decision of war is not to be regarded as absolute,” wrote influential 19th-century German military theorist Karl von Clausewitz. “The conquered nation often sees it only as a passing phase, to be repaired in after times by political combinations” (“Vom Kriege,” meaning, “On War”).

Politics and economics have been as effective as instruments of war in the hands of the German General Staff as guns and bayonets.

Edwin Hartrich wrote about this reality in The Fourth and Richest Reich, a book exposing in detail the postwar economic revival of Germany and the nation’s remarkable and rapid transformation from a bombed-out country to the largest and most influential economy in Europe. A journalist specializing in European affairs during the Second World War, Hartrich describes the surprising lack of Nazi leaders in Germany by the end of the war.

Allied forces found plenty of Nazi soldiers and sympathizers as they began to occupy Germany, he said, but they were surprised at how little evidence there was of Nazi leaders and organizations. Hartrich explained this surprising dearth:

It was soon obvious that many high-ranking Nazis, especially members of Himmler’s dreaded Gestapo, the SS, and S-D organizations, had disappeared; they were hiding behind false identification papers until such time as they could escape to South America or some other receptive asylum for ex-Nazis.

Nazi leaders had made plans to flee Germany months, even years, before Allied tanks and soldiers moved in to occupy the German state. These Nazi leaders, many of whom were incredibly rich and extremely well-connected, fanned out across Europe and the globe. More importantly, very few had any plans for retirement. Many sought to perpetuate their evil craft and became eager participants in the globe-encompassing Nazi underground!

Among the evidence testifying to the Nazis’ desires to rise again were the warnings of Soviet leader Josef Stalin. Notice what he told his people, and the world, on Nov. 6, 1944:

After the defeat of Germany she will, of course, be disarmed, both in the economic and military-political respects. However it would be naive to think that she will not attempt to restore her power and develop new aggression. It is known to all that the German leaders are already now preparing for a new war ….

Remember, Stalin and Hitler had a warm relationship prior to World War II. Russia and Germany even signed a non-aggression pact in 1939, and many fretted in the early months of the war that Moscow would actually side with the Germans. Stalin understood Adolf Hitler and had terrific insight into German history and Nazism: He knew that Germany would attempt to restore its power and that Nazi leaders, even during World War II, were preparing for another war!

Further evidence of the Nazis’ efforts to take their movement underground surfaced in 1996, when the American government released a newly declassified U.S. intelligence document. Arthur Spiegelman wrote about this document for Reuters on May 10, 1996:

Realizing they were losing the war in 1944, Nazi leaders met top German industrialists to plan a secret postwar international network to restore them to power, according to a newly declassified U.S. intelligence document. The document, which appears to confirm a meeting historians have long argued about, says an SS general and a representative of the German armaments ministry told such companies as Krupp and Röhling that they must be prepared to finance the Nazi Party after the war when it went underground. They were also told “existing financial reserves in foreign countries must be placed at the disposal of the [Nazi] Party so that a strong German empire can be created after the defeat.”

The document, detailing an August 1944 meeting, was obtained on Friday from the World Jewish Congress, which has been working with the Senate Banking Committee and the Holocaust Museum to determine what happened to looted Jewish money and property in the Second World War. A U.S. Treasury Department analysis in 1946 reported that the Germans had transferred $500 million out of the country before the war’s end to countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Portugal, Argentina and Turkey where it was used to buy hundreds of companies.

It’s important we note the composition and scope of this underground Nazi movement. It was more than the relocation of a few SS officers and political leaders, or the purchase of a few companies by which Nazi loot might be laundered. It was a large-scale calculated dispersion of thousands of Nazi industrialists, scientists and political and military leaders to various locations and regions around the world. With billions of dollars in purchasing power, Nazi leaders bought hundreds of companies around the world and filled many of them with former Nazis willing to perpetuate the Nazi dream of world domination.

Unlike the German state, the underground Nazi movement at the end of World War II—with billion-dollar bank accounts and a vast network of influential business and political leaders around the world—was positioned to thrive!

Those who accept this reality now come face to face with two pressing questions: Is Nazism still alive today? And, how long before it reemerges to torment the world?

The best way to answer those questions is to look toward the “more sure word of [Bible] prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19). Regular readers of the Trumpet know there are multiple prophecies in the Bible referring specifically to a soon-coming German-dominated European empire. If you haven’t already, you can learn about many of these prophecies in Germany and the Holy Roman Empire. A prophecy in Daniel 8 is particularity fascinating when considered in the context of the underground Nazi movement and its soon-coming emergence onto the world scene.

Read verses 23 through 25: “And at the latter end of their kingdom, when the transgressors have reached the fullness, a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark trickery and craftiness shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; and he shall corrupt and destroy astonishingly and shall prosper and do his own pleasure, and he shall corrupt and destroy the mighty men and the holy people. And through his policy he shall cause trickery to prosper in his hand; he shall magnify himself in his heart and mind, and in their security he will corrupt and destroy many” (Amplified Bible).

These scriptures are referring to the emergence of a brutal regime in the end time that will be headed by a “king of fierce countenance.” Consider the terms used by the Prophet Daniel: He’s clearly talking about a fierce, conniving and evil man, and an organization that thrives on deceit and trickery, brutality and corruption. Are there any better terms to describe the Nazis and their efforts to burrow underground at the end of World War I?

“In times of chaos and social upheaval,” wrote Edwin Hartrich, “men of vision, daring and talent find sudden buoyance and rise through the turbulence to the surface of events.”

Watch Europe. Germany and the European Union are experiencing chaos and social and political upheaval right now. Conditions are ideal for the emergence of a daring and talented visionary, a man with a fierce countenance and prone to trickery and deceit. Bible prophecy says this man will soon emerge on the world stage. When he does, will he have connections to the Nazi underground?


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