Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where are Jews who denounce Jewish doctrines of destruction?

How does Jewish Pride differ from Nazi Supremacy? - Latest Questions

How does Jewish Pride differ from Nazi Supremacy? Question:. The thesis that Jews have a soul or essence in common which distinguishes them from non-Jews is ...

In fact, without Torah, our sages taught, the Jew is "the most brazen and shameless of the nations..." ...
The world bears witness.
Yes, we are not without blemish. The Jews of Europe bore scars from the ugly anti-Semitism of those lands [so it's still the fault of Gentiles?]. It's hard to be in love with those that hate you and murder you [which is what those who've suffered under Communism, Socialism and the PC cult also claim].

Such shameless Jews are proud of their vain "accomplishments" (creation and/or disproportionate contribution) of "enlightened" Socialism, Communism, Freudism, and all self-righteous "civil rights" campaigns that have destroyed diversity in many societies, whether in South Africa, Europe or the United States and preach against Christianity everywhere (whether by rabbis or Jewish humanists/ACLU types) while exercising a glaring double standard in Israel, the Jewish Homeland (so few Jews want to live in).

The world is weary of Satan often appearing as a Jewish angel of light while enslaving folks in darkness and depravity, since humanist, godless Jews still have the religious notion of trying to perfect the world - even if based upon their own idolatrous and self-righteous ideas to the detriment of all mankind who suffer the consequences of their politico-religious cults (Isa. 55:6-7).

Even as the world questions where are the "moderate" Muslims to denounce the Nazi-Muslim terrorists, let us also question where has any Jew or Jewish organization publicly denounced the damnable doctrines of Communism, Socialism, desegregation, etc. that disproportionate Jews have foisted upon mankind? If such exist, they're not too publicized and should be to counter claims and address concerns. (I only know of Meir Kahane who wrote against liberal Jewish judges who imposed desegregation from their ivory towers).

May wayward Judah repent of such egregious sins that have gored the whole world and tarnished all Torah-observant Jews. It is such Jews who are selling out Jerusalem and betraying Israel today.

As Maimonides writes in his code of law, "Take the truth from whence it comes."

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