Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Women in Green

Dear Friends,

1) Arab terror against Jews in Israel is increasing daily. As the famous saying of our Rabbis says:"Those who have mercy on the cruel, will become cruel to the merciful"

Yesterday an Arab woman threw acid in the face of a soldier at the Hawarra checkpoint. The soldier lost his eye sight. The Arab woman exploited Israel's latest capitulation to terror labeled "the special "humanitarian" lane" at checkpoints. The "humanitarian" lane at the IDF checkpoints is meant to allow Arabs with "humanitarian" problems to pass by the checkpoint faster, without being checked as thoroughly as the other Arabs waiting in the other lanes. This latest criminal idiocy by the Israeli government was exploited by the Arab enemy and an IDF soldier lost his eye.

A few hours later an Arab resident of Jerusalem drove with his BMW car into a crowd of Israeli soldiers walking on the sidewalk in downtown Jerusalem, close to the Old City, wounding tens of Israeli soldiers and residents. Luckily, an IDF officer realized this was a terror attack and immediately killed the Arab terrorist, thus preventing him from continuing on his killing spree.

All this is happening at a time when 0.23% of the Israeli public (i.e. less than 20,000 people- many of them Arabs and Druze whose votes were bought) appointed a new chairman for the virtual Kadima party.

We must hope that Tzippy Livni will not be able to form a government and thus will be forced to go to new elections. The key to that is the Shas party. It is mostly in their hands whether Livni will be able to form a government or not. Unfortunately, the Shas party has disappointed all of us since the Oslo agreements. Now is the time to tell the Shas leaders: Shas can repent for the crime of allowing the Olso Accords to happen! Do not join Tzippy Livni! Call for new elections!

Bombard Shas's offices with phones, faxes and emails:

Minister of Trade and Industry Eli Yishaitel: 972-2-666-22-52-3fax: 972-2-666-29-09

Emails of all Shas members of Knesset: found at http://www.knesset.gov.il/mk/eng/mkindex_current_eng.asp?view=1


Below please find Caroline Glick's article in this past Friday's Jerusalem Post "It is time to act."

3) REMINDER: TOMMORROW WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 24th,2008WOMEN IN GREEN exciting chizuk trip of outposts in the Shomron.Leaving Jerusalem at 9:00 am. Approximate return 3:30pm.There are places left on the bus.Call now and reserve seats for what will, please G-d, be a special and meaningful day.

Anita 0505-777254 Nadia 0505-500834

4) RESERVE THE DAY! THURSDAY CHOL HAMOED SUKKOT, October 16th,2008CELEBRATE SUKKOT IN SHDEMA with your family and friends!Shdema:An abandoned army camp, 5 km from Har Choma,overlooking the Jerusalem-Gush Etzion road. The camp was abandoned two years ago. We must continue the fight to keep it in Jewish hands.Sukkot Program:*Art Exhibition-paintings by Binyamin Keltzel- *Lecture on Shdema-*Singing and dancing with Tekoa band- *Fun activities for children (arts & crafts-"mitnapchim")-*Fair with booths selling art-cakes-food-drinksThe event is authorized by the army who will provide security.
THE COMMITTEE FOR A JEWISH SHDEMA To see the short powerpoint presentation on shdema go to http://www.womeningreen.org/and click on the SHDEMA icon.

With Love of Israel,
Nadia Matar - Anita Finkelstein
Women in Green

Column One: It is time to actSeptember 19, 2008Caroline Glick, THE JERUSALEM POSThttp://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1221745565484&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

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