Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Plain Truth about Imam Khattab

Blade religion editor David Yonke's article Book of sermons is a labor of love (about the book Islam: The Sermons of Imam A.M. Khattab by Dr. Nilofer Yusafzai) caught my attention. Especially since the only sermon I heard the Egyptian imam give at the mosque in Perrysburg, Ohio (occupied American farm land) was during a dinner-lecture tour the Worldwide Church of God singles attended as paying guests, followed by a question and answer session.

Dr. Yusafzai praises Imam Khattab and believes his lasting legacy will be "the wisdom he offered on Islam and his insights into the Qu'ran," yet when I asked Imam Khattab about some haddith (sayings attributed to Mohammad) that mentions Arabs fighting Jews in these last days and how Jews would hide behind trees and the tree wouldn't shelter the Jew but betrayed them (except for one tree), Imam Khattab played stupid and launched into a tirade against Jews, hatefully carrying on about how Jews create such spurious saying to discredit Islam and Arabs.

I then questioned Imam Khattab that if that wasn't a saying of Mohammad but a spurious saying created by Jews to discredit Islam and Arabs, why would he - the leader of the Islamic Community of Greater Toledo - then permit it to be published in their newsletter the previous month? (My friendly Arab student neighbors in Perrysburg township purposely brought it to my attention). He was speechless. Busted.

I have no respect for a man who presented one face to the public, pretending to promote peace and understanding between faiths, and in private among his Muslim community actually promote the death of Jews as "God's will" and then lie about it like a coward when it was exposed. The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo continues to cover up for Imam Khattab, feigning ignorance about the newsletter I saw with my own eyes or completely denying it dishonestly, "unable" to find the incriminating newsletter even though I informed them specifically it was the October or November 1985 issue.

Will Dr. Nilofer Yusafzai find the long "lost" document, having researched Imam Khattab extensively, or make sure to suppress it and perpetuate the fraud? It's in her hands and before God's eyes.

David Ben-Ariel

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