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Visiting Jewish Heroes (Women in Green)

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 24, 2008, tens of members of Women in Green went on a chizuk trip to the outposts in the Shomron and to Yitzhar.

Meeting today's Jewish heroes living in Samaria gave us all strength and even more determination to continue the struggle for the Land of Israel.

First we visited Halfon's factory for prefab houses. Halfon is a dear Jew active for the Land of Israel for the past 40 years. After visiting his factory located close to Karnei Shomron, we went to Shavei Shomron to see a house Halfon built.

Halfon developed a technique to build homes fast and relatively cheap to enable young couples to move to Judea and Samaria at a time when the Israeli government does not allow any Jewish building and expansion. (Arabs, on the other hand, build as much as they want, with the help of the European Union and other countries like Japan).

We urge you to click below on the link to Gemma Blech's pictures of our trip yesterday to enjoy the photos of our trip in general and of Halfon's sample house in particular.

Afterwards we went to Chavot Yair. Chavot Yair is a so-called "outpost" next to Yakir. Twenty families live in the community of Chavot Yair which is located in the most breath taking areas of Israel, in between the mountains of Samaria.

Famous Attorney Doron Nir Zvi lives in Chavot Yair with his wife Tamar. In response to the expulsion from Gush Katif, Doron and Tamar have built a beautiful coffee house in Havot Yair called "Hatzrif shel Tamari" . The coffee shop is open on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. If you want to be imbued with renewed strength, you must come to Chavot Yair!

Attn Doron Nir Zvi was in the news not so long ago when the Civil Administration came to destroy the swimming pool he had built in Chavot Yair. Not deterred by the authorities, Doron rebuilt his pool within days with a very clear message: this land belongs to the Jewish people. We will live here, build here and even enjoy life like our brothers in Tel Aviv and Savyon, building swimming pools and coffee shops!

Women in Green brought a box full of toys for the children of Chavot Yair and continued on to Yitzhar.

In Yitzhar we went straight to the neighborhood of Shalhevet-Ya, where the Arab terrorist entered two Shabbatot ago, burnt down a house and stabbed a child. We were welcomed by Revital Ofan who, calmly, told us the entire story of the Arab attack on their homes. From the area of Yitzhar, located high up in the Samaria hills, we could clearly see Tel Aviv and Herzliya, within katyusha range. Anyone visiting Yitzhar understands what, G-d forbid, would happen to Tel Aviv and Herzliya if instead of Jews, the PLO-Hamas regime would be controlling those hills.

In Yitzhar we also met the sister of Tuvia, the nine year old boy who bravely fought the Arab terrorist. We gave her a book to give Tuvia. The book is Arieh Yitzhaki's book on the history of Kfar Darom (see below for more details) which is a book on Jewish heroism. We wrote in it:"To dear Tuvia, a book on Jewish pride and heroism to a modern day Jewish hero as yourself".

After Yitzhar we drove back to Jerusalem but before heading home we had one more stop: we drove to the Hawara checkpoint to strengthen our soldiers. The Hawara checkpoint is the IDf checkpoint at the entrance to Shchem (Nablus). Thousands of Arabs enter and exit that checkpoint and the IDF must check all of them thoroughly for otherwise terrorists would be able to go to Natanya and Gush Dan and blow themselves up there. Thus, the Hawara checkpoint is the place where the IDF makes sure Gush Dan is safe.

Unfortunately, the extreme left traitorous Israeli members of Machsom Watch come to Hawara daily to harass our soldiers and collaborate with the Arabs. A few days ago an Arab terrorist woman took advantage of the "humanitarian" lane at Hawara and threw acid in the face of one of our soldiers. The soldier lost his eye.

Women in Green felt it to be very important to come and strengthen the soldiers there. We arrived at the checkpoint, got off the bus and surrounded our IDF soldiers with love, cakes, singing and praises. Using our bullhorn we strengthened the soldiers telling them that the People of Israel thank them for their hard work and wish them a happy New Year. We told them how much we appreciate them for doing exactly what they have to do: that is to fight the Arab enemy. We also added that we hope, pray and expect that they would always only deal with securing the Jewish People in the Land of Israel and never have to deal with expelling Jews.

The soldiers were very moved and thanked us .Thus ended a long uplifting day. As usual we came to strengthen but thank G-d, we came back strengthened.Here is the link to Gemma Blech's pictures-please give credit if used.

Lastly, below is a summary by Gemma Blech of Arieh Yitzhaki's book "222-The days of Kfar Darom 1948".

Women in Green strongly recommend to buy the book. It is a great present for Bar/Bat Mitzva- birthdays-holidays and in addition it helps our dear friends Arik and Datya Yitzhaki, expelled three years ago from kfar Yam in Gush Katif, temporarily living in Efrat until we, please G-d, will return to Gush Katif and rebuild the flourishing communities there.

With Love for Israel,
Nadia Matar - Anita Finkelstein
Women in Green
The book, 222-The Days of Kfar Darom 1948, first published in Hebrew about a year ago, is now [in excellently translated] English. It tells the almost unknown story of a handful of Jews who stood against Arab terror, and outright Egyptian war, before and after the birth of Israel as a nation. Many of us know of the far briefer battles for Yad Mordechai, Kfar Etzion, etc, but only now has the full story of Kfar Darom been told. The author, Aryeh Itzhaki, is an historian and geographer with a wide range of books, publications and research papers to his credit. Formerly of Gush Katif and now living in Efrat, Itzhaki is an Israeli military historian and a senior lecturer in the field of military history in IDF courses for officers.

His book begins with 'defining supreme valor'. 'The height of bravery', we are told, 'is ongoing bravery. Not a momentary act where a person risks his life for a short while, 'but an act of bravery that stretches out excruciatingly and is measured in weeks or even months.'

The story of those 222 days of bravery in 1947 and 1948 is a book one does not easily put down. Even the details of the military campaigns and the names of people and places, are made simple enough for those who do not know Hebrew or the Israeli landscape.

Aryeh Itzhaki is married to Datia, whose father was one of the fighters for Kfar Darom, and who then became one of the core re-builders of Kfar Darom after the Six-Day war in 1967. The two of them later built and lived in Kfar Yam, another Gush Katif community, and became defenders again in 2005 when this time it was an Israeli government which became the destroyer of Jewish towns, homes and farms in Eretz Israel.

The book costs $20 or 75 NIS in English and 65 NIS in Hebrew ­ including the price of postage within Israel

Or contact Datya at
The book is very suitable as a birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzva present or indeed for Rosh HaShana and Sukkot etc.
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