Thursday, October 2, 2008

Deny Obama

Which of you dares to deny Obama?

Re: Obama lives in an ebony tower
Quote from: Andrew D on Today at 10:15:34 AM
The only hope for DBA is for him to recognize that the spewings of Herbert W Armstrong are not "truth" at all, "plain" or otherwise. That is the fundamental flaw of Beyond Babylon: Because it is based on Armstrong's lunatic ravings

Again (sigh), you cannot refute, so you attempt to ridicule; you cannot debate, so you attempt to defame. The only hope for you is to let the plain truth set you free.

What sacred cow of yours did God use Mr. Armstrong to slaughter that has you so hateful against him? You wanted to go to Heaven when he dared to share Yeshua clearly taught "the meek shall inherit the Earth," and that the New Jerusalem with its pearly gates and streets of gold are coming down to Earth, out of Heaven? Or are you disturbed that God isn't the sadist that traditional Christianity misrepresents Him to be, but that, as HWA correctly taught, eternal life is the gift of God but the wages of sin is death? That the Bible speaks of the unrepentant becoming ashes under the soles of the feet of the righteous, utterly destroyed, dying the second death from which there is never a resurrection? Don't hate Herbert W. Armstrong or me for being biblical. Repent and you'll feel better: learn to think like God, go by His Word, read His Mind (He's an open book, hidden in plain view), and you'll agree with us like reasonable folk do (Isaiah 55:7-9).

Born Again and Heaven and Hell

Do You Prefer TRADITION Over Truth?

It's also very revealing, and troubling, that the old adage DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER has been totally ignored by those who have responded to this thread. Not one has honestly addressed any of the legitimate issues raised about Obama but have directed their unwarranted hatred and venom against me. How typical. How shallow. How inexcusable!

Which of you dares to deny Obama, of his own free will and volition, chose to get indoctrinated by racist Jeremiah Wright in his haven of hatred for over 20 years? That said haven of hatred claims to be AFRO CENTRIC? That Obama has confessed he has learned to be deceitful in his dealings with white people, as documented in his own book? That Obama knew of the inherent failings of Fannie Mae and such and was glad to promote their disastrous programs and pursue his selfish agenda at others' expense? Does this light hurt your eyes? Have you been Obamatized?

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