Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Naomi Ragen Blasts Israelis for Obama


I looked at this video

Every, single person on it is a Leftist, Peace-Nower. They were the people who were in favor of shaking hands with Yasir Arafat, of giving guns to thePLO, and of creating the laws that allowed a suicide bomber to walk into thePark Hotel and blow it up, nearly destroying my entire family. Now they want you to vote for Barack Hussein Obama. In the film, they say the word Hussein, Hussein, Hussein again and again. "What does it mean? They ask. It means nothing." I too, am an Israeli. I am also a tax-paying American citizen. And I know who these people are who are pretending to represent me. They don't. They represent the same wrongheaded policies that are going to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Please don't let them convince you to help them with your vote in the next elections. They've gotten thousands of Israelis killed and injured with their blindness. Don't let them convince you they are people whose advice is worth taking.

Naomi Ragen
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