Tuesday, October 7, 2008

South Africa Ruined by Black Marxists (ANC)

Once the jewel of Africa, this nation is now going the way of the rest of the continent. A new president won’t help matters.

South Africa's Lame-Duck President


baruch said...

The schwartzers are guaranteed to fuck things up in South Africa. They've only been at it for 10 years. Give them 20,like Mugabe and count the cost. No thanks - I'll be in Israel. After all, I've already given one country away - I'm not willing to give away another to terrorists, black Marxists (a misnomer really) or black power fanatics.

In 1985 I was at the funeral of Dr. Gelfond in Harare - sitting pretty close to Mr. Mugabe who had a silk yarmulke on for the occasion.

Look what a Jew-hater and anti-Semite he turned out in the end.

And so it is with the ANC - whose leaders on the whole are anti-Semites and hate Israel. They argue that Zionism = apartheid - a lie that they repeat over and over.
Let them live with Hamas as next door neighbours - or terrorists blowing up pizza parlours or wedding venues Saturday evening. Zuma you'd respond mighty quickly with your machine gun - or you might even get clever and build a security barrier. Ma'azel tov. But shame on the Jewish ANC yoks and schmucks who hate themselves and the Jewish people so much that in this day and age - ten years since national liberation in South Africa, and surely mindful of the disastrous path Zuma and Vavi are on - they still function as ANC and PLO apologists. I think of people like Ronnie Kasrils and Max Ozinsky in this regard. Even they could tell you that Israel and the Mossad performed some great work in secret skills training of young black comrades from the townships. Africa should be the natural ally of freedom-loving Israel that has generally had a Mapai - yes - socialist Labour government for most of its 60 years of existence.

I hope our original blogger is no racist - I'm not, I've got a black wife from Ethiopia - that knows where her freedom as a black Jew is best looked after - yes, in Eretz Israel. If she were in Zuma's South Africa - she'd probably be lumped for some Somali refugee and have a petrol-filled car tyre put around her neck for sport. Obviously still the favourite sport of the ANC - in Zimbabwe when I was there, in Matebeleland ZANU-PF used to put burning coals in opposition member's mouths. Similar. Only now the ANC is more concerned about a springbok on a rugby jersey than real human rights, proper planned economic growth or a curb to the untrammeled population growth that is destroying South Africa

Shame, though, on our misguided Marxist co-relionists who stick with the ANC. Unless, the thought strikes me, that they might secretly be doing Israels work and helping yiddishkeit by staying "within" when everyone else is fleeing like rats from a sinking ship - or making "Boing" aliyah to Israel or other places in the Galut. If the former is the case, I apologise - because in my experience you can be a good Marxist and a Jew.

The problem with the black Marxists is that they are not Marxists in the proper sense of the word - like Joe Slovo of Blessed Memory, the Weinbergs, Natie Marcus, etc. - but black power fanatics who hail from the same school of murderous politics as Mugabe. Am'iwami imashini!

Well, maybe it'll never get as bad as Zimbabwe - it'll just go the way of Nigeria - and that's the best case scenario.

And as a black South African Marxist once told me, he'd yet to ever meet a Nigerian Marxist. A good thing for Nigeria.

I've yet to meet an honest Nigerian as I am a black ANC official of any power who doesn't hate Israel. And then why should I as a Jew and ANC member (I used to be one myself) have to put up with fellow comrades attacking Jews and Israel like Adhinajhad - attacking the natural home of the Jewish people people.

ANC first put your own house in order.

baruch said...

David Ben-Ariel,

Shalom aleichem. It looks like not anyone - Gentile or Jew is posting any comment.

Is it because other would-be correspondents are wise to your far-fetched conspiracy theories and your extreme Christian Zionist paranoia regarding Israel and your immagined threats to it - from Europe of all places.

Is your name really David Ben-Ariel? Are you indeed in fact even a Jew? Have you ever had your brith millah performed by a mohel? Do you perhaps still have a foreskin? Are you really hallachically a son of Israel? What would Abraham or Moses make of you?

Where you arrested and sent packing from Eretz Israel by the police and Shin Bet for attempting to blow up the Muslim Dome of the Rock? What a wonderful idea - but such extreme and dangerous ideas have been explored by people before you that you aren't good enough to even black their boots. I think of the late Chief Rabbi of Israel, Schlomo Goren of Blessed Memory. He wanted to do what you are alleged to have plotted. After East Jerusalem was liberated and the holy sites fell into our hands, he too wished - or he expressed the wish to blow up the Muslim holy site. He told Moshe Dayan what was on his mind and Dayan told him in no uncertain terms : "If you carry on talking like this Rabbi, I will have to arrest you". Moshe had learnt well - from a Christian Zionist, Captain Orde Wingate - a true Friend of the Jewish people - who helped set up the Hagganah and had shown the Jewish people how to fight - that the true way to wage war was to show compassion to non-combitants and innocents and not to provoke non military or religious targets. In short to be righteous and wage war as a soldier and not a terrorist like the Arab bands that the early Zionist founding fathers of Israel found themselves up against.

Ben-Ariel - you're no Wingate - the modern State of Israel doesn't need extreme religious millenarian right wingers like yourself to provoke acts of imported terrorism, calculated in your wild conspiracy theories to provoke an Armaggedon-type war which will hasten the advent of the Messiah (Moshiach).

And in your crazy reckoning us Jews will finally accept Jesus. Fuck off, with friends like you - who needs enemies?

I see, in your articles and blogs, you've also rubbished our Labour President Shimon Peres. Why, for the love of your Jesus?(Yeshua) attack one of our beloved founding fathers of Israel. Why meddle in Israel's internal affairs? Though Shimon has never worn the green of the IDF - it is through his wisdom and sagacity of over eighty years that he has helped Irael prosper. First as a young partisan in Nazi-occupied Poland with the socialist Jewish bund, then as a young freedom fighter with the Hagganah - a defence planner through 1948 - involved in finance in 1956 - then as Minister of Finance prior to 1967, he ensured that the IDF had the materiel and logistics to win the war when it came. In 1976, Yom Kippur he was still with the finance ministry - helping us secure victory here too.

And when it came time to make peace,Shimon Peres wasn't found wanting. He agreed, as did Begin to hand back the Sinai to Egypt. Then on to Camp David and Wye River - but we didn't have a real partner in Yasser Arafat - and worse was to come with Hamas. It still was worth the try. Trying to save lives. This is not a weakness of yiddishkeit - but a real strength - this striving for peace.

In spite of all the terrorism that is waged against the Jewish people. Though when it comes to defence, there is unity amongst us in a strong IDF with first strike capacity.

I'm a left winger who has fought with the South African Defence Force in Angola, with the ANC in Zimbabwe and South Africa and with the IDF in Judea and Sumaria - and I am prepared to let the latter go if we can secure peace - or we are wasting too many lives in a territory that can't be properly militarily defended.

The strength of the State of Israel is that it is a democratic secular Jewish State - where religion and politics are largely kept separate and we don't blow up the Muslim holy places, though they do ours in Gaza - notably the tomb of Rachel, etc. We go out into the world as men and keep our Jewishness in our hearts and our thrice daily prayers.

Any divisions in the Jewish people are largely artificial - the result of crazy fanatics like the fundamentalist bastard who thought that G-d gave him the right to kill a wonderful mensch and patriot like General Yitzak Rabin - as your Jesus, David, probably told you to kill the Arabs on the Temple Mount. A terribly soft target in military terms.

But then unlike Rabin or myself, you were never a soldier - just a putative terrorist perhaps?

David Ben-Ariel said...

See my response in Israel has every right to be paranoid about Europe!