Friday, October 3, 2008

Wasn't It Baron M. A. Rothschild (Red Shield) Who Said...

Excellent letter at Israel National News in response to
Financial Crisis: Blame the Jews

Wasn't It Baron M. A. Rothschild (Red Shield) Who Said...
"Give me control over a nation's currency & I care not who makes its laws?" Rather incriminating if true. Electronic currency (especially fiat), is governed by the same laws which govern electricity, current or "currency." The basis of any economy is its currency (energy), be it commodity or fiat. If you control a country's currency, you indirectly control its media, educational system, legislation, commerce, industry, work force & essentially the entire nation. This is the power the Federal Reserve has over the United States today. It is a closely held privately owned banking cartel, that has the exclusive license to create money out of public & private debt. View, Aaron Russo's, "From Freedom To Fascism" on Google. Whereas Jews may be prominent in the manipulation & control OF currency, Jews as a people once again become victims OF the money changers, an exclusive & self-serving club.
Eliezer, (03/10/08)

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