Sunday, June 21, 2009 New Articles - June 21, 2009

Heroes of Israel: Roi Klein

Call It Genocide
by Gavriel Horan
The man who coined the term 'genocide' was fighting to make it an international crime decades before the Nazis rose to power.

Losing Ben
by Alan D. Busch
A grieving grandfather, an overwhelmed father and wrestling with God.

A Letter to My Father
by Slovie Jungreis-Wolff
It's been 13 years but there is still a crack in my heart.

A Revolution Named Zahra
by Kathleen Parker
In some parts of the world, a woman can be destroyed at a man's whim without consequence.

Fathers and Memories
by Sara Debbie Gutfreund
Daughters never forget.

Playing with My Father
by Tzippora Price M.Sc.
Yet my father never asked me to talk to him. Instead he asked me to play.

Jewish Response: Miracle of Israel #8
by Berel Wein / Destiny Films
The ragtag Jewish underground fights back against 100,000 British personnel.

Acknowledging Israel's History
by Senator Menendez
A powerful speech by Senator Menendez that sets the record straight regarding the mischaracterization of Jewish rights to Israel.

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